Using three 3-Watt 380-385nm UV LEDs, this is a powerful UV LED flashlight for professional use. This powerful light can be driven by three (3) 18650 or four (4) DISPOSABLE type CR-123 batteries. Best used for spotting urine on carpet, spotting scorpions, medical forensics, HVAC repair, etc. When using 4x CR123 batteries, a section of the barrel is to be removed, resulting in a shorter overall length. Intro: Make STEM Fun With UV LEDsEveryone from from the youngest child to the oldest senior citizen is fascinated by black lights. Step 5: ElectricityOnly a 3 battery and UV led are needed to demonstrate a simple electrical circuit. Step 8: EpidemiologyWe hear the words epidemic and pandemic often, but few people truly understand how an infectious agent spreads. Step 9: MathematicsIncorporation UV LEDs into a math lesson is quite easy using OHM's law to teach basic algebra.
Step 10: ChemistryUV LEDs can also be used for more advanced projects like studying the effectiveness of sun screens and sun blocks.

Step 13: Food SafetyEver wonder if there are rats or mice roaming the kitchen when the lights are out. Step 16: MicrobiologyUV light can be used to kill bacteria, microorganisms, molds and fungus. Step 17: Atmospheric ScienceUV light is one of the most effective methods of sterilization used.
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This light is designed with a high-grade, optically matched reflector for a very tight beam.

Diamonds that fluoresce usually appraise lower than diamonds that do not because they sometimes appear slightly cloudy or milky. Then, open the DHgate APP, and click on "Shopping Cart" or "My favorites" to find the product(s) you added. It is simple to use laser disco lights, just make them in the shape you like and connect to the electricity, you can enjoy the beautiful disco party lights then. The buy disco lights provided in our shop are safe and energy saving, which can spare you from extra concerns about too much electricity fee and accident. I was checking if a LED could detect small amount of light but just thought it was my digital voltmeter acting up again as it sometime registers a voltage when the meters not connected.

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