WA Garage Doors and Gates has been a leading provider for garage door repair and gate services since 1985. If you live in Tacoma, which actually sees more rainfall than even the Seattle metropolitan area, it is likely you will find yourself in need of garage door repair due to the wear and tear brought on by the elements. Getting back to the issue of weather, water damage from consistent rainfall can cause warping of wood garage door panels if not properly treated beforehand. Depending on the quality of the garage door you purchased, you may experience hinges wearing down faster than usual, particularly if your hinges are made of thinner metal that is disproportionate to the weight of the garage door. Worn Rollers: Over time, garage door rollers will wear down and this will cause alignment issues, leading to the rollers going off track and possible damage to the pulley system. Failing Garage Door Opener: Not enough attention is paid to garage door openers, especially given their heavy workload, and this eventually leads to failure. Remember, living in a town like Seattle that is known as the “Rain City,” regular garage door maintenance and care can prevent the above scenarios from happening, specifically door panel damage. Keeping your garage door protected against extreme temperatures can also keep it safe from moisture problems that can cause warping.
Follow these protective measures to ensure that you will enjoy your garage door for many years to come. Proudly providing great service to the entire Seattle, King County, and Pierce County metropolitan area.
A couple of years ago, we did a post about our gardens and landscaping and we thought we would give you an update on that landscaping so you can see how quickly perennial gardens can really mature and look great after only a couple of years with so little work. One thing we have learned to do in this yard is to recycle plants and other resources that easily expand what we already have- and cheaply.

Hosta- These have grown so well in our yard that we have broken them all up and transplanted them all over the yard. Asiatic Lilies- This year we will actually be moving all of these lillies to a planter edge we hope to build around our new patio.
This year, when they leveled the ground for our concrete patio, there was a lot of dirt removed. So, check out our last post about our gardens and landscaping to see how small all these plants were when we first planted them. Pretty nice one, i am so much found of gardening but have some doubts but after reading above doing better with my garden and their maintenance.
We’re Here To Inspire!Please know that all ideas posted here are from our own experience and desires with regard to our mobile home and the homes of other contributors. Place your trust in the years of experienced shared by our licensed and insured team of professional technicians.
In addition, other factors that contribute to garage door damage include age and lack of maintenance.
Springs breaking is a sure bet, with how soon or often depending on frequency of garage door use.
Operating a garage door with damaged hinges can spark a chain reaction that could damage the door panels and affect the functionality of the door overall. Taking the time to examine the critical parts of your garage door system periodically will help to avoid costly repairs in the future.
If you do find yourself running into any of the aforementioned situations, contact a garage door repair professional as soon as possible.

We were going to spend over $200 to top off our veggie garden beds since we last filled them 6 years ago when we put them in. Then check back at the gallery on this post to see how quickly these gardens mature and provide years of no work and just plain exquisite aromas and views.
Some great tips and ideas for people wanting to get a little more involved in their garden. Their color is so vibrant and it makes me feel happy whenever I see them bloom in my own garden. I'm concern with the climate here, plus the the design of our house, our place is a bit small.
I have checked your previous post about our gardens and landscaping and I got many useful ideas for my garden..! WA Garage Doors and Gates has seen and done it all in the field of garage door repair, and is fully prepared and equipped to handle any repair emergency in the Seattle area and surrounding neighborhoods.
To avoid damage to your garage from getting out of control, look out for these telltale signs that your garage door is due for servicing. One cable may snap, but getting them replaced is suggested in pairs to ensure equal length for both sides of the garage door.
When replacing broken garage door springs, choose springs that match the size, weight, and strength of your garage door.

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