Environmental protesters at the Lambton Quay ANZ branch in Wellington voice their opposition to the banking group's loan to fossil fuel companies. Protesters at a Lambton Quay ANZ branch voice their opposition to the banking giant's multi-billion dollar stake in fossil fuels. Let our extremely talented technicians create for you the finest and most natural enhancements available today. When we perform a manicure or pedicure, every endeavour is taken to give you the best and safest treatment possible. Add to this our luxurious spa hand and foot treatments and you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic.
To make a booking or ask our beauty therapists a question, call us on 04 471 1469 or fill out the form below and we'll contact you. Making a first impression really counts, so when you extend your hand for that greeting, go to grab that drink or simply wave, you want your nails looking the absolute best.

This multimillion-dollar refurbishment of Westpac’s second largest store in Wellington’s Lambton Quay replaced the branch’s former imposing corporate look with a more intimate, playful style that emphasises its Wellington links. This included the Lambton Cafe – designed to look like the cable car, a movie reel inspired seating area, a seminar space with tiered seating that mimicked the Westpac Stadium and a large toy rescue helicopter made from Lego. Context ArchitectsContext Architects is a multi-disciplinary practice operating nationally from Auckland and Christchurch.
Stay informedGive us your email address and we’ll send you news and things we like from time-to-time. We were also concerned about the safety of the protesters on the awning," Herrick said.A As one of the country's biggest companies and the most popular bank Herrick said the ANZ was "aA target because it might make headlines.
Whether you require the classic French look or natural pink, polished with the latest fashion shades, or something more dramatic, let our team create the perfect look for you. You will experience acrylics and gels which are correctly and artistically applied using the worlds leading enhancement products.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells; massage relaxes and stimulates blood flow, hot towels warm and help treatments to penetrate. Unsightly cuticle areas are treated and moisturised to shrink and tighten the cuticle rather than trimming which can result in a thicker callus growing back. Paraffin wax treatments help put moisture back into dry skin and as a result of the heat, are a wonderful treatment for arthritic hands. And a tramline motif in the carpet is a subtle wayfinding device that draws customers into the branch.

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