Performance– I painted my toenails with this polish just before going to the beach, and it held up surprisingly well to the sand and the chlorinated pool water. How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a 1998 romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, adapted from Terry McMillan's bestselling novel of the same title. The film showcasing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's first date was released this weekend. Lewis' prescription for the GOP to "get its groove back" is to "modernize, not moderate." Stay abreast of the latest developments from nation's capital and beyond with curated News Alerts from the Washington Examiner news desk and delivered to your inbox. Some weekends you just want to put on some overalls and flats, sip a cocktail and pretend like summer will never be over.
I've debated the overall trend and when I finally decided I wanted to try it, I couldn't find any styles that worked for me! I thought this all white outfit was beyond perfect for the first day of #TBScon which also happened to be my birthday!
I think one fantastic benefit of adding a LWD (little white dress) to your wardrobe is that you can totally translate it from season to season. I'm really excited about some of collaborations coming up this fall and hot on the heels of my conference, I'm feeling excited and inspired!
It only chipped a few times throughout the week, and a little polish and a blow dryer to the formerly chipped area remedied the situation each time. After five straight positive trading sessions last week, the yellow metal climbed above $1,100, its highest level in nine weeks, thanks in part to a weaker U.S.

After five straight positive trading sessions last week, the yellow metal climbed above $1,100, its highest level in nine weeks, on a weaker U.S. After five straight positive trading sessions, the yellow metal climbed above $1,100 on a weaker U.S. But you’d never know that from the overwhelming amount of sudden attention it’s been getting lately.
I know I talk a lot about how much I can't wait for fall to arrive, but it's days when I get to wear outfits like this, that I appreciate the summer heat so much.
During the summer, throw on your cutest pair of sandals and rock a tan (like here, a few seasons ago). I still feel like I'm on a total high from being at The Blog Societies Conference last week. The online currency has made headlines because of its meteoric rise in value, but a swift, brutal backlash is already coming.
Because they're frayed and somewhat loosened, the hems didn't feel tight on my thighs like other overall options have.
I love how each charm (I chose a pendant with my lower case initial, a mini pink tassel, rhinestone ball and my zodiac sign) represents me in a fun small way. But come fall, I reach for a chambray shirt (which can go over OR under like here) a great pair of ankle boots and and scarf.
And by that I literally mean stay-cool-because-it's-freaking-90+-degrees, not hey girl, you're cool.

After doing a little research, I found that these are two different names for the same ingredient. I have noticed that the polish is much more resistant to chipping when I use a blowdryer afterwards, as opposed to just waiting a few minutes and running out the door. I’ll be purchasing Scotch Naturals remover when I run out of my bottle of this stuff. I also love the straight bib style which alleviates the top heavy bulkiness I had experienced with pockets. I always find exactly what I need (in this case, 3 outfits!) This is what I wore to our first event, the meet-and-greet cocktail party hosted by Vera Bradley. Also, the color pictured above (which is the same picture from the Piggy Paint website) is a few shades lighter than my bottle of Sea-quin, which is less of a pale blue and more of a turquoise.
I’d also like to buy some Puppy Paint for Clementine (specifically Fire Hydrant Fun), but something tells me Kirby might object.
It isn’t ideal, but I find it much more acceptable than most Sally Hansen polishes, which typically have ingredient lists that are three times as long and include around 7 ingredients with hazard scores above 3.
I went up a size in the shorts because they are so cute, but I needed some more thigh room to feel comfortable.

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