We also offer natural nail spa manicures and pedicures with Donna, Katrina and Michelle using CND luxury spa products! So whether it’s just a file and paint you fancy or a full Spa Manicure or Pedicure to look after your hands and feet as well as just your nails we’ve got it covered!
Manicures take place in our nail bar area and you have a choice between our CND Citrus or Almond range and the full range of CND’s fantastic nail colours and effects varnishes! Manicures are a good way of defying the signs of aging too as we massage and treat your skin with all our rejuvenating CND products. For pedicures we take you in to one of our treatment rooms where you can choose from a CND Marine Spa Pedicure or CND Earth Spa Pedicure!
Sit back and relax while your feet soak in a warm bubbly foot bath, melt away while your feet are being massaged and revived using the best CND products and feel like you’re walking on air after! The SensatioNail website advertises "2 weeks of dazzling, damage-proof wear," and "super gloss shine, no dry time" which are what you'd expect from a soak off gel, but the kicker here is "professional salon quality nails at home." I've been wanting to try soak of gels for a while, but I don't like going to salons because of the cost, and also because I don't quite trust others with my nails. Applying primer is essential (I learned the hard way), but removal is easier if you only apply it around the edges of your nail (including the free edge!).
Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the system!  I like to change my polish every other day or so, so it's not perfect for my lifestyle, but it will be great for those who want a manicure to last for a week or longer.
CND revolutionized the nail salon industry when they brought Shellac into the world and they’re poised to do it again with a new product called VINYLUX. VINYLUX is a Weekly Nail Polish that uses no base coat and a top coat that gets more durable with natural light exposure.
VINYLUX is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat! Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending ProLight technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are a system that is uniquely designed to work together.
4. For best results, use CND Shellac Nourishing Remover on a cotton pad to easily and gently remove VINYLUX. Enduring — Top Coat actually toughens over time with exposure to natural light with ProLight technology.
Hi, I am one of those people that is in love with gel manicures and I can’t stand the regular nail polish and do dishes without the gloves and regular nail polish starts to chip and the next day.
I just received my samples and looking at the ingredient lists, the Julep top coat and Vinylux are different.
Oh, what they mean is that 30 of the shades match Shellac colors, so if you’re a Shellac user, there is a take home product you can use for touch-up, if your Shellac needs it.
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Gellish and Shellac shape and paint appointments are in high demand, a healthy, high shine look for your nails in a 45minute time slot fits into most peoples lifestyles!

Our technicians take into consideration each individual’s lifestyles, natural nail shapes and hands to make sure the nails they create last and look good!
Fantastic for the summer or holidays as you don’t have to worry about it chipping off and not lasting! This visionary new product has been created for clients who want to have immaculate looking nails but who haven’t the time for Acrylic nails! It’s thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural – it provides strong natural nails!
While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. Patent-pending ProLight technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time. I am wondering whether the polish will last a week in peeling nails… Super cool to read about this first on your blog! I generally only have time to do my nails once a week as it is… I usually touch up a few times and try to make it last a week – so this could be perfect!
I personally like to change my polish more often anyway, but I bet this will be a game-changer for others who prefer a long-lasting mani. I’m interested to compare the ingredients in the two products to see how they differ. I think they’re also promoting that if there is a Shellac color you love, you can get it in an take home version. No olvides que lo mejor para lucir unas unas es tener la actitud y sentirte segura de lo bella y unica que eres asi que animate y usa lo mas extravagante y chic del verano. Usar una gama de un color, asi de simple como ir a una tienda de pinturas y ver la gamas de rosas y terminar con la mezcla de los dos colores primarios, rojo y blanco. Ahora hay esmaltes de unas que incluyen pequenas diamantinas y brillos de diferentes formas y tonos. Unas lisas con stickers en forma de rombo dorado y el dedo indice con base plateada y lineas de los dos tonos lisos. Una una de cada color es la forma mas divertida de combinar los colores, la mayoria lo hace formando la gama del arcoiris. Unas lisas en tono rosa barbie y dos unas en tono rosa mas claro con diseno de rombos y micro esferas doradas pegadas. Unas en tono rosa nude con dos unas en dorado texturizado y una en diseno con lineas blancas.
Unas texturizadas en tono dorado y rojo difuminado y con lineas blancas al estilo de dulces de  baston de navidad. Unas en tono verde con lunares blancos, una plateada y una blanca con lineas en forma de flor. Unas en tono violeta, con disenos de cuadros en dons tonos mas oscuros de morado y un marco negro?Increible! I have stalked my local Boots shop once weekly for the last 4 weeks in anticipation of this collection, and I'm so excited its finally here.

The bottle is larger in size compared to the original Essie nail polishes, which makes storage a bit awkward, although both contain 13.5ml of product. Boots currently have an amazing buy-one-get-one-half-price offer, make sure to take advantage of it!
Feel free to contact us through a comment below and we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.
If you enjoy our product reviews, please support us by purchasing products through our affiliate links. From simple designs to the more elaborate, Sian can come up with all different ideas for each client and every design is different for each customer! Just give us a call or pop in and one of our technicians can talk you through all of the different options available for you! CND’s patented gel technology results in thin, light, natural looking nails which do not damage your natural nail but protects them as they grow!
En este caso el color es un nude con diamantinas de todos colores y es un diseno facil de aplicar. La tecnica la puedes aprender de tutoriales en youtube y necesitaras de dos esmaltes azules y un brillo plateado. La tecnica no es muy facil de aplicar, pero nada que no puedas aprender en un tutorial de youtube.
En las tiendas especializadas en venta de esmaltes de una o en algunas marcas como Maybelline y Loreal ya venden stickers faciles de poner. The collection is made up of 42 new shades (wow!) and the new formula with top coat is supposed to provide shiny nails a la gel nails in a bottle - no more UV. From what I understand VINYLUX will be sold to consumers through professional salons so you can buy it for use at home.
From what I’ve read, it dries on its own and everyday natural light exposure increases its durability. It is supposedly a UV activated top coat, with the same concept that as it is exposed to natural sunlight, it will harden even more.
The reason I like it for cremes is that, though sort of thin-ish out of the bottle, it seems to have a smoothing effect on streaky cremes.
The China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat has a similar smell (same parent company) but I suffer through it for a fast dry time. When I had the shellac, I tried taking it off with even regular acetone based polish and it wouldn't budge, so if this is anywhere near the same sort of quality, a non acetone remover should take the top coats of polish off and leave the gel intact underneath. I keep hoping to see someone having had tried it this way so I can shell out the $$ for it and know whether it will work lol!

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