I’ve realized that I’ve got caught up in showing a lot of swatches lately without showing you so much nail art! In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we present you with a compilation of 7 sensual red nail polishes. Subscribe to SoNailicious Newsletter to get our weekly emails or follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates.
Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. I don’t know when it happened, but I turned into one of those gals who paints her nails a different color every single day. Each of the stackable bottles in these trios snaps together (like Lego) to form a sort of nail polish wand. And, first things first, I a lot about these polishes, like the price, the medium-weight texture (DBP free), quick 5-minute drying time, the high-shine finish and the brush, which lays down smooth, even color. These are also free of camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, parabens, gluten, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, pthalates, GMOs and triclosan.
Unfortunately, I also find myself having to do a lot of layering with these polishes — three to reach full opacity, and even then, some of them still look streaky.
KiKO Perfect Gel polishes come in two’s- a colour nail polish and a clear (light activated) top oat. Polish started peeling on the nails that I naturally use the most (both hand index and middle fingers). Overall I really like the polishes, especially Milk Mint and the fast drying top coat which has a highly glossy finish. You can buy KIKO Perfect Gel Duo nail polishes here and there are 18 different shades to choose from.
Copyright My photos may be reblogged, pinned and shared, provided that my watermarks are not removed and credit to my blog is given. These look lovely, can’t wait for the new shop to open up here so I can see all of the polishes (and perhaps buy some ;) lol)!
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For this set, I loved how it looked but decided to add additional creepy factor by looping a few times with more fake spider web around it in thin areas. The first picture is my light up jar and it looks equally awesome in a dark room as well as in the bright light. I haven't bought any new nail polish in an awfully long time, well what feels like a long time to me anyway haha. I'm a massive fan of Models own polishes, the formula is always wonderful and even with this light shade i only needed two coats to get a solid colour, i also love how quick drying it is.
That’s got to change so today I want to show you another manicure I’ve recently done for Hail the Nails.

Each of these reds possess a quality that makes unique among the plethora of red lacquers already on the market. This is the new limited edition colour from the much anticipated OPI 50 Shades of Grey collection. After a little holiday from blogging (and my life in England) I am here to show you KIKO Perfect Gel swatches and review . The duo retails at ?7.90 which I think is quite reasonable price considering you are getting two polishes. Today I am showing you swatches of the new KIKO Milano Power Pro nail polish. Power Pro collection promises a high-performance salon finish and offers 45 different shades of polish.
I can’t say that this is sky blue but definitely a beautiful darker blue with beautiful silver glitters added to the polish. The second smaller jar does NOT have a light in it so the focus is more on the actual Halloween decor itself. I did a super simple Spider Web Mason Jar that you can have ready to go in just a few minutes! Today i am finally doing a nail of the day post after quite some time it seems, so all nail followers I'm sorry i promise i haven't forgot you. I'm trying to use the many shades that i already own and come up with new combinations and this is one i come up with and really love.
I then used Sparkling from Revlon which is full of beautiful pink glitter to jazz it up a little. I have a massive passion in makeup both beauty and sfx and have worked for brands such as Estee Lauder and MAC. I recently tried water decals for the first time and had (to be expected for a beginner) a few problems.
It looks particularly great mattified and is also great for pedicures – very long-lasting. For maximum richness of colour wear it over a classic red creme like Illamasqua Throb (above) or OPI Over and Over Gwen. The colors are bright and I love how Fashion Icon and Trendsetter Chic are summer-ready too! Around $10 seems kind of high to me though given how small the polishes are – but then again, PF is 40% off pretty frequently!
Similar to the recently reviewed Barry M Sunset Collection (review here) KIKO Perfect Gel system is light sensitive when drying. It probably would be better if the colours were available separately too, it just feels unreasonable to be buying a full top coat with every colour polish. This bright mint colour is something I have been after for a very long time so imagine my excitement when it arrived in the post on the day before my holiday. I have to admit that I did peel the right hand index finger polish a bit, because who can survive 10 days without picking on their nail polish!?! I think the quality of these polishes looks great as well, Love the swatches that you made for this post!

Perfect for party decor, this Creepy Crawly Spider Jar that lights up the night, plays on the just right amount of fears by aging your mason jar and then adding what we are all scared of the most: Spiders! Simply pour in some black nail polish and swish the water around so it spreads to a flat layer of black. Then spread fake spider web into the jar, securing with a few drops of hot glue inside the lid or top and bottom of jar.
To create the fading effect with the glitter i started from the tip of the nail and dragged down, if you feel like you need a little more glitter at the top then just apply it at the tips.
I love photography and being creative so my blog and youtube channel is where i get to showcase it. When the base was dry (I had to apply a fast drying top coat to speed up the process, but then I’m almost always using fast drying top coats) I’ve applied the decals, removed the water surplus and top coated the manicure! I’ve seen you use water decals perfectly so am hoping you might have some tips to combat the particular issues I had. Pair it with neutral cremes like beige or light grey to make sure this polish gets to fully show its beauty. I didn’t proceed to sit in the dark bathroom this time, but I did wear the polish for 10 days to see if it is as hard-wearing as promised. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. This looks so fantastic in the middle of a great Halloween centerpiece but also makes a pretty good Halloween night light in a bathroom. I have two amazing kids but let's face it,  I still need to survive from wakeup to sun down and we do that by crafting, cooking, and shopping. I'm not really a massive glitter fan but i love applying it in this way as it's not too in your face and just makes the nails look a little more special. I need to get down the trick of doing gradient nails, mine never look right ): Aha, great post!I invite you to check out my new blog! Unfortunately I was too busy to take proper before photos but here’s a blurry phone photo to give you an idea how my nails looked before the holiday. This will leave the  middle of the jar clear for spider viewing but give you some good age on the top and bottom of the jar itself. This happened on every decal (I chose to put them on two fingers on each hand) but at different points in the process.
Sometimes it happened as I was gently peeling the decal from backing after soaking, it also happened as I placed and slightly adjusted the decal on another finger. A third finger smeared when I gently pressed a folded paper towel to my finger to blot the excess water and the fourth happened when I topcoated.

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