Local Little Ones is a localised buying and selling website - just for Lancashire - a site for people to buy and sell their baby and preschool items locally. I thought to make it rat rod, you had to douse it in brake fluid, leave it sit overnight, gerni it the next morning, then pour pool acid (hydrochloric) over it, leave 10 minutes, then rinse.you could get creative with the dousing??? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. To my surprise the car got alot of looks an photos taken even though it was the cheapest car there compared to the big doller builds at the event.

Everyone always assumes that because they were an expensive prestige car when new, they will be expensive as a used car. When in the mixed company of other classic cars, ours are often one of the cheaper ones there and yet can stand out and get more attention than some of the others. All i have done is brake pads, plugs leads , points rotor button condensor an trans fluid and filter for gearbox. These cars are getting lots of respect as they should.Yours doesn't look too much of a rat-rod so far.

Here is a photo of it now i lowered it with Ed Falcon v8 springs and modified ford courier shocks for the front and rear pedders standard shocks and original modified merc springs and with a wheel aligment with more neg camber and positive caster the car handles and steers much better then before.
A few of us are also members there (and you don't necessarily have to be in WA to join!)For the past year or so, I have been putting together sort of a registry of W114 Coupes in Australia.

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