You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Constructed of lightweight, die-cast aluminum, this framing nailer stands up to demanding work while giving you less fatigue. To create an appealingly 'rendered' look, try finishing Durascape™ onsite with a roll-on textured paint. With a goal of anchoring the bed that currently sits off-center beneath the small window, a horizontal line treatment felt like it would be achievable, and more favorable than vertical boards, like run-of-the-mill wainscoting.
I also thought it’d help to make the room feel wider (it already felt taller by dropping the boxspring and mattress down to floor level).
2) Be happy that I only spent $15-50 and go through the Starbucks drive-through on the way home. 3) Sand and install boards on the wall of the bedroom easily, in an afternoon or maybe two, while catching up on DVR’ed Holmes Inspection episodes. My favorite salvage shop reported that they had two clapboards earlier in the week (only two!) but rarely have them in stock, and never in any sizable quantity. When installed horizontally, the seam in the shiplap allows for a  shadowing effect and therefore, an awesome-yet-subtle texture to accent the wall and serve as a soon-to-be-neat headboard treatment. I learned a lot while installing the shiplap, so keep reading to learn how it’s done.
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Fasteners should be 200mm max centres on the face of the sheet and 50mm max from the sheet corners. Hope that the boards extending out of the Jeep don’t clip another car when I go around the tight curve.
Go figure that clapboards, ancient or not, are difficult to remove in tact and are essentially worthless to resellers. Shiplap is that lumber in the back corner of your favorite big box store with rabbeted edges, usually right next to the wainscoting and assorted paneling options.
I also had a lot of trials during my first attempt at staining shiplap (read about that here). I’m headed over this afternoon to take a few final photos and will post the whole transformation tomorrow! I already pinned that bathroom to look back on if we are ever able to add a half bath near our living room & back porch. At this rate you’re gonna need another one to play with soon with all the amazing transformations. Fix the next sheet in place and then check for gaps and fill with additional sealant if required. Most everyone told me to just go and buy new cedar, even if it was a lower grade variety for a few dollars per sq.

It’s more frequently used as an exterior material for sheds and barns in colder climates (since the rabbet allows for a good, weatherproof seal), but I was inspired to use it inside after having seen it used successfully in a bathroom treatment. All I can say is that it’s beautiful, lightweight, and a lovely shade of sea foam green. It is pretty heavy, but I did not have any jams at all - not even on the last 3 or 4 nails as some people reported being a problem. I tried to fill nails on time, but a couple of times I did run out, but there were no jams.
I was using 3" hot-dipped nails for pressure treated lumber - plastic collated, by hitachi. Since it was not reclosable, I did not even bother to open the included oil bottle, because I need something that will travel and stay closed. I would add 2 drops at the beginning of the work day and maybe a second time in the course of the day. I did have to run the pressure close to max (120psi) to get the heads to sink since I was mostly shooting at an angle.

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