I trialed the Sensationail kit here and I really liked it for doing DIY gel nails but the polish was still a pain in the behind to remove.
When the nails are totally dry you apply the topcoat and put that under the lamp for 60 seconds. The nails claim to last up to 10 days, I was very impatient to try the peeling part so I only left mine on for six days.
Resultados 1 - 9 de 9 10 Esmaltes de unas Base Deluxe Base de los esmaltes de unas Deluxe. I love gel nails but the thing that really puts me off having them done is how difficult they are to remove. What really intrigued me to try the Essence Gel Nail Starter Kit was that you can use any of the regular Essence nail colours with it AND it promises to peel off using their special peel off base coat. The instructions say you must use the Essence LED nail lamp but as I already own the Sensationail lamp I assumed this would do the same job.

If I hadn’t have been impatient I definitely would have gotten a few more days out of the nails. I’m giving away a beauty goody bag for my blog birthday here if you’d like to enter! Aqui cada detalhe do atendimento visa trazer qualidade e bem estar as clientes e as suas unhas. The Essence Nail lamp (€24.99) is very small and only does one nail at a time which means the process would take longer. I went a bit thick on my right hand but I would definitely do them better a second time round. After six days just the thumb on my left hand was starting to lift a little and I think that’s because I painted them too thick. You’re also limited to one brand and the colours can be expensive if you want to do them yourself at home.

The finish is super shiny and just what my nails would look like when I get Shellac applied. The polish does peel off pretty easily, there is some residue left on the nails as you can see below but once I buffed them they were perfect! Mascarilla Descongestiva Crema regeneradora de pestanas con arganProtege, cuida y mejora su aspecto.Es el tratamiento ideal para potenciar la belleza natural de las pestanas cuidandolas, protegiendolas y mejorando su aspecto.
Did I mention the Essence polishes are just €1.79, so you could buy 10 colours for the price of one normal gel polish!

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