Narrowband UVB lights (NB-UVB) comprises a subset of the UVB spectrum centered at roughly 311 nm. Narrowband UVB lamps (NB-UVB) are available on all National Biological home Phototherapy units. Narrow band UVB light treatment uses the optimal part of the UVB light spectrum which slows growth of psoriasis lesions or re-pigmentation of one's natural skin coloring. Exposure time of narrowband UVB lamps can be longer than with traditional broadband UVB yielding more effective results. Risks and side effects of other treatments such as systemic drugs have not been found with narrowband UVB light therapy. Psoriasis - Narrowband UVB light treatment provide faster clearing, less sun burning, and more complete disease resolution than traditional UVB and is much safer than biologics.
Vitiligo - Narrowband UVB lights are proving to be very useful in the treatment of Vitiligo.

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See why Narrowband UVB home phototherapy is an effective alternative to clinic phototherapy in this study of 25 patients using Solarc devices in the Ottawa area.
Makes it easier to keep to your treatment schedule – fewer missed visits means better results. Can reduce and often eliminate the use of topical creams and ointments; saving time and money.
Under physician supervision, can often be used in combination with topical medications for even greater results. Artificial light sources have the advantage of providing only the most therapeutic wavelengths of UV light, while minimizing the potentially harmful non-therapeutic wavelengths.

If you have had success at the phototherapy clinic, home phototherapy will almost certainly work.
The patient exposes his or her affected skin to the UVB light,clothing covering the affected skin is removed before the treatment begins.
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