I visited the Target near my mother's house Veteran's Day weekend and spotted six OPI colors available for only $4 (that's half off the regular price). As you can see in the photo above, it looks like a light opalescent silver with hints of green along the outer edges. I also purchased the light grey shade (C1110), which is essentially a heather grey creme that's reminiscent of Sally Hansen's Wet Cement, except it's a shade or two lighter. I was pretty quickly drawn to this raspberry red shimmer polish (C1116) which looks absolutely stunning when you have it on. Girly Things by *e* is a personal blog that offers readers beauty insight as if you were chatting with your gal pals.
You might not normally think of Target as a great place to stock up on all your manicure essentials, but they actually have a pretty good variety of products for your nails and hands.
From rich body cremes and lotions, to inexpensive nail polish removers, to really gorgeous jewel-toned nail shades, you can find it all and for a relatively small amount of money. The Up & Up brand from Target is a very inexpensive line and they have a Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover.
Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews. Their generic brand of medicine cabinet necessities is great: Peroxide, Alcohol (the antiseptic kind!), antihistamine, etc. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. Sally Hansen’s affordably priced gel manicure system is made up of two-steps: step one is the colour (they have tons of trendy shades to choose from!) and step two is the topcoat, giving you a sleek and long-lasting manicure.

Although it is on the more expensive side this top coat goes over your nail colour to give the look of a gel manicure. Much like the Sally Hansen program, Revlon’s gel manicure is affordable and comes with two-steps. Beauty Nine to Five is a beauty job website that connects beauty industry employers and job seekers with a large listing of beauty jobs in Canada, including a pre-screened resume database and daily beauty articles. Beauty Nine to Five contains the latest and most extensive listing of beauty jobs in Canada which attracts top employers and fashion industry job seekers alike. Sign up to be notified of new beauty career opportunities that fit your specific skill sets.
The first coat is a bit sheer compared to what I'm used to for most OPI creme shades, but the second coat gave it a nice opaque finish. Again, the first coat of this polish was kind of sheer, but it only needed a second coat to round it out. From makeup and skincare to hair and nails, I love talking about products that help us look and feel our best. One of their products is the Enriched Body Creme that comes in Blackcurrant Fig, Coconut Jasmine and Mandarin Guava.
Pixi has a new fall collection out featuring three really pretty shades with an excellent formula. I’m a big fan of these kinds of shades, and this one is very cozy and soft looking to me.
It’s just a wee bit brush stroke-y so being careful with application will get your better results.
Different brands are creating combination sets and top coats which give you the look and feel of a gel manicure, but without needing to go to the salon or use a UV light.

Not only will it make your polish last longer than usual; it will give the appearance of much stronger and thicker nails.
When I wore it, the colors that showed up most were shades of metallic green, light silver, and lavender-pink (depending on the angle and light). The first coat was pretty transparent, which makes me think this could be a great shade to use to top a complimentary shade and give it an iridescent finish.
If you're looking for honest and occasionally humorous product reviews, video tutorials, dupe alerts, and product swatches, then this is the place for you.
If you are using anything glittery or hard to remove though, I would suggest using a remover with acetone, otherwise it can take forever to get off your nails. I have used these before many times for nail polish removal and found them to be much better than cotton-balls, which are usually very lint-y.  I found these work best with non-glittery polishes because they tend to stick to the glitter and get messy if you use them to remove it. I love it because it is easy to apply, it dries quickly and smudge free, and it lasts longer than my regular polish.
I don't know if this is a permanent fixture, but you may want to make a quick trip to your Target to see if you can get in on the savings. It takes a little longer to work into skin than some lotions, so you won’t want to use it then immediately try and open a door (haha).

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