Featured ContributorOur Featured Contributors have a lot to share, whether ita€™s bringing you the latest beauty and style news or offering a few friendly words of advice. Many women enjoy the polished look and feel that a well-manicured hand provides, but hate the unsightly chips and scratches that traditional manicures are prone to.
This following list will save you a lot of work finding cheapest Nail Technician Courses in Australia. Nails are being done up in different types of sizes, patterns, shapes, styles and are being used to make a bold fashion statement from  high end runway shows to everyday life. Nail technicians do manicures and pedicures, which may include nail art, the application of artificial nails, nail repair and other specialised hand and foot treatments. Personal protective equipment such as gloves, aprons, dust masks and safety glasses are required   worn to minimise risk.
Most people who are nail technicians love their job and enjoy every aspect of it, while making money at the same time. Nowadays, the job opportunities in cosmetology have widened and set up the best track for the lucrative career.
After getting your skills, you can join beauty salons, home based spas, resorts, hotels and mobile salons etc. On the other hand, you can work on own hours, open up your salon which can turn out to be a backbone for your business as this is most likely the treatment that has got highest number of returning customers. Like other makeup industry, salary nail technician all depends on the experience, the number of hours you invest and your clientele base. Starter income may be low but statistics definitely show the increase in the remuneration over the years. The biggest factor is how much does the nail technician charge for his or her nail services.
In upper class neighborhoods, people are more likely to pay more for a nail technician’s services compared to lower to middle class neighborhoods. Another factor that affects the nail technician salary is the amount of hours the nail technician works during the day. Getting formal training will help you get an edge over those who are here in the market just to follow their passion and additional to the tactics, physical and practical applications of the business. There is beauty and cosmetology schools which include nail’s designing as one of their modules.
Some of the institutes include this special topic into the course curriculum, so that the students don’t have to go elsewhere to excel this art.  The students also get practical experience, on the successful completion of their course materials. You are taught a variety of pedicures and manicure such as –  classic mini, French and reverse French (also known as moon) manicure and pedicure, advanced paraffin wax, hot stone and luxury manicure and pedicure, natural American and Brazilian manicures.

Technical training offers you information on anatomy and structure of artificial and natural nails, sanitation, sterilization and even basic knowledge bacteriology and pathology so that you can prevent breeding of infections or germs . As an expert you need to have in depth knowledge of the different kinds of synthetic nails and their process of application removal and post treatment care.
Proper and correct usage of equipment like shining files, emery boards , buffers, cutters and clippers, cuticle sticks is taught in these special programs. In Australia, tuition fee for Nail Technician courses seems to vary a lot, range from a few hundreds to a few thousands.
For those girls who long for manicures with greater longevity, a gel manicure may feel like a gift from above.A gel manicure requires the utilization of both a special nail polish gel and an ultraviolet (UV) lamp. Your best online guide for finding Cheapest and Best Nail Technology Courses in Australia. Nail technician training tipsHow much is the tuition fee?What is the duration of these courses? In this quick paced age, you have to have something special to become successful in any field.
In fact unique fingernail embellishment has come up in a big way, due to which it has grown into an essential field in the beauty business. It has become absolutely crucial for cosmetology specialists to have taken on some sort of nail technician courses. Repetitive activities and sitting for long periods can cause strain, while chemicals such as those used in acrylics and polish removers may pose a health risk if used incorrectly. The one downfall many people associate with this career is that the nail technician salary is relatively low compared to other jobs. The average annual salary for this job is $37128 excluding super.Learn more about salaries for this job?. And one must keep in mind that -If you follow your dreams, success will follows suit invariably. Some nail technicians can charge a lot and still receive a lot of clients if his or her office is in a high-end location where the majority of the population is wealthy. In upper class neighborhoods, that type of people may also go groom their nails more often than not. While most nail technicians work a standard nine to five with 35 hours a week, others will work overtime and fit more clients in their schedules, thus increasing their salary. The reason why different states have different salaries is relatively unknown but it is generally consistent with the overall wages of people in the areas. To be clear, many companies do not hire people if they do not have a certificate of proof claiming that they have proper training and guidance.

Here they learn everything ranging from basis to advanced lesson that will make them excellent in this service. You will learn to perform manicure and pedicure treatments and the application of acrylic and gel nail enhancements and nail art techniques. You learn how to give special spa treatment like peppermint sea twist and opi soak of gel manicure. You learn to effectively communicate with the client, understand their needs and how to cater to them in the best possible way. Due to each state has different training subside schemes, you will find one state’s tuition fee is much higher than the other.
However, an approximate length would be 3 to 6 months for part time and 6 months to 12 months for higher or advance learning.  The tuition fees thus differ accordingly. Start with a beginner lesson, then approach the intermediate course followed by the advanced training. Some are made with silk, linen and fiber glass and are used for strengthening tips; they have a beautiful luster and are easy to shape. Your creativity is given the right direction with the assistance of technical knowledge these institutions impart. The gel nail polish will last about two to three weeks, with no need for maintenance—and no chipping or scratching.
Once a gel manicure has started to wear, it can easily be removed with pure acetone nail polish remover. Fortunately, your natural nails will look no worse for the wear.A gel manicure differs from a traditional one in many ways. For starters, gel polish requires setting under a UV light after each coat, in order to properly harden.
Also, the gel manicure will take an hour to complete, while most traditional manicures can be done in a quarter of that time. Of course, the upside to the higher cost is that once the gel manicure is complete there is no dry time at all, and you are literally ready to use your hands as soon as you step out of the salon. The drawbacks are in the price, the limited range of gel polish colors, and the hour-long application process.

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