The Spectroline MiniMAX series of battery operated lamps offer portability and versatility. All lamps feature a unique "shadow box" design which blocks room light making materials glow brightly. Portable - Compact and lightweight units are easily carried for on-site or field inspections. This multi-purpose lamp can be used for countless applications, including quality control, sanitary inspection, mineralogy, readmission control, rodent contamination detection, UV curing, forensic inspection, document verification and much more. Just because a sunscreen has a high SPF does not necessarily mean that you are being protected from damaging UVA rays. Badger sunscreens use the mineral zinc oxide, which provides broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB, and will cause immediate suntan, not sunburn. According to the EU, broad spectrum protection is determined by the ratio of UVA to UVB protection. Ten tumble-polished pieces of ocean jasper photographed in (from top to bottom) normal light, long wave UV and short wave UV.
Not all specimens of ocean jasper glow in ultraviolet light; however, we have viewed a lot of specimens and most of them fluoresce to some degree under both short wave and long wave ultraviolet light. Ocean jasper is a trade name given to a silicified rhyolite produced along the northwest coast of Madagascar. Fluorescent minerals have the ability to emit light while they are illuminated by light from another source.
An interesting article about Ocean Jasper titled: Madagascar’s Ocean Jasper – A Lost Treasure Found Again was published on the Yahoo Voices website in July, 2008. The spectrum of electromagnetic waves ranges from low-frequency radio waves to high-frequency gamma rays.

While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. The object to the left might have a luminosity of 100 watts, while the sun has one of 3.9x1026 watts. These revolutionary lamps are three times brighter than competitive UV inspection lamps of this type making them ideal for use in microbiology, mutation studies, laboratory UV dosing, illumination and other life science applications. SPF is only a measure of how well a sunscreen protects you from sunburn, which you get only from UVB rays. It passes right through clouds and glass, and it is pretty much the same strength throughout the day and the year. Many sunscreens on the shelves, even those intended for babies and kids, offer little or no protection from UVA rays.
We had our sunscreens independently tested and they earned "Superior UVA Protection" based on US and international rating systems. UVA also generates free radicals in living skin, which contribute to skin damage, wrinkling, and skin cancer.
UVA rays are not blocked by glass, clouds or the ozone layer and thus they comprise the vast majority of UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface. The active ingredient in Badger sunscreens, the mineral zinc oxide, offers excellent UVA protection. UVB rays have different strengths, depending on sun's location, and can be reduced by clouds.
Badger's active sunscreen ingredient, zinc oxide, is effective for all wavelengths of UVB rays.
UVC rays are blocked by the ozone layer atmospheric oxygen and do not reach the surface of the Earth in significant amounts. Badger Company, Inc:makers of certified organic body care, lip balms, bug repellents, and natural mineral sunscreens.

Its characteristic appearance is colorful orbicular markings on a green, brown, yellow, cream, red or pink background. It makes beautiful tumbled stones and the material is also prized by people who produce cabochons, spheres and other small polished items. With a close examination you will see that the orbs are generally translucent with fine banding. It has about 100 pages of basic gemstone information and about 200 pages dedicated to photos and descriptions of over 100 gems and gem materials. Only a small portion of the spectrum, representing wavelengths of roughly 400–700 nanometers, is visible to the human eye. The orbicular pattern is produced by small spheres in the material that appear as small circles or eyes on broken, cut or polished surfaces.
Most materials illuminated with ultraviolet light appear black because ultraviolet light is not within the visible spectrum of the human eye. Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible. Many of the orbs and some of the swirls had a delightful fluorescence – under both short wave and long wave ultraviolet light! However, some materials emit light in the human-visible range when they are illuminated with ultraviolet. In the case of ocean jasper, ultraviolet light, which people can not see, causes some of the orbs and banding to emit light with a wavelength that is visible to humans. Long wave and short wave models can be supplied in both self-filtered and unfiltered versions.

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