These items can be purchased at stores other than the ones listed, but we have found these stores to have the best prices and are found in the most areas in the United States. You do not need the exact items listed below, but something comparable is required to properly house and care for a hedgehog. There are several options for cages depending on the situation (single or multiple hedgehogs per cage) and your budget and needs. Storage Container Cage – If a wire cage is out of your price range or you just want something that is super easy to clean then a good alternative is a Sterilite or Rubbermaid type of storage container (clear or solid is fine). We have owned and bred hundreds of hedgehogs over the years and have never had one break their teeth on a water bottle as some other breeders suggest can happen. Travel Carrier – The one pictured to the right (side-by-side photos) is a small Rubbermaid container that we drilled holes into. Also, cat carriers or other small animal carriers that most pet stores sell will work great, too.
But remember NOT to leave them unattended with any fabric that has stitching of any kind to prevent entanglement of the legs!
Because almost all hedgehogs will put up their spines when you first wake them up, we recommend picking them up at first with leather gloves or anytime that they have their spines up.
If your home does not stay about 72 degrees at all times and you do not want to use a space heater to heat the room the hedgehog is kept in, then we recommend using a heat lamp over the cage. Instead of using a light bulb in the Heat Lamp Fixture shown above, we recommend using a Ceramic Heat Emitter. Ceramic Heat Emitters come in different wattages like a light bulb, so the wattage needed in your home will depend on how much you need to raise the temperature. This pad should only be used if the temperature needs to be brought up a couple of degrees above 72. Fleece Material to add to a Hiding Place – We recommend buying a yard of fleece material from a fabric store and then cutting it into 12 inch squares. Small Animal Play Pen – A secure way to let your hedgehog explore and get some exercise. The toys with bells inside are fun for hedgehogs to push around, but they don’t usually use them for long, so save them for special play time instead of leaving them in the cage. A Digital Food Scale can be helpful to keep track of a hedgehog’s weight as they grow and to determine if an adult hedgehog is loosing or gaining weight. A soft cat brush is a good thing to have to bath the hedgehog or to brush them to get shavings out of their spines. The most complete source for salon equipment and spa equipment and furniture on the Internet. Z-Wood, Light Tan, Light Blue, Light Green, Violet, Warm Silver, Emerald Green and Green Tea. Yes, but we only had 5 max and by the time they were a bit bigger the watermelon boxes were getting too small even!
Yesterday (2 wks) they went into a 5' cardboard box with wood shavings and then sand around thier food. I'm also using a heat emitter, with a reflector, but you need to be just as careful with them as any other heat source.
ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews. This is a good size for a single hedgehog, although if your budget and space allows we recommend the larger cage shown above. It was bought at PetSmart and similar ones can be found in the small animal section or the cat sections of the store. Hedgehogs actually feel more secure when traveling in a solid cage compared to a clear plastic one, so we don’t recommend purchasing a clear storage container for travel purposes. We like to use large human toe nail clippers instead of any type of clippers made for animals.
You need a fixture pictured to the left and a bulb like the ones shown below in combination. They cost more initially than a light bulb, but will last much longer (bulbs often must be changed every month or two and the heat emitter can last more than a year or two). We recommend buying the heat emitter at a local store and keeping the packaging and receipt so it can be exchanged if the wattage needs to be different. It will turn on and off at the set temperature – a separate thermometer is still necessary to monitor the actual temperature. If the temperature is below 72 degrees or needs to be brought up more than that, then another heating method should be used as described above or on the Hedgehog & Temperature page of this website. Having a play pen is especially good if there are younger children in the household who would be better off just watching the hedgehog scurry around rather than actually handle them. We do not use these in our cages since the hedgehogs seem to prefer the igloos when both are put in the cage.
Toys with holes or slits in them should never be left inside the hedgehog’s cage or anytime the hedgehog is not directly being supervised by an adult.
Try to find a scale that measures in grams since this is the more accurate way for small animals like hedgehogs to be weighed.
With a young baby that is quilling and is still losing many of its baby sized spines, using a cat brush will help keep most of the spines from ending up on your floor and eventually pricking your feet.
They hold 100 really great for the first 3 wks, then I split them up into 2 boxes from there on.
I first start off with a smaller one that opens up to a large sort of "run" of corrugated paper, then as the chicks get to a month old, they're allowed to explore outdoors in a small run, and run back into their original cardboard brooder (with a little door on it) whenever they need to. I clean it out regularly and make sure no water spills in it, as that causes staining and icky messes. He said when you use cardboard boxes for brooders you need to make sure you round the corners off with paper or something because chicks sometimes get stuck in the corners and smother. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. To give proper ventilation the top may be cut out and window screen hot glued to fit the opening. Do not buy the smaller ones that are for hamsters – a hedgehog may fit in the small size as a baby, but will quickly out grow it. When using water bottles always remember to tighten the lid adequately to prevent dripping which would saturate the bedding.

If you use a water dish it must be cleaned and refilled more than 3 times during the night since they are so active and will walk right through their dishes tracking droppings or bedding into the dish which contaminates the water.
The food dish does need to be heavy enough to prevent the hedgehog from repeatedly tipping it and wasting their food.
It is a good idea to keep something on hand at all times in case of emergency when you might need to transport your pet to a vet or anywhere else quickly.
Hedgehogs especially like fleece fabric to snuggle into and this is a safe thing to use since there are no strings to get their feet or toes caught in. The ones pictured to the left (bought at Wal-Mart) are very large and have a rubber coating making them very easy to use.
The fixture must be bought at a pet store to make sure that is rated to be left on all the time. It is not normally sold in PetSmart store and is not on their website consistently, but you can find them on Amazon and other website. Please read all the safety warnings and directions of any added heat source you buy for your hedgehog. A towel can also be used while holding your pet to provide a safe feeling place for them to take a nap while you hold them. A play pen can be set up on the floor temporarily and folded up to store out of the way when not in use.
Their legs or jaws can become caught in them resulting quickly in their circulation being cut off and amputation of the limb or surgery to repair damage may be needed. When weighing a hedgehog on a scale it is easiest to put them in a lightweight, plastic mixing bowl. The shade has a built-in heat shield, so it doesn’t get too hot, and the socket is durable brass. Ill just be sitting outside and one of them will hop up on my lap and decide to take a nap. As for seperate chick batches being around, I then seperate it down to two different boxes, one for the older chicks and one for the younger ones. I always make sure the boxes I use are tough, thick cardboard, and the box is decently tall and put together.
I am thinking it is probably when they all run and huddle in the corner, like when I go in to feed them.  I hope that never happens to me, but I am sure it is a possibility. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. As you can see in the picture to the left there is plenty of room for a hide house, food dish, and exercise wheel. As you can see in the picture to the right, this cage has room for a wheel and all the other necessary items, but would be too small for more than one hedgehog. But the lid may be left off completely as long as the container is deep enough to prevent the hedgehog from climbing out (with a hiding house inside that depth would need to be at least 10″ above the height of the house). There is also an oval or rabbit sized one that they will fit into, but we have found that hedgehogs do not like this size because it is too spacious and does not give that closed-in feeling that they prefer (and the cage must be larger for it to fit into).
The chances of the dish being spilled early in the night and the hedgehog having no water the rest of the night are also very high. The size needed for hedgehogs is 12 inches or larger in diameter and can be found in the chinchilla section at PetSmart. We like the digital types that keep track of the high and low temperature for a 24 hour period of time and then reset.
The ones pictured to the right are sold at Lowe’s year round and Wal-mart during the warmer months and are washable. Since hedgehogs need heat 24 hours a day and especially at night in most homes, using a light bulb would prevent them coming out and running on their wheels or exploring as much as they normally would if the room were dark at night.
Hedgehogs are comfortable up to 82 degrees, so it is better to go a little warmer than not warm enough.
We prefer the pad be placed under the cage, but the weight of the cage should NOT sit on the pad or it can start a fire.
Do NOT use any type of material or stuff sack that has any stitching of any kind in the cage while the hedgehog is not being directly supervised. Listed below are 2 websites you can order them from directly since we do not sell them here at  Tranquills Sleep Sacks or Cozy Quills, but there are many other websites that sell them as well.
Or it can be setup more permanently in a corner of the room or on a table or desk top, but it should be secured to the table, so that the hedgehog does not push the sides over the edge and then fall off the table through the opening.
There are some solid balls and other types of toys that would be suitable to leave inside the cage, just be sure to examine anything you leave inside the cage carefully for durability and small parts that could be a choking hazard as well. Place the bowl on the scale and then hit reset, so the scale is not registering the weight of the bowl before you place the hedgehog inside the bowl on the scale.
I also covered the floor with flat pieces that were available at the lumber yard.  The only thing I replace is the cardboard flooring, with each new group of hatches. The older ones still get freedom, and the new ones get a taller box with a bit of mesh wiring over the top, just incase the older chicks decide to fly on in. This gives a single hedgehog plenty of room for exercise and to have a separate potty area.
Also, if you own cats, dogs, small children, or other pets that are allowed to roam the house then a lid would be needed. Another very inexpensive option would be just to use a shoe box without the lid, turned upside down, and with a hole cut in the side for the hedgehog to enter. Many people mistakenly buy the smaller, hamster sized ones which are much too small for an adult hedgehog. Other things like shredded newspaper (not too shredded, though) and layers of paper towels will work nicely as well. Slats of wood or books can be placed under the cage to elevate it so the pad can be slid under the cage.
This is due to the risk of their legs becoming tangled in lose strings which often results in the amputation of the limb (we hear far too many sad stories of this happening every year for us to not give this warning). We also recommend putting a plastic liner under the area to protect the floor and make cleaning up easier. DO NOT DRILL HOLES IN THE SIDE OF THE CONTAINER EVEN IF YOU NEED A LID BECAUSE A HEDGEHOG WILL USE THE HOLES AS A LADDAR AND CAN EVEN PUSH A LID OFF TO ESCAPE. Make sure to get the 8 oz size since the 4 oz is shorter and won’t be long enough to hang at the proper height for a hedgehog to reach.

We like this brand because it has a raised grooved surface, are easy to clean, and do not warp like the bucket wheels do. A floating fish thermometer can be used temporarily to take a reading inside the cage where the hedgehog sleeps, but should never be left in the cage because the glass can break and mercury can spill out.
If driving alone or for an extended period of time it is recommend to use a large rubber band or string to secure the lid to prevent an escape in the car which could end up being traumatic for both hedgehog and new owner. To help them adjust to your smell it is nice to add a T-shirt that you have recently lightly worn to their travel cage. Also, make sure that the fixture is rated to handle the correct amount of wattage for the bulb that is needed. A thermometer with a probe that can be run under the sleeping area so that this exact temperature is known at all times is also a good option. And if you do use a light bulb it must be an incandescent or halogen type bulb and not the newer, energy-saving Compact Florescent bulbs which don’t put out much heat. We also put a piece of fleece that can be washed over the plastic to help the hedgehog walk easier than on plastic or a slick floor. There are many different kinds of playpens on the market.
I did use a large nail into the 2x4 to attached loosely to the saw horses, so it won't fall off of them.
However, the probe and attaching wire should be securely taped to the bottom of the cage tray to prevent entanglement which does make changing the cage a little more awkward.
When using additional heating sources, like heating pads or heat lamps, an additional thermometer MUST be used to make sure that the proper temperature is maintained.
Some brands have many horizontal bars all the way up which would be a perfect ladder for an adventurous little hedgehog to climb out of.
IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO PURCHASE A THERMOMETER BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR HEDGEHOG HOME OR IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT GETTING ONE TO SEE IF YOUR HOME’S TEMPERATURE WILL BE COMPATIBLE FOR A HEDGEHOG! Try it in the location you are planning to keep the cage to see if this area will be warm enough or if you will need an additional heat source… I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT KEEPING THEM WARM IS TO THEIR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING! A larger, stronger animal like a chinchilla would be better suited for it (although it is plastic and would be chewed up in a matter of a week by a chinchilla).
If you do need an additional heat source see the below items for different heating options. Also, the wheel can not be attached to the cage so it moves around the cage too much while the hedgehog is trying to run on it and can be flipped over very easily. A circular base produces a stable foundation and a large metal shade creates a timeless vintage appearance.
Our hedgehogs that run non-stop on their Comfort Wheels gave up within minutes trying to use it. The lamp’s wiring neatly runs through its frame, whilst a hinged construction allows you direct the light from the 40 watt bulb. We also have concerns that prolonged use of this wheel could cause leg problems due to the angle that the wheel is positioned. This wheel also takes up a lot of cage floor space, so it not the best option unless you are getting the 40 inch cage for one hedgehog.
It also can easily be attached to a Plastic Container cage with some modifications made to the side of the container. It is characterized by a shade fixed on an iron pole which is adjustable so that you can change the height, the angle, even the shape of the light. Constructed of steel, its built-in round shade has a light inner finish to maximize brightness and it swivels from the base and the top of the shade for directionality.
Bright brass finish on the switch silver finish details and hardware are reminders that this is not just a workhorse of a lamp, but a style-conscious home accent as well. It has a steel pole to support the iron shade and its stable iron base is used to assure the stability of the whole lamp.
Cerno's mission is to fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with modern design. At Cerno it is their intention to design with focus and purpose, yielding products that blend form and function into objects of purposeful and personal value. They believe that the often overlooked objects we surround ourselves with in our daily lives represent an opportunity for expression and personal enjoyment. Cerno aims to produce products that take advantage of this opportunity and fill this need for the conscientious consumer. In a consumer age where nearly everything is viewed as disposable, they aim to be accountable to their customers and their environment, by building their product to last, selecting their material pallet responsibly and using energy efficient LED technology.
The Sero lamp is not only beautifully in its simplicity but each and every part is only as complicated as its purpose mandates.
With this powerful approach to design, Cerno has created a highly functional and good-looking lamp that will happily find a home on your desk or side table. The orange "paint" is actually the plastic base of the lamp, so there is no need to worry about having to clean it up. Each Tiffany lamps from ParrotUncle is handmade by skilled craftsmen, not mass- or machine-produced. The iron shade is fixed on the adjustable holder so that you can change the direction of the shade according to your needs. The nightlight mode of this lamp is a helpful addition for creating Peaceful atmosphere in your room.
With a straight pole standing vertically on the base, it has another slanting pole which is fixed on the vertical pole.
With the transparent material and color, the nightlight mode of this lamp is a helpful addition for creating peaceful atmosphere in your room. Here is the simple but useful desk lamp for you - Contemporary Style Adjustable Shade Wooden Desk Lamp. The special part of this lamp is that the shade is adjustable, so you can adjust the height as you like. Moreover, since there's a groove on the pole, you can put the shade into it when you don't use it. With its creative design and exquisite details, this wooden desk lamp can be widely used in many decors.

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