The Honeywell UC36W1006 is a customized Philips 36 watt Hot Cathode Germicidal Sterilamp™ Tube. The Honeywell UV systems using the UC36W1006 have a safety interlock switch that prevents running the unit without being installed in the ductwork.
Customers that have the earlier knob-bulb assembly need to purchase the new detachable bulb assembly.
The UV100E models come with a five year warranty whereas the UV100A has a one year warranty. If you find your Honeywell ultraviolet system not illuminating, then we have found it is usually not only the bulb that had burnt-out.
Honeywell UV owners are welcomed to send us their bulb or complete unit and we will test it with our test bulb and test fixture at no charge. Customers with a UV system purchased from us that qualifies for warranty service will not need a receipt, we will have a record of your sale.
There are no replaceable parts available for the Honeywell UV, so there are few repairs available.

We have noticed that new bulbs become blackened near the socket end soon after initial startup. We have seen a few SnapLamp bulbs not work because the bulb pins have pushed its mating socket.
The bulb has has two glass tubes fused together and two filaments, each tube is ?" in diameter.
UV rays can damage both the eyes surface and the interior of your eyes such as the retina.
These newer units have a bulb that detaches from the knob, thus service only requires replacing the bulb.
All Honeywell UV models sold by Bel-Aire are brand new and factory fresh with the latest warranty benefits.
If your UV unit has failed under warranty we will replace it at no charge and ship you a brand new unit. UV equipment purchased elsewhere can be shipped back to Honeywell for warranty replacement, see the owners manual (page 12).

Earlier units had the knob and bulb affixed with epoxy and thus both the bulb and knob needed to be replaced as one assembly. The warranty does not cover the bulb as they have an effective operating life of 8000 hours (approx one year if running full time). Taking a part the knob to push in the socket will require a #10 tamper proof torx screw driver available at home centers. The UV100A series was under the traditional Tradeline brand with the gray color scheme shown below.

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