When it comes to boutique hostels with communities then this one hits the nail on the head. KEX Hostel is housed in an old biscuit factory with furnishings made from salvaged materials and found objects. The idea that hostels are a social experience in themselves is really brought to life at KEX as it also serves as a venue for small concerts and other lively happenings.
We work with development trusts, charities and local activists to start up boutique hostels which are so amazing, people will travel from all over the world just to stay there. But if you prefer glory of vintage muscle car, here are 5 luxury cars that are an absolute must for collectors. When Gulfstream’s G650 travelled from New York to Mumbai earlier this year in 13 hours and 49 minutes, it set a world record.

VIP Completions have given Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner an exclusive makeover for a private client.
Dutch Docklands have designed a snowflake-shaped property called Krystall to be one of the most unique hotels in the Arctic Region. KEX is an organic concept that aims to blend vintage and contemporary touches – the result is a hostel bursting with character and detail. They put on a variety of music, comedy, pub quizes, karaoke nights and even a few open mic nights for those more talented than the average kareoke goer.
Many of them were made in extremely limited number during their time that makes these editions a real treat. And now Gulfstream has tweaked this plane with twin Rolls Royce BR725 engines for better fuel efficiency and ample thrust margins during long distance flights.

The Italian menswear brand Brioni has launched a 3D Mirror concept to enhance its bespoke tailoring service. The interactive screen gives a client a chance to visualise his suit, complete with choice of fabrics and colours, on a mannequin.

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