The first impression of LG Nexus 4 to us is the perception of round, but without losing the sense of beauty, and shadow of some Samsung Galaxy Nexus design. LG Nexus 4 utilize the arc-shaped straight all-touch design.  Full coverage of Gorilla glass designed to enhance the texture of the phone, but this material is easily contaminated with fingerprints. With LG Nexus 4 dual mic noise-reduction design, background noise can be shielded and call quality is assured.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s 500 million pixels is quite outdated while LG Nexus 4 takes opportunity to upgrade the camera configuration. In addition to upgraded camera, LG Nexus battery capacity also upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s 1750mAh to 2100mAh. Through actual test of the foreign media, the LG Nexus has high screen color saturation, fine display and good viewing angle.
As the product of Google, LG Nexus 4 has the privilege of getting most updated Android version.
Google Now is also one of the LG Nexus 4 special feature which allow users to check Gmail, such as flight information, hotel reservations and other functions. In Android 4.2 system, the camera features also improved with the new 360-degree panoramic shooting mode, integrated into the unique Google Street View technology.
Through actual test of the foreign media, LG Nexus Quadrant Advanced score of 4902, GLBenchmark achieve 30fps achievements, Antutu score of 10122. Different from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4 will have upgraded to 8 million pixels and with LED flash. The LG Nexus 4 camera interface contains the shutter button, setting button, camera mode, sidebar. As fourth-generation successor in Nexus series, LG Nexus is called the quad-core popular king. Made from 3M vinyl, Dbrand’s Nexus 4 skins are precision-cut to match the back of the device, including the stylized “Nexus” lettering under the camera assembly.
The attachment process can be tricky at first, and Dbrand provides newbies with a link to their official application guide.
Dbrand’s range of textures includes titanium, carbon and leather, and the latter comes in a wide range of colors.
Once a Dbrand skin is attached it can be tricky to remove, especially if you’ve followed the instructions correctly and not left yourself any loose edges. Now, this probably wasn’t the skin’s fault -- there’s no telling what underlying weaknesses there might’ve been in the glass itself -- but it’s something to be aware of in the removal process. My newly-shattered Nexus 4 did give me an opportunity to use one of the remaining skins to cover up, though. Despite our glass-related mishap, we'd still recommend Dbrand's Nexus 4 vinyl skins for those who want to protect the back of the device, or simply personalize the the phone. Dbrand's skins for Nexus 4 (and other devices) are available directly from the manufacturer's website.
Lucky number four.Long awaited, incessantly discussed and sold out even faster - Google's latest Nexus device raises the battle cry against other high-performance smartphones with an unrivaled price of 349 Euros (~$450) for the 16 GB version and 299 Euros (~$390) for the 8 GB version. Probably everyone knows this problem: You just polished the touchscreen and five minutes later you would again like to reach for the microfiber cloth. ConnectivityThe Nexus 4 closely follows the interface positioning of Samsung's Galaxy S3. The installed GPS module connects within a few seconds indoors when standing next to a window. Google touts the Nexus 4 with the option of recharging the device without any charging cords. The device would benefit from higher brightness in outdoor use because the screen is very reflective. The hardware specifications list shows that the device is sufficiently powerful, on paper at least. HTC Nexus Marlin will feature a 5.5 inch 2K AMOLED screen apparently, plus a Snapdragon 821 CPU and 4 GB of RAM. HTC Nexus Sailfish will be a smaller model, with a 5 inch Full HD display, a quad core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The only flaw, which was necessary, is the inclusion of the dotted grid that I complained about with these protectors a while back.
This seems like a bad product all around, the Note 2 is pressure sensitive, with this glass you’re essentially throwing away the wacom part of your phone.
The Samsung S-pen has a potentiometer inside of it to track touching, it does not use pressure in the sense that you are thinking, therefore it should not affect the use of the phone. I pre-ordered this screen protector for my Note2 when they first become available and didn’t have the dots on mine so they must have redesigned them to include the dots. If they redesigned because of a problem and they don’t offer you a free exchange with at most paying shipping that says a lot about the company. A bit off topic, but is there a gap between the otterbox defenders built in screen protector and your phones screen? About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. En esta ocasion el fabricante chino Huawei ha sido la marca escogida para fabricar el hardware de uno de los smartphones mas iconicos del universo Android, concretamente el Nexus P6.
El Nexus P6 de Huawei cuenta con un procesador Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octacore, pero en su version 2.1 que promete no calentarse tanto como el original (eso esperamos) y 3GB de moeria RAM. Pero lo mas novedoso del Nexus 6P es su cuerpo unibody de metal, el primero en un Nexus, que promete ofrecer una mejor especia ergonomica y un diseno mas delgado.
Tambien destaca como novedad el escaner de huellas dactilares situado en el respaldo que podremos utilizar para confirmar pagos, o el estreno de la conexion USB tipo C en un movil de gran consumo. HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus give us a deep impression of awesome Android smartphone. The Android 4.2 jelly beans systems is a big selling point of the device, it has the priority to be upgraded to latest Android version.
Volume adjustment keys integrated on the left while micro SIM socket and power button are placed in the right side of the fuselage.
With a built-in 800-megapixel camera with LED flash at the back, the imaging results are still good.The speaker is provided at the back of the lower right corner, using the lattice design where the right hand grip will not affect the speaker effect. As fourth-generation successor of the Nexus series, LG Nexus 4 naturally not being left behind. Although it have been revealed by users that less pixelated and whitened are reflected on machine’s screen, but the overall performance is beyond acceptable. Android 4.2 are still using the name of Jelly Bean, with variety of improvement on system but not in the user interface. Lock screen function also improved, user-friendly slide to view e-mail, text messaging, etc.. Although it is not the highest specification in the market, such a configuration has reached the mainstream level.
Users can set the view finder, HDR, white balance, choose one of four scene modes, changing the resolution and flash settings, panorama mode by long press the capture button.
Full coverage of Gorilla glass on the fuselage, good hardware configuration, better camera, and an excellent screen, all fused together makes LG Nexus 4 a classic in the Android phone . Dbrand provided us with a selection of skins for review, and each one of them was an exact match for the back of the Nexus 4 -- no rough edges, no overlap -- pretty impressive for a mass-produced skin.
This suggests lining up the camera lens and flash first, then aligning the left edge so the skin is flush with the edge of the glass. We tried out all three textures and settled on carbon as a favorite, closely followed by leather.

This was the case with one of mine, and so after a little searching I decided to pick at the inner edge near the speaker.
And after scraping away some of the loose glass, those skins let me hide this shameful, jagged mess. At $9 each they're not especially cheap, but the price is justified by the quality of materials and the closeness of the fit. The smartphone can be twisted marginally with moderate force but is largely pressure resistant.
The phone exactly copies the port arrangement of the Galaxy S3 with regards to the power button, headphone jack and the volume rocker.
It is not an insignificant advantage when both hardware and software come from the same developer.
An optional, inductive charging mat on which the Smartphone is placed is required for that.
There are sufficient benchmarks available to test the prowess of the hardware on the Android platform unlike the Windows Phone 8 platform.
It should also have 32 GB and up to 128 GB of storage and its camera may be 12 MP shooter, while the front one will be an 8 MP one.
With displays growing in size by the month, protection has become more important than ever. Instead of hiding displays below the phone rim, they are popping them up, to give users a much softer and less rigid experience when swiping a finger from edge to edge. All sensors, cameras, and buttons are left exposed, so no functionality is lost (and yes, I tested sleep-wake during a call). The XGEAR team told me that these dots were needed in order to avoid those oily, watery-looking spots that can at times appear underneath screen protectors. I was able to use gestures, take screenshots, edit photos, draw all over the place, and navigate as usual while using the S Pen.
The oleophibic coating on it is not the best, but it’s ok, love the feel of glass under my finger, not like all those plastic screen guards that start to look like hell after a few weeks. Otherwise, if it does, you can adjust the S-pen’s sensitivity to your liking by tweaking the same potentiometer. I had a problem with mine having a spot in the middle of the screen like the protector was sticking to the screen, I could lift the protector up and the spot would go away but as soon as I would apply any type of pressure to the screen the spot would reappear kind of annoying lifting it up all the time to get rid of the spot plus the adhesive gets weaker every time you lift it and replace it so I ended up removing mine.
La pantalla tiene 5,7 pulgadas con resolucion WQHD (2560×1440 y 515ppp) y proteccion Gorilla Glass 4 incluyendo dos altavoces situados en el frontal del equipo.
Seran 178 gramos con acabados en cuatro colores: aluminio, grafito, hielo y dorado (solo en Japon) y con una bateria de 3450 mAh que deberia aguantar tranquilamente un dia de estresante trabajo.
Esto supone un tamano bastante grande para un sensor de esta resolucion, lo que podria implicar que las imagenes consigan mejor exposicion en condiciones de poca luz, eso si, perdiendo un poco de detalle en terminos generales.
Con el USB tipo C se obtiene una mayor velocidad de transferencia, con soporte para carga rapida y ademas es reversible. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Among the most impressive Google Nexus is the LG Nexus 4, manufactured by LG and running latest Android 4.2 operating system. The lock-free version of LG Nexus 4 in the foreign market is priced at $ 299 with 8GB and 16GB version for $ 349 where the price is very attractive. At bottom of the screen is not the touch-sensitive buttons, but replaced with three virtual buttons.
Unlike the removable battery of Galaxy Nexus, the LG Nexus 4 adopt a closed design which is inconvenient for the user to replace the battery. Benefited from the narrow border design, it gives the impression of the fuselage’s width is not too great, the screen can render more convenient single-handed operation. In comparison, LG Nexus and LG Optimus G would have some significant difference but benchmark point can not explain everything. It is worth to mention that LG Nexus 4 is equipped with the latest Android 4.2 system, with privilege treatment for the first to update the system. Glass -- even reinforced glass like Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 -- is less durable than metal or plastics.
The black color fits in nicely with the Nexus’s existing look, while white makes for a striking contrast to the phone’s dark exterior.
All of Dbrand’s skins are grippier than the glass they cover -- particularly the carbon texture -- making the Nexus 4 easier to hold. Only, turns out it wasn’t just the vinyl skin I was picking away at it, but the glass itself.
It has tried to remain impartial by having its Nexus devices developed by different companies that have licensed its product, and LG having the honors for this version of the device.
Nothing stands in the way of multimedia entertainment on a big screen with the right cable. But as the device becomes older, its ability to run newer iterations of vanilla Android becomes lower and lower until any further update would render the device unusable.
There’s an USB Type C port, a beefy 3450 mAh battery and Android 7.0 Nougat as the OS, as expected.
Since tempered glass is the most popular solution at the moment because it offers the greatest level of strength, it only makes sense that we continue our coverage with the newest protector for one of the biggest displays in the business. The Galaxy Note 2 is no different, so when you apply the Voyager 2, you are going to have a slight lip.
XGEAR also supplies you with a home button sticker since the home button becomes slightly recessed once the screen protector is applied.
If you do decide to remove it and reuse it, do not touch the glue part with your fingers, and before placing it back on the phone just rinse it well under the faucet with warm water, then shake it dry, and use a microfiber cloth to polish it off. Tried to contact them about the problem and they said I could return it but to read their return policy first which pretty much states that if the item has been used no refund so was going to try to use some 3m screen adhesive tape to replace the adhesive and see if that fixes the problem, but now that I hear they have redesigned it I may give it another try.
Same thing happened on SGS3 they originally released it with dots and a lot of people complained so they removed the dots saying they weren’t necessary.
Ahora solo falta saber si el precio inicial de 499$ lo hace igualmente atractivo por sus caracteristicas tecnicas. Todo esto funcionara bajo el nuevo Android Marshmallow y estara disponible en versiones de 32 GB, 64 GB y 128 GB. Cuenta con carga rapida pero con un cuerpo unibody de aluminio ya nos hemos olvidado de la carga inalambrica. Solid design and affordable price are the advantages of LG Nexus 4 against other flagships. Foreign media described them as brothers, and even fraternal twins, but the LG Nexus 4 corners are more rounded, which different from LG Optimus G. It is worth to mention that there is an LED lights at the bottom of the screen to indicate the incoming SMS notification. At the same time it can bring a good viewing angle.The glass panel box pattern, shiny effect at certain angles, adding to the visual perception could be the best description of back design of LG Nexus 4. The Gmail message supports scalable and text zoom function which facilitate middle-aged users. In most cases, LG Nexus 4 can quickly respond, the multi-tasking operation is smooth, there is little hysteresis. After a few attempts, though, we were able to get things matching up correctly in just a couple of minutes. And equally importantly, they look great and don’t upset the phone’s design -- these could easily be an official Nexus accessory. The result was a small chip in the weakest area of the glass, between the speaker and the right edge, that splintered outwards, cracking the entire back panel.

It’s not very clear to me why HTC chose to dress up the upper third of the back in glass, but you have to admit it does have its charm. XGEAR has done their best to make the edge semi-smooth, however, you will most certainly notice a difference.
The original one for the Note 2 has no dots, I received one of the first ones so I know what they offered first, now they are selling them with the dots to fix the same problem I had, but never offered to replace mine after I notified them of the problem. Quizas un precio demasiado alto para lo que esperabamos habida cuenta del discreto exito del Nexus 6. However, some users reflect the LG Nexus 4 back is vulnerable, it seems a good protection is benevolent. Meanwhile, Android 4.2 increase the accessibility features for the blind, to set the voice output and gestures function. As compared to LG Optimus G, it seem to be a bit slow but its speed compared to the Galaxy Nexus is improved significantly and can easily cope with day-to-day usage. Hence the arrival of protective skins like Dbrand’s that not only cover up the vulnerable glass, but come in a variety of colors and textures.
The second wave that was available from December 6th was again out of stock just before Christmas. Beside its use as a multimedia interface, the micro-USB port has two other important functions. Shortly after the release of version 4.2, there was a minor update to squash a few bugs in the operating system. Great pictures were possible right away and it was easy in contrast to taking such a panorama shoot with a digital SLR camera. Red and magenta presented the strongest deviations but remained within the range when measured with a DeltaE 2000 of approximately 5. If anyone tries this out let me know how it works after a week or so, my problem happen the first day, but if they added the dots back in that may have fixed the problem, hope so. They did issued me RTA number but basically told me if it had been opened and used per their return policy NO REFUND or REPLACEMENT. Pero para los que no quieren gastarse tanto han presentado el Nexus 5X esta vez fabricado por LG.
Google propose une nouvelle version avec des ameliorations notables, mais un tarif egalement revue a la hausse.A lire : Test du Google Nexus 5X Partagez Tweetez +1 PartagezQuels sont les atouts de chacun de ces produits ? The front-facing camera achieves a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) and the primary camera records in 1080p (1920 x1080 pixels). In my case I had to take a picture of a defect in the protector not laying down all of the way on my screen.
Sounds like a design change as I don’t recall anyone mentioning them on their Note 2. Also was wondering if you knew how or if this could work with the Otterbox Defender case on?
Protection Gorilla Glass 3IPS-NEO 5,2 pouces de definition Full HD 1080p, resolution de 424 ppp.
Since this is also true for the Nexus 4, the potential buyer should carefully consider how much capacity is needed before ordering the device. The navigation bar has always been an integral part of Android and is indispensable for the system. To increase utility even more, a subtle and nondescript facelift was given to the user interface. Google's new super weapon was a hot topic and was eagerly awaited even before it was launched. Now, it is possible to exhibit further widgets in the right upper area when the message bar is opened. We think that the competition's concept, such as that of Samsung's Galaxy range, makes more sense. D’un cote le Nexus 5 qui possede une coque entierement en polycarbonate avec un revetement lipophobe antitache et resistant aux empreintes digitales. However, it becomes apparent that various materials have been used and that it is in no way an ill-considered design when looking closer at the device.
The current time, a slide show or other contents glide over the dimmed screen when the corresponding setting is selected beforehand.GPS connectionThe Nexus 4 features a vast array of communication modules. Cela reste une matiere plastique, contrairement a son grand frere le Nexus 6P qui est en aluminium, tout comme le Honor 7 !
There are other screens that have higher pixel density but we do not hold it against the device as a drawback (iPhone 5: 326 ppi). The illumination of 93% leads to a homogeneous brightness distribution which allows it to hide the fact that the brightness level is not high enough. The display bezel does not protrude and consequently does not provide the screen with additional protection against scratches.
Concernant la qualite colorimetrique et la luminosite maximum, on peut vous dire que le telephone chinois est tres bon. Concernant le Google Phone, il faudra attendre notre test pour en savoir plus sur ce point precis. Difficile pour l’instant de les departager sur ce critere, ce sera un match nul !Performances : avantage Nexus !Voila un round difficile, mais interessant !
Nous avons deja pu tester le Snapdragon 808 sur le LG G4, qui offrait de tres bonnes performances, mais avec 3 Go de RAM la ou le Nexus se contente de 2 Go.
Meme avec un 1 Go de RAM en moins, les performances du Snapdragon 808 allie a une version pure de l’OS devraient faire des merveilles. Si on ne juge pas le look de l’interface du Honor 7, on peut en revanche temoigner de la qualite de ses ajouts. La partie materielle rejoint meme le logiciel avec la touche intelligente du Honor 7 qui peut etre configuree pour effectuer differentes actions. Cela se traduit egalement par de tres bons resultats dans des conditions de faible luminosite.
Une difference importante, mais qui peut etre temperee par une bonne optimisation logicielle.
J’espere que ce petit comparatif vous aidera a y voir un peu plus clair sur les forces et faiblesses de chacun des telephones qui ne se situent vraiment pas au meme endroit. Si vous privilegiez l’interface Android pure et les mises a jour, il faudra aller voir du cote du Nexus. On se retrouve tres vite pour un prochain versus, en attendant, donnez-nous votre avis sur le Nexus 5X et le Honor 7 juste en dessous. TapianXiaomi fait des mises a jour regulieres et sur le long terme egalement Garfield3Xiaomi ne fait pas de smartphone pour notre marche. Le jour ou ils proposeront un package complet on verra si leur prix sont les memes mais la on peut pas comparer ou alors a minima.
Comparaison totalement biaisee a moins de pretendre que pas avoir le choix equivaux a avoir le choix et que 2=3 ;-) TapianL’indefendable ?
PS: je viens de recevoir une invite OnePlus que je vais probablement deposer sur le forum One.
Thierry BartholeynsPourquoi ne pas comparer le LG G4 qui surpasse en tous points le nexus et est actuellment bien moins cher. Donc si les Mah ont a voir avec l’autonomie, essaie de jouer avec une batterie de 1000 Mah et une autre de 3000Mah sur le meme ecran, meme proc.

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