In nail salons, it is fairly normal for UV lamps to be used to set and dry nail polish and things like acrylic nail extensions.
Researchers at Georgia Regents University in Augusta studied 17 different types of commonly used nail lamp that gives off UV-A radiation. The lead researcher in the study said that she would not advise people against having nail treatments that involved UV light in the future, because although it can be harmful, it takes a lot of exposure for a risk to present itself. Nudist family - nudists website displaying family, Nudists website displaying the family nudism, which has photos of nudists groups and families taken from the nudist camps and beaches from all over the world.. Dyerwoodscampground, Dyer woods is a nudist family campground located on 200 acres of wooded area. Get access to the newest and best products from high end beauty, lifestyle and grooming brands. Gel manicures, like CND’s shellac, have been growing in popularity as a long-lasting, durable nail option since the mani lasts for up to two weeks chip-free and is dry the minute you walk out of the salon.

In 2009, a study was conducted on two women (granted, small sample size) who had no prior skin cancer history in their families, and found that they had developed nonmelanoma skin cancer on their hands after exposure to UV lamps used with the manicures. To be fair, this study is small, and overall the results only found that UV lamps are an extra risk factor that could contribute to skin cancer.
Photo via dessertgalleryVanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream-Get your hourly source of sweet inspirations! These lamps are used in nearly all nail salons and beauty parlours where speeding up the drying process for nails is important. This is one of the three kinds of UV radiation, and one that is known to have a relationship with skin cancer development. Dr Lindsay Shipp, who managed the study, claimed that it would take a lot of visits to a nail salon each month for a person to increase their risk of getting a harmful melanoma from these UV lamps. We take no responsibility for the content on any galleries which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.

While more research needs to be done before being sure, it’s definitely making me reconsider those extra-fast UV lamp options the next time I visit the nail salon.
However, a new study has looked into whether using this kind of UV lamp may pose the same kind of additional risk of melanoma as using tanning beds, and has found that when these kinds of lights are used regularly the cancer risk can increase. The study showed that depending on the lamp used, cancer risk increased with between 8 and 208 uses of the lamps.
This means that very strong lamps can exacerbate the risk of a melanoma developing on the area exposed to the lamp (the fingers and hand) in just a few visits to a salon, whereas weaker lamps would take years of visits to make any difference to the skin cancer risk of the subject.

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