One of the biggest decor-related projects that I did for the wedding was decorate tons of glass jars for candles to be placed in on tables around the winery for the wedding reception.
I definitely recruited the help from two of my best friends and bridesmaids, Tonya and Jessica, to help me clean and decorate them. Since we had over 150 of them to decorate, we just kept it simple and didn’t worry about having them perfect or anything.
On the morning of the wedding, once we had them all out at the venue, we filled them with a couple inches of sand and then placed 2×3 inch ivory pillar candles (ordered from here) in them. I was running all around the day of the wedding, so I didn’t take any pictures of that part.
Not the clearest picture to show you how they looked, but you can see how they let off a beautiful glow both inside and out.
We also used a couple of the decorated jars to hold bookmark favors, pens, and ribbon streamers on the guest sign-in table (pictures of that from the photographer too hopefully!) I loved the way they turned out and the best part is that a few of them are great to display around the house with candles or something else in them as a memento from the wedding! Even if you aren’t getting married anytime soon, this would still be a cute project to do a few to decorate a porch, sunroom or deck for an outdoor summer party or to use to put candles inside the house too.
Place rolled diapers in a tight circle around each other or insert a vase, or baby bottle in the center and secure with a large rubber band around the middle of diapers. You can either stop here or make a smaller bundle and place that on top by sticking skewer in the center of the bottom layer and sliding the small bundle over top of skewer. Use ribbon or fabric to cover rubber bands as well as to add color and texture to your mini cake.

Country Charm- Wrap center of cakes in burlap and glue on wildflowers, daisies, or sunflowers. Floral Vase– Wrap diapers around a vase( or recycled Starbucks glass as you see here), holding them with a rubber band around the center. It would have been pretty to use mason jars, but those can get kind-of pricey when you are talking about 150+ of them. I had a big collection of different types of ribbons, laces, trims, burlap ribbon, jute twine, etc and a few hot glue guns and we just glued and decorated to our hearts content. We did make sure that if the jar had a logo or name or anything printed on it that we covered that up with ribbon or something.
We scattered them randomly all along the tables inside and out and they looked so, so pretty lighting up the evening.
I still haven’t gotten our pictures back from the photographer to show you those either. Take a look at our cute diaper cake centerpieces along with a step-by-step picture tutorial so you can make them for your next baby shower.
Roll diapers, starting at the waist into a tight roll and secure with a rubber band wrapped around the center. Wrap in a plaid or other woodsy print, place cat tails in center of bundles and hot glue on a lure or two. Scatter beads, tiaras, and play rings around the table to create a table scape worthy of her coming royal highness.

Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. So, if you are looking for another eye catching decoration or centerpiece — think about making mini diaper cakes as centerpieces.
Since crafts stores sell multi-packs of mustaches for only $1 or so not only is this an adorable them but inexpensive as well. Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! Simply wrap your layers in a wide ribbon then top with a smaller coordinating or contrasting ribbon in party colors. These can be placed on guest tables, placed on food tables or put around the room for decorations at the baby shower. Attach a mustache with hot glue and use scrapbook stickers to spell out a€?Little Mana€?, or you could spell out the little arrivals name as well.

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