Just like any other artists, nail art designers are easily inspired with the things that surround them.
Sparkly ombre nails with some rhinestones are so beautiful (and ridiculously easy to recreate). Bring your nails to life with this cute nail design in peach color with white and gold flowers. This simple white look is perfect choice for women who aren’t too confident with their nail design skills. Baroque nail design is slightly time consuming but the final result is worth the effort.
This is a perfect mani for those days when you want to have a nice nails but you literally have 5 minutes to polish them.

As long as you have steady hand and do a bit of practicing, there is no reason you can’t have an amazing piece of art on your nails, too. If you aren’t into pops of colors and pastels, you’ll definitely want to try this super chic black nail design.
To make those nails even more cuter and warmer, your base coat should be in pink and purple colors.
With a little help of Scotch tape, your nails will look like they just came from the salon.
To mimic the appearance of an actual marble, you will need dish, water, toothpick and selection of nail polishes.
The contrast between the glittery silver base coat and pink rhinestones on the top is especially striking.

If you want beautiful and colorful nail design, without spending hours on doing it, the striped mani is the perfect solution for you. Besides, these sparkle nails can also flatter your gorgeous evening dress for a greater look. The black stripes topping over your fingernails can give a classic and understated effect for your silver nail design.

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