The Vylet-Nails Premium nail polish manicure set as a 10-part professional set contains, in addition to a selection of high-quality UV nail polishes from the Vylet-Nails range, handy accessories for perfect nail design. The 10-piece Vylet-Nails Premium UV nail polish manicure set for nail art professionals contains more than just a variety of high-quality UV nail polishes, but also accessories that are just as important for perfect gel nail designs. For perfect nail design and a professional design with UV nail polish, the surface of the nail must be prepared properly. Profit of far forwarded quality technical housebrands and brand products and numerous advantages as retailer as well.
So if you were hesitant to try the gel polish because of the skin damage from the UV machines, you don’t have to worry about that at Zazen.

As nail techs, we were never able to keep polish on with our hands constantly in water and polish remover. The polishes in trendy colors are hardened under UV light and coat the nails with a color-intensive, robust shiny layer. Nail sets like this offer a price advantage and also save time because they contain all necessary materials and tools for nail art with high-value UV nail polishes from Vylet Nails Premium. Don’t you hate sitting under the nail dryer, waiting for your nails to dry? Well, here at Zazen Nail Spa, your frustrations can be solved with instant gratification by getting a gel polish added to your manicure.
However, the only downside to this service is that it doesn’t come off like traditional nail polish.

With Geleration by Jessica, you have the benefit of your color lasting up to 2 weeks without chipping and drying instantly.
To remove it, you have to soak off the polish with acetone for about ten minutes (which we can do free of charge). Unlike most salons, we cure the gel polish with a LED light instead of the controversial UV machines.

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