It's a lovely sunny day and that requires holographic polishes or at least holo topcoat ;) It's also Day 19 of the Summer Challenge and the theme is Ice Cream Sundae. I really envy you can freehand and draw whatever on your mind, I'm just so hopeless in this area!
Thank you for your comment, I read and approve all comments and I will try to respond as well.Please be considerate and do not leave links in your comment. The reason I called this the 'grown-up' glitter mani is because it's a teeny bit practical!
I've shied away from Mothercare for quite a while, too many primary colours and generally a bit garish for our liking ( John Lewis and M&S you are also guilty of this!). Little E and I are currently obsessed with this cream Fair isle leggings & cardi combo with matching t-shirt, very Pocahontas chic!
There's nothing like a bit of Fair isle to make you feel all warm and Christmassy is there?
One of the most fantastic things about being pregnant, aside from my wonderful bambinos of course, has been the dramatic hair growth. I knew to expect the hair loss, the exact same thing happened when little E was around 3 months old too. It’s already our tradition to discuss big watch events, so please join our Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2016. And I also felt that with this being such a “we need to be careful” year, many other brands also showed lines that are great value for money.
A great metiers d’art piece that was on display and can be shown is the Hermes Arceau Tigre. After the Remontoire, looking at the case backs of 99 percent of watches out there has only led me to disappointed disheartenment.
ED: For me, though, it is really almost too hard to call as I saw so many incredible timepieces again this year at Baselworld – the fair is a time when the enthusiast in me really kicks in and I come away with a huge sense of optimism by the end regardless of whatever else might have been looming over the atmosphere. The Slim d’Hermes really, really caught my eye last year as a daily wearer expressing understated elegance and style in any situation. GG: At our week-ending dinner, other members of our small group of enthusiast collectors had a range of picks for best of show that included the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater, the Breguet La Tradition Minute Repeater, and the Rolex Daytona with Cerachrom bezel. The Playground Labyrinth is a result of what happens when a small brand has already shown its new models at the SIHH in January and is desperate for a Baselworld talking point. GG: Other “pans” from our collector dinner included the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon (a piece that I’ll confess I rather liked), the Omega Constellation Annual Calendar (cited for the somewhat fussy month notations in the recesses of the pie-pan dial), and the new white and red gold versions of the Patek Philippe Reference 5396 Annual Calendar with prominent Patek Philippe logos and Breguet numerals (“everything that’s wrong with Patek Philippe design today”). ED: At the risk of sounding like a parrot once again, I wholeheartedly agree with Ian’s assessment and had already tagged the Nebula as a possible future purchase for myself after our Baselworld meeting.
Another I may have tagged for myself is the new GoS Sarek, though upon putting it side-by-side with the Winter Nights, I became torn between the two. GG: The Gronefeld 1941 Remontoir was one of the sensations of the fair, and it’s my “own money” watch pick for Baselworld 2016. GG: Other members of our collector group picked the guilloche-dial re-edition of the Breguet Hora Mundi, the updated Rolex Explorer with Chromalight display, and once again the new stainless steel Daytona. GG: The new-for-2016 watch for me, if I’m spending your money, is the Sauterelle a Lune Perpetuelle Exacte from Andreas Strehler with its mind-blowing two-million-year moon phase accuracy and precise Vernier-scale display of the age of the moon. If I get to cheat a bit, my second choice here would be another Strehler watch: the Papillon d’Or in rose gold with its “mystery” hands and wonderfully carved butterfly bridge. In fact, I was so enamored of the perfect fit and sparkly visuals (sparkle without resorting to gemstones, mind you) of this timepiece, I wanted to name it to my WatchesTV Top 5 Ladies’ Watches segment.
I took down our Home and Roam pool several years ago, and saved the top rails that were not rusted.

We have a 15 foot by 30 foot oval "the dove" 1997 Haydon manufacturer top rails are rusting.
I have a 15 year old El Dorado above ground and am looking for top rail caps.any suggestions?
I've been longing to do one of these graduated or ombre glitter mani's for such a long time.
The finer glitter is Models Own in Northern Lights and the chunkier glitter is Models Own in Pink Fizz.
My hair is now the longest that it has ever been but by a cruel twist of fate, over the past 2 months my hair has been falling out by the bucket load. I just hoped that it would be different this time somehow, having had a boy second time around.
I really didn't want anything too blunt or short that would be difficult to grow out because I know from past experience that in a few more weeks, when  my hair (hopefully) finally starts to grow back. After a year of ombre, I finally said goodbye to dark roots and went back to highlights and allover colour.
Nioxin is a hair system ( shampoo, conditioner & scalp treatment) designed specifically for hair loss. Visitor numbers appeared to be down a little over last year, and while there were few exciting watches that everyone was talking about, there were still more than enough great new watches to make the week at Baselworld well worthwhile. The latter is quite important as it puts the focus on what should be most important: the spotlight watches.
I know this one’s not for everyone, but take Angelus for example: A skeletonized flying tourbillon with some hand-finishing for less than $30,000? Arnold & Son and its sister brand Angelus really did a bang-up job of surprising visitors this year with such a great, creative, and well-priced collection.
It was a truly remarkable one-off version of Romain Gauthier’s Logical One Secret that its owner wants to keep out of the public eye.
And it was even greater to meet the artist behind the intricately engraved and enameled dial, listening as Olivier Vaucher described his methods.
Without any exaggeration, the Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire left the biggest impression on me . I applaud the loveable Gronefeld brothers for coming out with the perfect watch at the perfect time and – perhaps most importantly for a budding collector such as myself – the perfect price. I would never have believed it myself, but the addition of the high-fire enamel dial by Donze Cadrans adds so much more to it than I would have ever thought. It’s a piece that from an engineer’s perspective should be the greatest sounding chiming watch ever, but while the sound was certainly big its tonality wasn’t to my taste at all.
Not only was I drawn by its visuals (technical and airy all at the same time), but its price blew me away. I am a real sucker for damascened steel, and the way that Gustafsson and Sjogren use this artisanal metal really melts my heart.
I was particularly impressed by how dramatically Bart and Tim updated the case design relative to their earlier pieces while at the same time making the aesthetics of the highly inventive movement even more engaging than their earlier work.
It’s that good, and frankly even at its suggested retail price of €49,000, it is a bargain. This incredible piece of highly animated mechanical art features the following (I suggest taking a deep breath here): retrograde minutes, jumping hours, indications for weekday, moon phase, and world time in what looks like a flying saucer. But as it was not really conceived as a ladies’ watch, I decided against putting it in the lineup with other “true” ladies’ watches. I do believe it’s more than doable, especially after visiting Dominique at his workshop and seeing all his scale models of the various escapement parts working.

A cheap fix is to take rails off and brush grid with your drill and the spray a coat of the gutter liner in a can .
Now that my 5 month old is sleeping pretty much through the night, I finally managed to get an evening free to give this a go.
I've also used a neutral colour which will disguise the regrowth, it's also a good shade to paint over if I get bored! Recently I've noticed tons of gorgeous knitwear and beautiful french style outfits in muted mauves, taupes and lilacs which we totally heart!!
Then one morning I stepped out of the shower to find what looked like clumps of hair left behind, then again when I styled my hair.
I'll be blessed with these annoying baby hairs that will stick up all over the place and make my lovely sweepy fringe resemble the headcrest of a cockatoo. I have been using it for about a month now and I am already noticing regrowth and I seem to be shedding slightly less. I've heard Sea Kelp helps but increases your appetite ( so don't need to put on any more weight!) Minoxidil supposedly works well but is a no no if you're breastfeeding. An automatic tourbillon chronograph with rattrapante and double column-wheel flyback for less than $70,000?
The Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire was neither the most complicated watch at Baselworld 2016, nor even the most noticeable, but in my view just quietly epitomizes everything that makes great horology great. And like a true Hermes product, this addition is nuanced: you have to look for the difference.
For all the work that Breguet put into the La Tradition Repetition Minutes I found the result very disappointing. Also, the aluminum-bronze alloy Tudor is using is quite inert and doesn’t have the same patina potential.
Though if money were indeed no object, I’d have them redesign the entire case and dial just for me.
Everywhere I go there is a trail of long blonde hair, it's as though we have a moulting golden retriever living with us.
But once you see it, you can never unsee it, and it sticks with you like the taste of a very fine French wine you sipped weeks ago. And if the watches we wear make a statement about us, I fear that the Playground Labyrinth isn’t saying anything nice. The company I bought it from said this pool was discontinued and they can't get parts for it. I contemplated posting a photo but I like my blog to be a happy place, and there is no way of making my receding hairline look pretty.
I chose number 6 designed for noticeably thinning medium to coarse hair natural of chemically treated hair.
I’m not talking about the super-complications and concept watches out there, but things that are sort of attainable with a timeless appeal. So instead, my latest beauty mission has been to disguise my post partum hair loss and hopefully encourage my hair to grow back, ASAP.

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