Invigorate your toes with a warm soak in Dead Sea rock salts with peppermint and eucalyptus. The application of a pink nail product on the nail bed and white acrylic on the free edge of the nail. On Halloween every year, I usually do my own treat and tricking around town; but this year I figured I should do something a little different. For this particular night, the spa has been transformed to a series of tents which offered various activities; ranging from tarot card reading, ear-candling, and head massages which you can go to. Dangling at the entrance way was this incredible aerial performer on a stash; her movements are ridiculously effortless and graceful. Ben was delighted to know that there was Ear-Candling available and immediately made a beeline for it. End our evening was one of the highlights of the event: the aerobatic dances performed by Asia's top dance team, whom were specially flown in from Bali and have been since wowing audiences in major clubs in Asia.
Thank you for making our Halloween memorable and I look forward to what in store for the next year!
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Which was a good call, because it was quite popular and there was quite a long queue for it after. Tickets priced at $88 (redeemable for $68 full body massage) for 5-hr entry into Masego Safari Spa to enjoy spa treats and spooktecular Halloween fun. Essentially, there is a squeaky sound similar to a deflating balloon that emits the wax burns, causing a vacuum which dries out moisture from the ear.

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