For years Dillmeier Glass has been a prominent leader in providing UV bonded cases for retail environments, airports, office applications and more. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The intermolecular forces responsible for the function of various kinds of stickers and sticky tape fall into the categories of chemical adhesion, dispersive adhesion, and diffusive adhesion.
Bonding involves the joining of two or more surfaces together using some sort of adhesive. For polymer packages, surface pretreatments and coatings, failures may occur due to contaminants introduced during the handling or presence of lubricated spindle.

In the case of metallic aluminum bond failures in microelectronics, the cause may be due to plasma remnants, an oxide layer or underlayers that diffuse grain boundaries to reach and spread over the surface during or after bonding causing failure. Discovering the source of bonding problems often requires surface-sensitive analytical tools. Silcoset 158 is a ready-to-use adhesive sealant, which reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a resilient rubber, which remains flexible over a very wide temperature range.
Considered the most effective and heavy-duty glue around, E-6000 works on more surfaces than almost any other adhesive available in the market. In addition to the cumulative magnitudes of these intermolecular forces, there are certain emergent mechanical effects that will also be discussed at the end of the article.

Bonding failure can occur when surface contaminants are accidentally introduced into the process, or if the adhesives are wrong for the job. Both sides of the failure site must be investigated to locate the contaminant causing the bond failure. E-6000 Clear Glue is a perfect tool for jewelry application because it dries clear and is paintable.

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