The reflector facets are carefully angled to direct as much light out of the device on to the patient's skin. This interesting picture shows a tape measure used to locate the camera lense exactly 10 inches from the device. The Sperti Vitamin D appliance is the ONLY medical device (OTC) recognized by the FDA and has been used in clinical research. This UV lamp was designed for either home or facility use, and it's size and power is just right for 5 minute sessions {3 times per week}.

1000 hour bulb life average for these Vitamin D bulbs, & easily replaced when the time comes.
Their claim that the lamp would generate Vitamin D was recognized by the AMA and the organization that proceeded FDA around 1941.
0.75 minimal erythemal dose of UV radiation over ?9% of body surface area three times a week for 4 weeks. Then from the same distance their UV Index was measured – which just looks at the Vitamin D portion of the UVB.

When UV light was originally used to create vitamin D, people happened to notice that the UV light also caused a tan. Easy to use, so whether its just for your home, or for supervised facility use - the 1 to 5 minute timed dial with auto turn-off makes it easy to use, + a good safety feature.

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