I receive a lot of questions about UV and LED lamps for curing gel polish, and thought it might be helpful to provide a brief comparison of the two. Like everyone I wanted a quality LED light but was not convinced to spend the mega dollars requested by brand name producers (eg Gelish) so turned to where they are all manufactured =China! I have used this product and have a hard time getting the builder to cure with led but just fine with any uv. Hi Andrea, the reason i asked this is because when i looked at the RCM website it said to cure RCM polish for 1 minute with the portable lamp and 30 seconds with the pro lamp so i just assumed it wasn’t as strong as the pro lamp. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.
Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. Some time ago in the field of nail creativity have a unique novelty – gel nail shellac, which has solved the problem of decomposable manicure. When Shellac only appeared and manicure masters have not yet had time to adapt to the new material, it was believed that with the help of Shellac impossible to create any original design of nails.
Palette gel-lacquers shellac presents 51 shade, which range from light translucent up bright and rich colours. No wonder nail design with shellac is now so popular, because by gel lacquer you can execute any original and eye-catching manicure, but to keep it, unlike a regular manicure be several times longer. August 22, 2013 By Rachel Sarnoff 59 Comments People are all abuzz about the gel manicure, which lasts longer than regular nail polish and doesn’t chip. I only had a manicure once which was a year ago, they put on a gel thing and three days later my natural nail on my left pinky came mostly off and almost had it removed from the infection, it was cheap as it was the grand opening of the salon. Just rewarding the article, with the exception of the uv light, these are all things that are also applicable to acrylic manicures so to limit this to gel is misleading as it makes one think that acrylic nails are better.
Yes they did nothing I got afraid to get mine yesterday because of that post I have them now and nothing happened. I don’t understand what happened to that ladies nails but im 45 yrs old and have been getting my nails done every 2 weeks since i was 15 and I had every kind of nails known to man and have never had 1 thing wrong except the lady doing my nails cut my cuticle and i bled a little. I am a nail technician, the picture you have above is not even of a gel manicure it looks like a full set of acrylic or gel fake nails not a gel manicure, people are different a can have different reactions to different products I have never seen anyone react like that to gel nail polish before or a uv light. I am also a Nail Tech, the photo is from MMA Acrylics I’ve seen the source photo before.
Yes the UV Exposure can cause cancer, however the amount of UV Exposure from a Gel Mani is minimal there have been studies that show it would take well over 100 manicures to equal walking out your door to your car. Two Acetone is an irritant and when proper soaking is performed it has limited contact and again minimal damage. Thinning etc comes from NSS Salons over filing the natural nail each service, again something the professionals do not do and would not occur. Any covering can mask issues, though if you are getting them changed as you should every 2-3 weeks any professional nail tech would see any possible issues and refer them to a doctor.
Perhaps you should write an article about picking a safe salon that uses high quality product and clean implements. I’ve been getting gel nails for about two months and was so excited that my nails were all growing to the same long length. Please, did you see a Dr or anyone to confirm your discomfort was due specifically to the gel polish? Thanks Sam, the photo is credited at the end of the story and the four reasons listed are from the American Academy of Dermatology.
If you get any kind of irritaition or redness, pain or whatever, I think you should stop what you doing and go to another nailstechnition.

I was a cosmetologist when acrylic nails were the big thing, and when old-school gel nails (no light curing) were a thing. I would be interested in finding out the difference in the hazzard of Gel nails versus Acrylic. I personally prefer lamps that fit your whole hand and not just four fingers because curing your thumb separately takes more time. I paid for one and then read later it only has the suropean plug in and the one listed in the pic isnt the one they can send now Im really concerned Ive paid for a lamp I cant use.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Your nails will have to be wrapped and soaked in acetone, which can cause extreme dryness to the nails. Shellac – coating and it combines properties and varnish, and gel nail, which provides super sustainable application (up to 4 weeks), as well as a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail. Over time masters learned to use the gel-lacquers, and found that coverage shellac nail design does not deny it. What else is good shellac, is that combining the various shades of overlaying one to another, you can easily get a new bright colors, the total amount of which comes to 216. For the most commonly used acrylic water-based paint that is put directly on a coloured coating shellac, after which overlaps the top reinforcing coating. To take the gel manicure polish off, you have to soak the fingernails in acetone for 15 minutes. Look for “big four free” polish like SpaRitual or even try out a water-based brand like Scotch Naturals. Been scared of getting my nails done since (including normal nail polish) but I’m going to get them done again but from a different place in my own state near my house.
I prefer my own natural nails, as these manicures make my nails feel thick and my nails grow so fast I’d be getting fill ins every week and a half versus 2-3 weeks.
I would also like to say that that looks like an infection most likely from improper cleaning of nail tools, you should really do some more research before posting stuff like this. Regardless of the photo, I believe that concerns about gel manicures raised by the American Academy of Dermatologists are valid–and alarming.
Many techs as is the case with myself are starting to apply extra base coats and buffing the color off to that base (never touching the natural nail). Here are a few of my favorite clean and green polish brands: Priti NYC, Zoya, Ginger + Liz, Scotch (no odor!!), and LVX (which is 5-free, not 3-free). Gel nails are safe and healthy if applied properly and uv lamps in salons are not strong enough to cause cancer ! I see that you love your gel ?? Just remember that there are pretty toxic chemicals making that polish stick to your nails.
I changed from Acrylic to Gel because I had heard they are better for you and they last longer. I haven’t done a comparison, but I know that both involve some pretty heavy chemicals. I love a good buff myself ?? Luckily, many polishes today don’t contain the formaldehyde that turns your nails yellow. And #3 it does not make mails weak and tlle, some places use a dremil drill to apply which is not needed yes that will make them weak…and if removed correctly and not picked or peeled off it will cause no harm. I also recommend going with lamps that have a higher wattage because the stronger lamps will cure faster and better.
It is identical to the Gelish brand (prob same factory) without the brand stamped on the outside. I have an led lamp 3.5 or 5W from Gelicious and I tried to cure Gelish in it the Black Gelish does not seem to cure but the clear top coat does. There is lower chance of skin cancer risk for UV Lamps compared rto tanning beds but LED is the best choice. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Getting gel manicures on a frequent basis would mean exposure to UV rays on your hands and fingers.

Shellac is absolutely harmless and safe for nails, moreover, producers stated that such a gel nail can benefit nails do not contain harmful substances, but also acts as a nail sort of protection, barrier from the damaging nails factors.
For example, to make a «lunar» manicure as follows: apply a base coat to dry it in the UV lamp, apply the basic color cover, dry again.
It cures with sunlight (hence the wrapped bottle), so no UV needed, and comes off with regular remover. It would have been smart to do so before I got them to not be affected by this thank you so much!
You are trying to sell your product and it should not have anything to do with this picture. 1, I never soak it off because, right I would not like to stick my hnds into any kind of chemicals. You might want to try going natural for a while, or trying a water-based polish–I love Scotch Naturals, the colors are so pretty!
We have clients who have been doing this product for 3 years and still have beautiful natural nails. The low-powered 6-watt mini lamps that come with most starter kits don’t always cure well. I have often wondered if there is a type of manicures out there that will last a little longer than regular polish. Solution: apply a little sunscreen to your hands and fingertips before heading in for your gel manicure. After that you need to draw at the base of the nail «moon» contrast tint, dry and apply to the entire nail the top floor.If in nail design with shellac add a bit of glitter, you get feast option. I looked at the nails on this picture and these nails weren’t done by a professional.
To achieve this effect, covered with shellac nails before polymerization in the UV lamp put sequins, gently drive in them in the floor and put under ultraviolet light. Yes soaking them in the acetone to remove them did a number on my nails but it was literally the same effect of washing dishes without gloves. Anyone can have a reaction in a salon, from beauty products, hair products and nail products. That is why most people find that once they get a coating like that on their nails (originally used to add length, with or without a nail tip glued on, now with added color for a mani that won’t quit), they have to keep getting it or the nails left when it is taken off are weak, paper thin, damaged. I know the lamp is from a different brand but have been told by the shop assistant that gelish will cure in any led lamp. Instead sequin you can use rhinestones, perfectly to keep with the help of the upper surface. Take a look and if you find a more natural gel manicure that works for you, please leave me a comment so I can check it out.
That being said, I got curious and discovered a gel nail color that does not require a light to cure, and decided to try it. Even though it sounds incredible, I did want to know the truth about gel manicures, are they safe? Anyway, while the risks may real or concerns may be valid, the article again almost assumes that gel manicures are worse than anything other than varnish on a natural nail. But for you to say that gel nails can cause this type of reaction, you scare me, and so does your product!
This system cures by a chemical reaction between the clear coat (something of a glorified nail glue) and the color coat.
It went on easily, looked identical to regular nail polish but was tougher and dried pretty much immediately.
I used acetone to remove them, because regular nail polish remover, while effective, took FOREVER (tried it on one nail).
Even though I didn’t file my nail surfaces and was as gentle with my nails as I usually am, there was definitely some damage to my nails.

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