The reflectivity of a polished silicon wafer is determined from the complex refractive index.
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China Good Quality Snow Boarding Goggles, OTG Snowboarding Goggles and Kids Snowboarding Goggles International Trade Site. The main aim in photovoltaic industry is to produce efficient and energy competitive solar cell modules at low cost. While a wide range of wavelengths is given here, silicon solar cells typical only operate from 400 to 1100 nm.

Silicon is an indirect bandgap semiconductor so there is a long tail in absorption out to long wavelengths.
Efficient AntiReflection Coatings (ARC) improve light collection and thereby increase the current output of solar cells.
Self-consistent optical parameters of intrinsic silicon at 300 K including temperature coefficients. Broadband ARCs are desirable for efficient application over the entire solar spectrum and porous silicon layers as antireflective coating layers provide successful light collection.
The drop in absorption at the band gap (around 1100 nm) is sharper than might first appear.

In the study the most critical physical parameters of porous silicon are examined, homogeneous and uniform porous layers are produced. The photoluminescence spectrum and optical parameters of porous layers have been investigated, and we are now in the process of improving the efficiency of the device by modulating the structure of the porous silicon layers and studying its photovoltaic characteristics.

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