Personally, I use the portable version (first photo) so I can take it with me on fly fishing trips and when I give tying demos. Ott lite truecolor replacement bulb watts - Ott-lite truecolor replacement bulb- 18 watts it would have gone in the trash soon had i not found bic warehouse's great price.
Ottlite t1333e 13-watt hd electronic ballast replacement : I had bought this for an ott lite spin and store desk lamp on clearance at an office store that was closing.

They will always be in business and you will be able to get replacement parts and bulbs just about everywhere. For a fixed base model, the ones with a flexible neck allow you to position the lamp just about at any level and angle.
Perfect next to your work station, chair or tattoo area, this lamp features a wide shade, sturdy yet lightweight base, and an adjustable flex neck to position the light right where you need it.

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