PNP Bottles are UV protected and have an innovative colour coded top for easy identification when it’s in your case or box. Our mission at LashBase is to continue to provide top customer service along with the highest quality, best value products.
I’m a huge advocate of these real-polish strips that can give you a salon-quality manicure in 10 easy minutes. If you're not here because of your love of lipstick & leopard print, you're probably looking for my digital communications and branding expertise. Enter your email below & click "subscribe" to get new post notifications to your inbox! So today’s post will focus on the relatively new 7 Day Hybrid Polish from Depend Cosmetic. You can purchase it in Denmark at most Matas stores and Magasin and costs 100 dkr for the starter kit which includes a cleanser, top coat and base coat.
I used Blueberry Smoothie for this mani and tipped it off with Flickering Star glitter and these amazing Born Pretty Store Audrey Hepburn Nail Decals which you can get here. The top coat gives an ultra glossy finish mimicking that of gels without the curing or daunting task of removing them.
Great color selection with a variety of different finishes from creams and glitters to sheer nudes and mother of pearl finishes.
Does not last a full 7 days (though they do claim on their website that it is UP TO 7 days of wear).
It is only completely chip resistant if you reapply the Top Coat on an every other day basis.
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Concluding the first ever Meilily gel manicure photo and swatch series, which tracks one gel manicure over three weeks, this finale explains how to remove a gel manicure, at home, by yourself. They say you need to go to a salon to remove your gel manicure and, while it is true that there are special products for removing gel polish currently only available to salons, where salon removal consists of wrapping, soaking, and sliding the gel off, removal can also be done, perhaps less gracefully, at home.
1) Find the loose edges around the gel polish on each nail - By week 2 or 3 you should start to see a lot of nail growth and possibly a few loose edges on the gel polish.

I was still very happy with my gel manicure, even on Day 5!  The shine and gloss lasted impeccably without any dulling, and my nails looked freshly manicured.  Amazing!  The only chip to report by Day 5 actually happened on Day 2 of this gel manicure- How embarrassing! I swear my Day 2 chip resulted from a fluke nail-caught-in-teeth accident that I cannot explain.
Meilily Product Pick, Photos & Swatches: Long-lasting CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish Manicure!
I recently tested out this new gel manicure and came away with my fingernails transformed into glossy, shiny gems of polished goodness, an effect that lasted two whole weeks! Our experience has shown that with great service and quality products you’ll never need to go anywhere else.
Over the last few weeks, you may have gotten the impression that I’m more artistic than I let on, what with the abundance of DIY nail art and painting party and all. To make life even easier, Sally Hansen has come out with a version of these strips that mimics the mega-shiny and long-lasting effect of a gel manicure – minus the salon price and time commitment. More than with the original polish strips, I find it’s especially important to push down the edges of the gel polish strips and to smooth out ridges. Each additional Insta-Gel Strips set contains everything in this set except for the mini-LED light and retails for about $16.99. Welcome to LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL, a lifestyle & beauty blog that's equal parts sassy & smart. Find my posts about social media, public relations & advertising here and make sure to connect with me on LinkedIn. This step is sooooo important if you want the polish to adhere properly on the nail for maximum longevity. For a little glitz I added Flickering Star glitter to the tips and added some cute Hello Kitty Nail Decals I got from Sephora years ago.
The tip of the brush is rounded and the width of the brush is rather large making an easy and clean application especially near the cuticle. Well, so far so good, with one random chip from earlier, some nail growth, and still a whole lot of shine!
Check out these photos and swatches from Day 5 of my CND Shellac gel manicure in shade Strawberry Smoothie!

The LED and UV-curable nail gel glides on smoothly for a sheer or mirror-glass finish and removes easily for ease of wear.
I’m all about the Pinteresting and DIY, but sometimes a girl wants nail art without getting artsy. Sally Hansen Salon Intsa-Gel Strips are as easy to apply as the original Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips I love so much and the curing process takes only 30 seconds per nail – without UV. It’s also really important to wrap the gel topcoat on the free edge of the nail (like you would with a regular manicure) as this helps to set the strips.
The starter kit along with additional polish strips are available at most major drugstores and retailers like WalMart.
If you're looking for luxurious must-haves, pretty little things and lots of sparkle, you've come to the right place. Plus there is zero damage to your nails and a super easy removal process ( in comparison to gels). Check out these photos and swatches from Week 3 of my CND Shellac gel manicure in shade Strawberry Smoothie!
PNP Soak off Gel Remover will remove these gels easily in 10 to 12 minutes without damage to nails. The ridiculously easy application process goes a little like this: Clean, file, buff, apply strips to all 10 nails, apply topcoat and cure for 30 seconds on one nail at a time.
For those who love bright polishes but know their hands will look way worse for the wear if they attempt to DIY apply, this is a doubly great option.
One of my favourite solutions for this situation over the past year has been the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.

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