You already know I do my manis and pedis at home following my Easy 5 Step Manicure tutorial. So one week when I shared a picture of the results on my facebook wall and instagram feed an APW reader named Christian  left me a comment on this manicure photo recommending  I try the gel nail kit. I did a little research and saw the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit at Walgreens I wanted to try. Although I have a Walgreens 5 minutes from my house I heard there was a Walgreens in Greenville that had a nail bar.
The nail bar is basically a section of  Walgreens dedicated to serving the needs of the nail enamel enthusiast by providing a nail salon type atmosphere and one-on-one attention.
Since my husband drives that way to work I decided to ride with him to check out the hip new nail bar. Gel nails are supposed to last two weeks before chipping whereas my regular polish lasts about five days.
In addition to the nail kit I bought some nail stickers to add a second layer of design to this week manicure. I’m going to show you how easy it is to apply the gel manicure plus show you the final result with the nail stickers.
This is what my nails looked like after applying the base coat and just one coat of nail enamel.
Now it’s time to repeat step to by applying another coat of color and curing the nails under the LED light. Step 3: Now add a top coat, cure for 30 seconds, then wipe the nails clean using a nail cleanser pads.
Once my nails were done I added some detail to my nails which was inspired by what I am seeing in my flower garden this week. I allowed the white nail polish to dry a few minutes before applying the flower details which are tiny stickers and very easy to apply. After applying the stickers, I added a clear top coat to keep the stickers from peeling off.
After applying the Sally Hansen Gel Nail polish I can already tell the difference in the thickness of this enamel.

Overall, I love the ability to apply salon like looks at home and if my polish last for anywhere close to 14 days I’ll definitely be adding more gel polish colors to my nail rotation. Thats strange yours burned under the light, as ive been doing mine for along time and never had that problem..
Also if you run out of the cleasening wipes try makeup pad with sanitizer works just the same. Love the design and the way your nails look but it does sound like it’s a bit expensive for me right now. You’ve read a lot about gel manicure and ready to be a do-it-yourself gel manicurist. Like its name, this kit has the most complete set including a mini (pretty small) LED lamp.
It is especially designed to efficiently cure Gelish Soak-off Gel color and products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. The MINI Pro 45 has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,0000th hour.
CND Shellac Gel Kit contains all you need to start right away. This is the only kit packed in a retail box, directly from CND. The trial pack doesn’t include a Shellac UV lamp (Shellac is only cured under a UV Lamp).
All starter kits mentioned above are available at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for gel manicure  offering brands such as CND Shellac, Daisy, Gelish, and OPI Gelcolor.
So which one would you choose among the three if you want to invest in doing gel manicure yourself? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Buy bmc 6pc nail art uv gel acrylic salon pen painting detailing flat brush kit at a great price. I do my own because it’s cheaper than going to the salon and I get a lot of joy out of pampering my hands once a week. It’ll be great if using gel nail polish increases the time between nail polish reapplications.

To get crisper lines you can tape of the area where you want the white to show up or use a nail enamel pen. The upfront cost is pretty steep but If you’re already spending $20+ dollars every two weeks on manicures this is a less expensive alternative. After a few days of wear I concluded I applied it too thick because I started seeing air pockets under the gel where the enamel was separating from the nail. I have been wanting to get my nails done but don’t want to pay for them, so this is definitely a better alternative for doing my own at home.
It includes 6 iconic OPI gel nail polish colors, a uv base and uv top coat and accessories.
I love connecting with you guys by sending personal messages, testimonies, prayers and words of encouragement. This was very uncomfortable and will deter me from applying the gel manicure as often as I would if there was no burning. I see those kits in the store all the time but it seemed too complicated for me to do myself.
I’m looking forward to trying again I think they should last longer with thinner coats.
It helps you starting your gel manicure without getting panic because you miss something important in the middle of your manicure. I’m not sure what top coat comes with the kit but you can apply stickers over the top coat and do your artwork and seal it with the gel top coat. Amazon try prime all it is normal for gel polish to bulbs cure your nails faster, safer beauty: see all 7,542 items. Comments about red carpet manicure professional led light: i was skeptical about gel nails but this was comments about red carpet manicure professional led light. Usa nail care & salon supplies online store, many years of experience & solid international reputation.

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