Jamberry can't dry out because they are not made of nail polish, which means you can save them for a long time! Most of the sample shields I received were awkwardly sized for my nail beds, which means that if I lined them up with the sides of my nail correctly I would get air bubbles and wrinkles. The learning curve with these means you can count on at least a little wasted product from your $15 investment. In my initial review [read it here] I said that I was a little bothered by the website and the lack of information, etc.
Last time I posted about the shields I said I was going to do a wear test with them on my right hand to see how long they last after application (it states that they'll wear for like 10-14 days).
I suppose you could trim down the sides of the shield with some small scissors or an X-acto knife, but that would add more steps and stress to the application process. And that would have been really nice had I actually done that but honestly, I don't enjoy applying the wraps on my left hand with all the use of my dominant hand and the idea of having to do FOUR wraps in a row with my left hand onto my right hand with a hot hair dryer sounded awful so I kept putting it off. I found it was a very high stress "Ohmygoddon'tmessitupppppp" moment complete with profuse sweating from both stress and the hair dryer (you're welcome for the imagery).

Yes, you can use a heated rice bag thingy and you can also warm it up in your hands, but I think the best results are from a hair dryer.
But that was the comment that sort of pushed me over the edge from "This product has some pros and cons!" to "No thank you."  Did you ever get roped into attending one of those candle parties (or insert any other similarly inexpensive to create, yet overpriced product "parties")?!
For me, if you're selling something online you should make the online experience exceptional, not make it confusing and require a person to help you out. Clearly some people don't mind the Jamberry online + consultant process, and that's totally fine, too! LOLOne tip I would have for anyone trying them out would be NOT to use a hair dryer, however. That could be because I was so excited to try them that I had watched several instructional videos (including the ones on their site) a couple times each, and I also have pretty easy-to-work-with nail beds (fairly standard widths, and not much cuticle to tip curve).
I've also had a little prior experience with similar (and in my opinion, inferior) nail polish strips like Sally Hansen, etc. I found it super easy, but my consultant suggested I watch the video online before trying to apply instead of just reading the info, this helped A LOT.

She did the first manicure on me and while I didn't love the design of the nail shields, I thought it was interesting. I also use a cuticle trimmer to cut any excess shield that may have gotten on the cuticle and it works well. I have a very shaky hand which is why I love the jamberry because I can't paint my nails to save my life.
So far, I haven't left them on more than 8 days because I want to try a different shield (still new to this), but I am still getting compliments at 8 days. There is a learning curve though like you said which is why Jamberry offers samples to try.

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