Every season, designers all around the world come out with clothes that are specifically designed for that season.
We have looked all over the fashion world, and have found for you all, 16 Wonderful Winter Nail Colors for 2014. Kelly green is a very popular color to wear in the winter because the shade of it does remind women of Christmas trees. This particular shade of blue is pretty dark, and sometimes can be mistaken for black, but it is still a gorgeous and popular winter color. Grey is not often a popular color in nail polish, but this particular shade of grey is perfect because it has a flat and matted look! Magenta is an unusual color, but it is just dark enough to be perfect for the winter weather. Look at these beautiful shiny wine colored nails, aren’t they just the perfect shade for winter?
The winter means a lot of holiday parties, and these sparkling nails are perfect for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Dark red is a nice winter color, but for something with more sparkle, these red nails have some glitter in them! Black is fine for winter, but with a little blue glitter mixed in, they are even more festive! Black and silver go great together, and it almost makes the nails look dark grey, but they are still gorgeous and perfect for an evening of fun.
Some women want shine on their nails any time of year, but some pay prefer a more flat and matted nail, and these red matted nails are amazing! If you liked this list of 10 Amazingly Beautiful Landscape Pictures then check out 25 Enthusiastic Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures, 25 Elegant Chinese Letter Tattoos, and 30 Glorious Retaining Wall Ideas.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. To show you what I mean here are five colors from my nail polish stash dressed up with the same simple glitter. This very pale pink nail polish has a fine opalescent sparkle to it that you can see in the bottle but not really on the nail.

I flattened with my finger and gave it another coat of polish followed by a top coat of glitter and I couldn’t tell that I smushed it.
If you have ever been afraid to try darker colors like this then adding a coat of glitter on top is a good way to ease into it.
I’m sorry but if you are going to post close-ups of your nails they should be better groomed. A great example that we have is of the light blue nails with only one finger a darker blue decorated with gem stones. Random PostsShort Haircut Ideas for Women45 Best Side-Body Tattoo Ideas for Girls – Hot and Sexy30+ Modular Kitchen Design Ideas30 Inspiring kitchen wall Decor Ideas! Spring is right on the corner and neon colors are an absolute must-have color on your nails. Typically, the special seasonal clothes also comes in a specific shades that are designated for that season.
These gorgeous colors are what women will be wearing on their nails for this winter, and they are all amazing and beautiful! Does the color not look stunning especially with a little bit of flesh tone on the cuticle part of the nail itself?
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. It also does not go on smoothly as you can see in the image below, with two coats there are still nail patches showing through and it looks uneven. The color is divine on its own but OMG look at it when it’s combined with copper glitter. When she is not writing or on the internet shopping for great plus size finds you can find her in the kitchen making up something yummy or in the garden ripping out some weeds. This would match perfect with any blue dress since we all know that nails will always compliment your outfit. Now these are just a few examples of the 50 plus impressive shellac nail designs we have collected in this great article, for many more wonderful designs take a look at all the designs we have here.
Believe it or not, makeup and nail polish people also have specific colors for all four seasons.

Okay, we have said enough because we want to stop talking so you all can get a look at these colors!
If you want to say something about the colors for winter 2014, be sure to leave us a comment below. Which I should have remembered because I had an OOPsie on the ring finger that happened after I took the first photo.
A great example that we have that is the ruby red with glitter, nothing screams sexy as a vivid red. Cute nail designs does not mean to be in pink color but it can be in black or other dark color depends on the theme. The colors of the winter are usually the darkest of them all, and woman will buy nail polishes that are designed for the winter.
The last few weeks I have been going crazy with glitter top coats and highly suggest (if you haven’t already) adding a glitter top coat to your cache and see how you can make even the most subdued shade a little more jazzy. A single color design most of the times will work since this design goes with literally anything.
Now for a holiday like Fourth of July one can choose to go with a great color scheme of one side being red and the other side being blue with part of it being white to represent the flag. You can get Kids Easy Nail Art Designs guide and view the latest Easy Nail Art Designs in here.
Cool design will make you look mysterious or even more sexy than usual depend on the design that you choose. Glitter top coat is the easiest way to spruce up your nail polish and it doesn’t have to only be for special occasions.

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