Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. So of course, with outfit sorted, I wanted to plan my nails to make sure that I get them to go perfectly with what I'm going to wear.
I'm really excited for this blog post today because I've been thinking about it for a while. Upon hearing all of my old beauty school friends (who are now successful hairstylists) rave about their Shellac manicures, I decided to do my own research. Since I'm also a blogger and an avid DIYer myself, I went to the internet and blogs to try to find some good information on doing gels yourself at home. Before you decide to spend the money on a gel system, there are a few things you need to know about gel nails.
This is an amazing deal on a complete starter kit, including the LED lamp that cures in 45 seconds.
If you already have a lamp (or want to use a different brand) this is a great deal on the Basix Kit!
Read the entire tutorial thoroughly to make sure you understand each step clearly and have everything you need.
If you've applied all of the product correctly, your nails should be finished and glossy looking. If you follow all of these steps correctly and apply the product as directed, you will end up with a salon quality gel manicure at a fraction of the price by doing it at home by yourself. Now here's a look at the cost breakdown for doing them at home yourself: I spent about $125 for my set up.
Whether this sounds like a good deal or not is up to you because you also have to factor in the time you spend doing your own nails, as well as the quality of your finished manicure. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Sally Beauty Supply, Gelish, or any other brand mentioned in this blog post. I’ve written about my struggles with my weak, soft, nails, natural nails in the past. Disclosure: I purchased all of these products with my own money and was not compensated for the post by the brands I recommend, however there are affiliate links embedded in the some of the links below.
For years I just assumed that there was no hope that I’d ever find a polish that lasted longer than a weekend, then I found Sonia Kashuk polish, and realized that not all nail polish is created equal. Love that coral…thanks for the tip…always good to know about one that lasts longer!
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Unless otherwise noted, the photos on this website were taken by Hugo Fonseca and are the property of Heather and Hugo Fonseca. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. DisclosureSponsored and advertorial articles are posted here occasionally to help pay for web hosting and other fees associated with running the blog. If you are anything like me, when I first starting getting my nails done in middle school I had those awful acrylic nails and would get a pink and white set.
But as I got older, I would get them on my natural nails and even on my toes because I thought it was pretty but the white polish was always chipping off. A classic French manicure has a solid white tip and a clear or pink-y base with no color going over the end so that the tips are very white. An American manicure is a more stuble version and the ends aren’t as noticeable, they are a faint white or creamy color giving it more of a natural appearance. If you prefer the American manicure over the French manicure, you can get this look really easily. If you get a french or american manicure, be sure to tag me on instagram #mariannamanis and I’ll take a look! La La Mer is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures and more.
Hoping you ended up with matching toes – these are too cute not to ;) Yey for flip flop season! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Chanel claims that using the new Le Vernis polish with the Le Gel top coat offers wear for up to seven days.  Plus, you get a super-glossy, gel-like finish without a UV lamp. Formula: The new formula, like the one before it, is 5-free and also contains ceramides, which are lipids that protect the health of the nails and bioceramics, which are strengtheners that prevent chips. Overall Impression: Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour range is a typical gel-like polish.
Nonetheless, the new Le Vernis flawless jellies and 1-coater cremes are very impressive but what’s the deal with the colours? Then stay in touch by subscribing to our Weekly Newsletter or follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates. I've been playing around with the idea of investing in a gel nail system for myself so that I can do my own gel manicure at home.
I went to beauty school to become a nail tech and then ended up going back again to do hair.
I wanted to try Shellac, but I wasn't about to pay to have them done in a salon when I've been doing my own acrylics for years. I feel like with my professional knowledge and a little of my own trial and error, I've put together a pretty in-depth tutorial on doing your own gel nails at home.

Remember, you're going to be spending at least an hour on them, so make sure you have plenty of room to stretch your arms and legs and still not knock over or spill any of your product. Dirt and oils are everywhere, and those are the types of things that contaminate the nail during the application. There are no substitutions for any of the steps involved, so if you skip a step or an item, you will most likely ruin your manicure.
This almost always leads to accidentally touching the tacky gel nails on something while you switch hands, or a step is forgotten or skipped.
The number 1 reason most artificial nails fail to stay on properly is due to the nail not being prepped correctly.
You want to pay careful attention around the cuticles and try to get as close to them as possible. Use an alcohol soaked lint free wipe to thoroughly dehydrate the nail and remove surface oils. Remember to seal the free edge first, then apply a thin layer to entire nail, and cure again. Go back up to the gray and white header that says "seal, apply, cure" and do all of the steps to these other 4 fingers.
I've personally seen it as low as $22 and as high as $50 though, so $35 is pretty modest in my opinion.
For me, my manicure looks just as good as one I'd pay for in a salon, so it's totally worth it to do them myself. My manicures used to last between a few hours to a couple days before chipping, then I found a polish that didn’t chip immediately and realized that there must be other brands that make long lasting nail polish for natural nails. You can see that the polish has worn down at the tips, but other than that they stayed strong and true even on my weak, soft, natural nails.
Until a few months ago there were only a few colors to choose from but they’ve recently expanded their line. I’m always excited to find inexpensive beauty options that work as well as their more expensive cousins. The brush is like you describe, short and thick, and they offer several different special topcoats, quick drying drops etc.
The Style Confessions™ is a claimed trademark (TM) and may not be imitated or reproduced in any way or any medium. This was a bold white with a clear base and was … well lets just say I grew out of it. I loved this look but I eventually got out of my Ohio bubble and met a group of fabulous girls in Miami and they all had a more polished look for this classic manicure.
I think in all your pics you show an American manicure with 2 coats of polish going over the off white tip. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The brand that gave us such cult polishes like Vamp, Black Satin and Jade have launched a whole new range this year. To put it a simply, Chanel has joined the no-light, gel-effect nail trend more than 2 years after  Sally Hansen, Maybelline, OPI, Nails Inc and pretty much every other professional and drug store brand did so.
For all seasoned nail polish addicts however, there’s nothing particularly new about this range. However, I didn't have a ton of knowledge on gel nails until recently because we didn't cover them very much in beauty school. I was able to try out some of my friends' gel products and hear their personal experiences and testimonials. If you can't set aside an hour to an hour and a half for your first at home application then this is not for you. You'll need the Foundation Gel (base coat), the Gelish colored nail polish you want, and then Top It Off to seal your manicure.
This is not entirely necessary for doing your own nails at home, and you can substitute 99% Isopropyl alcohol instead- either is fine.
Grab a desk lamp and make sure your hand is directly under the light while you're applying the product. Before you begin, pull your hair back, put on a headband, go to the bathroom, have a snack, grab a drink, gather everything you need, make sure you have no distractions, and put your phone away! I know we just did this step in the prep, but I like to do it twice to ensure every bit of oil is off the nail plate. If you have sufficient coverage with only 2 coats then go ahead and skip ahead to Top It Off. Use Gelish Cleanser or an alcohol soaked lint free wipe to remove the tacky layer from the nails. Keep in mind that's also not including the gas it takes to drive to your appointment, the tip you might have to factor in, or the sales tax you might have to pay. So about halfway through the year you'd need to restock your Foundation and Top It Off, restock your colors, and update your color selection. I'm pretty convinced that with a little patience, practice, and if you study my method in this tutorial you can get great results with your gel nails too! Wet n Wild’s colors are not subtle, but they offer a good range of options from natural to classic to wild to goth. I hate to say it but I haven’t tried a Sally Hansen polish though I have heard that their polishes are very good. You may, however, share them on Pinterest or on your website as long as credit is given to The Style Confessions.

You can tell in this photo, compared to the previous photo it already looks prettier and more natural, but still has that defined tip kind of like a French manicure. Weekend is almost here :) I am back to my beloved flower theme and I made these cute summer flower nails. I could have used a dotting tool as well, but I like making flowers with my brush much better. You can try to recreate flowers that actually exist, but you can also go far beyond and use your imagination to create something new and unique. So in this particular instance, Chanel is not quite setting any trends but rather following the trend.
Jelly polishes, like Roubachka and Shantung are fully opaque in 2-3 coats, cremes (most of the new range) are fully opaque in 1 coat. I noticed one nail without top coat started wearing out at the tip of the nail on the second day.
Having said that, any decent nail polish with a decent top coat will last at least a week so there is nothing ground breaking here, sorry Chanel.
Hopefully Karl Lagerfeld will wake up from his enchanted dream, read this review, and then surprise us all with new trend-setting colours (and a better brush!). Will you be buying any of the new colours or are you going on a hunt for some ‘old formula’ polishes? It cures with a UV or LED light and as soon as it's finished curing under the light the gel is completely dry and hardened. You will not be able to use your hands in any way, regardless of how "careful" you think you might be. Your nails will be sticky and tacky and every little piece of dust or lint will stick to them, ruining your finished manicure. My nails lasted the full 2 weeks and were still shiny, with only a few very minor dings in the thumb and pointer finger of my dominant hand. Say you spend another $125 and get another Foundation, another Top It Off, and 7 more colors for your Gelish collection. I wondered if there were other brands that offered long lasting nail polish for natural nails at the drugstore. I will definitely continue to shop the line to find new options, but so far these are my favorite colors.
I use 1 coat of a light, off white for the tip (Zoya Laurie) and 1 coat of a light sheer pink (Zoya Bela). Five of the shades are Chanel classics – Rouge Noir, Particuliere, Ballerina, Pirate and Vamp but 11 of them are brand new. When I went to buy the new Chanel polishes I couldn’t decide because I already own a gazillion of similar shades. No joke- I went from doing my nails to washing dishes by hand just a few minutes later without messing up my nails at all. If anything touches them or contaminates the nail or gel before the last coat is applied, the nails will not turn out correctly. However, chances are if you're doing your nails at home, you are the only one using the products and this extra step for sanitation isn't necessary. I searched on line reviews, tried different brands on sale, and asked salespeople for advice. The top of the bottles shows a drawing of the brush but I think the real thing is even shorter and fatter.
Personally, I find Zoya goes on a lot smoother and doesn’t ever clump up at the end of the bottle like Essie does. The line also includes a high-shine long-wear top coat called Le Gel which I’ll review seperately. Finally I stumbled upon the last line of cosmetics that I ever thought would deliver a good-quality nail polish.
Sure, I was able to follow the step by step instructions, but I don't need as much information as the average person because I have experience. I've also heard a lot of good things about some of the newer store bought kits with LED lamps in them (Like Sally Hansen), though I haven't used them myself.
After the entire nail is covered, wipe off your brush again and go over all 4 nails again to ensure that you have a very thin, even coat. Wet N Wild Megalast nail color only costs $2 for a bottle, but the lasting power is spectacular. So while I do have a better understanding of nails in general, I'm still very new myself to the whole gel thing.
I realized that the average woman attempting gels for the first time was probably left feeling slightly confused by these tutorials. After years of searching I’ve found a polish that lasts for almost a week with no chips.
I will make a separate review on it, because it’s a glow in the dark nail polish and it’s pretty cool!

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