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The two main reasons for optically bonding a TFT panel to a cover plate are to improve optical performance and durability.
Reflection of light may be specular (that is, mirror-like) or diffuse (that is, not retaining the image, only the energy) depending on the nature of the interface.
When light moves from a medium of a given refractive index n1 into a second medium with refractive index n2, both reflection and refraction of the light may occur. It states that the direction of incoming light (the incident ray), and the direction of outgoing light reflected (the reflected ray) make the same angle with respect to the surface normal, thus the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection; this is commonly stated as I?i = I?r.
The fraction of the intensity of incident light that is reflected from the interface is given by reflection coefficient R.
By using the Adhesive whose refractive index is very close to Glass and Panel (Polarizer glass), it can help to reduce the reflection happen when light transmit through glass and panel. The human eye eventually becomes saturated with brightness and becomes more responsive to contrast. Contrast ratio is much more significant than brightness in high ambient illumination environments. Winmate offer different approach to enhance the display to have better viewability near sunlight. Optically-bonded displays also require less backlight wattage, which decreases heat, improves product reliability and lessens energy consumption.
Therefore, a secondary optical element must be considered, which can be a glass cover plate that has the antireflection coating applied to it.
Does optical bonding change a displaya€™s optical characteristics or operating temperature range? Any display in an outdoor environment or high ambient light conditions can be improved with optical bonding. The adhesive technology used in optical communications is one of the key technologies we offer. High Refractive Index PlasticSK™ is used as a lightweight, impact resistant alternative to high index glass.
Transparent polymer suitable for electronic, industrial-use materials, and food packaging and cosmetic materials. Inkron’s light management siloxane nano-composite products are designed for optimization of the optical, electrical and mechanical performance of touch screens and printed OLED displays and lighting made with transparent conductors such as metal mesh and silver nanowires. Kulak bas?nc? konusunda yeni bir tedavi art?k soz konusu ve bu tedavinin ad? ise Balon tuboplasti.
This all-in-one Med-cam system has been developed in close cooperation with clinical users in order to provide maximum benefits for both patients and users. The flexible Nasolaryngoscope 3.6 mm from Optivision has been developed in close cooperation with clinical users.
The ultra-slim flexible Nasolaryngoscope 3.4 mm from Optivision has been developed in close cooperation with clinical users.

Sens-Z horlama, nazal polipektomi ve uvula hipertrofisi gibi ozellikle KBB alanlar?na uygun guclu ve istikrarl? bir teknolojidir.
ISOLUX ISOLED Kafa lambas?na genel olarak bakarsak eger; saglaml?g? ve ayd?nlatma kalitesi ile dikkat cekiyor. Radyofrekans cihaz?n?n, verdigi ak?m sadece ak?m? gonderdigi bolgede kal?r ve tum vucudu dolanmaz. This is a daylight double quartz crystal optical low pass filter, constituted by IR coating AR coating and high-quality optical synthetic quartz crystal double refraction plate, cannot induct the infrared light above 650nm. By selecting appropriate adhesive that closely matches the index of refraction of the panel and the cover plate, it will thus reduce the number of internal reflecting surfaces that can lead to degradation of optical performance. To protect your display investment, most display installations require a glass to protect the LCD.
Furthermore, we will show you how the reduction of the reflection and help improve the a€?extrinsica€? contrast ratio and therefore help the outdoor visibility. Depends on your application scenes, different technology will be use to solve the problems caused by bright lights. In addition to providing optical bonding services, Winmate is enhancing many of its specialized monitors requiring data legibility in bright ambient environments, including products for the marine market to include this feature. This also requires the display to have a more powerful backlight in order to compensate for decreased readability in bright environments.
However, if this glass cover plate is merely physically mounted in front of the LCD, there are still major reflection problems.
Optical bonding only alters the surface of the display rather than the components, so the optical characteristics or operating temperature will not change.
Example applications include in-vehicle displays and digital signage, defibrillators, marine displays and in-flight entertainment systems. The facility includes a class 10,000 clean room with focused workstation environments of Class 1000 to ensure proper handling of your displays during the enhancement process. Winmate has a wide array of standard catalog items across a variety of applications and display technologies. It is easy to tint, easy to coat, and can be infused with additives, such as dyes to absorb UV and other wavelengths of light. The portfolio of products includes all of the major components for a working touch screen i.e.
These reduced reflections improve the contrast and improve the power consumption of the device as the illuminance can be lowered. Inkron’s siloxane polymer layers with different RI indices are fully compatible with each other as well as ITO replacement surfaces paving way to detailed optimization of the optical performance of the device. The ultra-slim Vide Nasolaryngoscope provides an extremely gentle insertion, meaning minimal discomfort and time in procedure. The design of the flexible sheath provides an extremely gentle insertion, meaning minimal discomfort for the patients. Bu yontem oldukca konforlu ve olumlu sonuclu, yani ac?klamak gerekirse; cerrahi kesik olmadan sadece k?sa sureli anestezi ile yap?lan bir operasyon ve %85 basar? durumu soz konusu ki ayr?ca operasyonu gormus hastalar genel de ayn? gun taburcu edilmektedir.

Urunun kutu icerigine deginirsek; 1 adet kontrol unitesi (batarya icinde), 1 adet fiber optik kablo, 1 adet kafaband? ile led sistemi, sarj adaptoru ve yedek yumusak kafa bandlar? c?k?yor.
Cihaz sadece horlama operasyonlar? uzerinde degil; tonsillektomi, nevus c?kartma gibi operasyonlarda ve dahas?nda da  kullan?ma uygundur ve kullan?l?yordur. We would like to share you great news: Winmate has launched a new production line, clean room, and bonding laboratories for Optical Bonding. Providing a durable adhesion between the flat panel and the cover plate improves the displaysa€™ ability to resist shock, vibration and moisture.
Optical bonding can help solve the problem of reflection caused by glass while provide adequate bond strength to help on safety concerns on broken glass.
The offerings are also particularly beneficial for transportation and outdoor kiosk applications that use TFT displays in high ambient conditions. Optical bonding uses a silicone-based adhesive instead to add the cover glass or touch screen, which ultimately increases display contrast and also seals and protects the display. For LCD display, this cannot easily be directly applied because the depositions must be done under conditions which will severely degrade the display materials.
The inherent LCD reflection is unaffected and reflections from the rear surface of the overlay will worsen the situation.
We welcome visitors to our facility and will gladly show off our optical bonding and other display enhancement capabilities. ITO replacement materials (under development), anti-reflective over coating material, printed conductors and transparent dielectric layers.
Simultaneously with the improved contrast the sharpness is improved as the light scattering is minimized. These antireflection coatings may be used with all the major coating processes and allow easy UV embossing or photolithography structuring. Our vision is to build up new standards through our innovations that can create much more added-values for our customers.
Notice that the end (X) looks like it is at (Y), a position that is considerably shallower than (X). The polymers are UV or thermally curable and their adhesion and compatibility is excellent with most substrates.
The new Nasolaryngoscope impresses witha small diameter, the flexibility ofthe insertion sheath and an outstanding mechanical stability. The new ultra-slim Nasolaryngoscope impresses witha small diameter, the flexibility of the insertion sheath and an outstanding mechanical stability.

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