January 14, 2014 By Ashlee 6 Comments I love getting a challenge, my Cousin called and asked if I could make a Nine Inch Nails cake for her husband’s birthday this year. Some of the links in my posts may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. AshleeCEO at Ashlee Marie CakesAshlee Prisbrey is a self taught cake decorator and home chef turned blogger turned youtuber. Designer Rob Sheridan, best known for his work as art director of Nine Inch Nails, has posted a collection of amazing photos of the Nine Inch Nails: Tension 2013 tour. On her blog and youtube channel she shares cake decorating tutorials, from scratch recipes, and themed party food (cause for her parties are all about the food). Visit Sheridan’s Tumblr and the Nine Inch Nails Flickr page to see more of the colorful light show. Their supposedly last tour, released on dvd and sent off with an intense light show, created a book end that would solidify the end of the Halos.

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It was unfortunate because some of us will have never seen what was surely one of the best touring groups of our time.
BUT it seemed like they had a curved backdrop that’s covered in lights and curved light panel that moves up and down. Last year she competed on Food Network, the Halloween Baking championship, a dream come true!
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WIth the usual digital brilliance they have at their shows, they also incorporated a large amount of actual lighting into their show, and some of the best I’ve ever seen at that.

Being one of the best showmen I have ever seen, equipped with a voice that still hits every note required of him, he and his band successfully turn their set into an incredible one. They played many crowd favorites including Closer, Only, Head Like a Hole and more but a few surprises were tossed in (Eraser was an absolute gem live and out of left field. The screens showed many visuals behind the haunting track, with metaphors (snakes and an eyebrow zoomed in on) and literal images (prisoners of war being shot, houses being bombed) creating a meaning of the song outside of The Downward Spiral’s concept. Hurt closing the show, somehow being the best song of a night of perfection, reminded us that a clean and healthy Trent Reznor is a story of complete realization that we all can be influenced by.
He is also heavily into music, as he can play a number of instruments and was even in a few bands.

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