Speaking of being in tune with the season, spring is almost around the corner and it may be about time that you look up on some of the interesting spring nail art designs that you can possibly paint for yourself.
Worry no more since below is some great spring nail art ideas that you can recreate for your own nails. True to its name, the Popsicle Ombre nail art looks just like that cool Popsicle that you love eating on the hot summer days. If you are feeling extra artistic then you can always play around with intricate and well detailed outlines.
If you are a fan of foils or metallic hints on your nails then you could definitely go with this style. If you’re not that confident or ready to take on the more complicated designs then you can always go for the simpler ones. Make your nails an explosion of shapes and colors with this red and sea green color combination.
All content, such as illustrations, photos, resources and tutorials are copyright to their respective owners. Kannoura is a small, out-of-the-way area in Shikoku, which is itself an out-of-the-way part of Japan. What took me to this remote, rustic community was the prospect of photographing bamboo sharks, specifically, the courtship and mating ritual of whitespotted bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium plagiosum). As far as sharks go, this species isn’t among the most charismatic or highest-impact, like great whites, tigers, hammerheads and such. My recent sojourn to Kannoura had its origins some 18 months ago, after I gave a presentation in Osaka in October 2012.
It is my habit to search online for background information for just about everything I come across but am not familiar with. Usually, my late-night search-engine forays end with the satisfaction of whatever limited curiosity I might have had; in some cases though, one thing leads to another, and I find myself with a new obsession (as if I really need any more of those).
When I started looking into Chiloscyllium plagiosum, it soon became apparent that there isn’t a lot of information available about these sharks in the wild. Most notably, the whitespotted bamboo shark’s claim to fame, at least for the general public, was the occurence of virgin birth at the Belle Isle Aquarium of the Detroit Zoological Institute in 2002. In short, a female whitespotted bamboo shark that had never had contact with a male of its species laid eggs and produced several viable offspring, through a form of asexual reproduction called parthogensis. Interest piqued, I looked for photos, research papers, anything I could find about the reproduction of these sharks in the wild. I was only able to find one bit of repeatedly-referenced information from a 2006 research paper (1), which put forth that mating of this species takes place during December and January in Taiwan, with ovulation in March through May (suggesting that perhaps the females can store sperm for later use). I immediately got in touch with Fukui-san to confirm what I remembered from our inebriated discussion. A lot has happened since October 2012, but I finally made it over to Kannoura this month, and with the benefit of Fukui-san’s knowledge, experience and hospitality, I was able to observe and photograph the entire courtship and mating sequence of whitespotted bamboo sharks. I’ve kept in continous contact with Fukui-san since we met, and while I was in Palau last month, I learned from him that the sharks were showing up at the expected time. There are a number of reasons why having on-the-ground (or in-the-water) intel from Fukui-san was critical. For my part…I had set aside the entirety of May for the purpose of trying to photograph these sharks mating. Fukui-san gave me the thumbs-up on 5 May, suggesting that the following week might afford the greatest chance for success. By Monday the 12th, we had spotted a handful of mature males (judging by the size of their claspers), as well as a couple of large females that looked as if they might be ready to mate.
Almost too good to be true…I came across an active male shortly after we hit the water.
For whatever reason, the male stopped what he was doing after a few minutes, went into reverse gear, backed out of the hole, sat there for a while looking rather forlorn, then left. I followed the male around for nearly an hour, hoping he might make his way back for another attempt. I ended that dive disheartened and despondent, imagining that the male would find the same female or another one shortly after I exited the water, and I’d miss the main event.
I waited for over two hours (boy was it cold!) before the male finally decided to act, working his way into the crevice, as pictured above.
The sharks eventually exited, with the female leading the male on an extended swim that lasted about an hour and covered a lot of ground. Through the whole ordeal, the male held tight, refusing to let go, even when the female made rapid, jerky U-turns without warning.
Perhaps this is reading too much into the situation, but it sure looked to me like the female was testing the male. At the end, the male literally collapsed onto the sand from what seemed like exhaustion + satisfaction, not moving at all, while the female bolted away at high speed, clearly not interested in hanging around for a post-coital chat (…resisting tempation to draw parallels to H. When we got back to the dock and unloaded our gear, a humongous(!) fireworks show lit up the sky just outside the harbour (there was a local festival we didn’t know about).
I liked Kannoura and the surrounding area so much that I stayed on for five days after getting the photos. I was so busy in fact that I didn’t have any time to look through photos or to reflect upon what I had experienced until after I had left the area. Once I hit the road to head back home though, I was able to take a closer look at my images and also Fukui-san’s video from May 2011.
The male I photographed was the same male that was in Fukui-san’s video from May 2011.
Seeing that the same male was in the same place to mate both in 2011 and 2014 made me wonder whether these sharks are territorial, or perhaps have some affinity to a specific place for reproduction.
The females that this particular male mated with in 2011 and 2014 were not the same though, again based on comparing body patterns.
In the days before photographing the mating, we noticed some freshly deposited egg sacs that were empty. While I was following the male and female that I photographed mating, the female did manage to lose the male briefly once, hiding in a crevice. Also of interest, although there were other males in the immediate vicinity, some that appeared sexually mature, we did not see any other males pursue this female or attempt to cut-in once the action had started. The timing of mating for these sharks is different from that referenced in the research paper from Taiwan. Thank you so, so much, and I hope that I’ll have the good fortune of visiting you again soon! Just received a huge(!!!) care package of fresh food from friends in Kannoura while I was preparing this post. Im pretty sure I want to wear this when I renew my vows – which I plan to do often, just because its fun! 14K Palladium White Gold Infinity Eternity Ring, sizes 3 through 6, any size available, Sea Babe Jewelry. Paper Straws, BIRD EGG BLUE Striped Paper Straws with Diy Flags, Garden Tea Parties, Party Straws, Mothers Day, Wedding Drinks.
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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The beauty of painting nails is that you can change them every few weeks and can also be seasonal.
Spring is always the start of new colors and brighter tones, you may have loved your winter nail art but there’s simply nothing like welcoming the new season with bright and pretty nails. No matter how long the French tips have been around they are always one of the favorites in the nail design world.
This kind of design is pretty popular because of how they look so detailed and well drawn on the nails.
There are more that you can actually do, depending on the level of commitment that you wish to spend on your nails or what you think you can recreate best. The flowers are in periwinkle theme and are crowning the French tips making your nails look really pretty and cute. The bright and bold colors definitely speak of spring with the help of the thick black lines you can make a striped alternate color combination. You can play along with the blue gray polish and give it a zigzag effect, add gold embellishments on top to complete the look. Make your French tips as interesting as ever with this tribal themed design in black and white nail polish.
A wonderful looking spring nail art design that you can paint when you want your nails to bloom along with the spring flowers. Coated with a white base color, simple and cute drawings of violet flowers with black outlines are painted on top giving the nails a cute and homey vibe. Make your regular laid back color combinations stand out with help from gold beads as embellishments and a bit of style on the nails. With help from vibrant colors such as yellow and pink with black and white stripes, your nails will look like they jumped out from a crazy party. Add style to your regular bow nail art design by making the French tip a striped one leaving the rest of the inner nails in matte color.
The light beige and gray colors help make the nail art design laid back while the bold black lines separating the tiles help bring out life to the design.
This wonderful color combination complements each other amazingly and adding the thin black lines only makes the design even more interesting.
There’s nothing more spring inspired look than the brightly colored polish similar as the sky. If you want to don the classic French tip but still stand out then this design is perfect for you. Coated in white, add more attitude to your French tips by putting silver glitter polish on the ends of the tips to give it a more vibrant feel. You can make it so each of your nails has different designs using bright melon and chocolate colors.
Spring is the time when cherry blossoms come about and what better way than to recreate them on your own nails.
You can add random zigzag shapes as well as pretty polka dot shapes alternatively on your nails. Cover your nails with white base color and let loose with the explosion of pink and purple paint splatters on top. Give more attention to detail to your nails with this beautiful nail art design in partner with a white nail polish.
Bring together earth inspired colors and make your own tribal inspired design with playful uniform shapes. This design is perfect for spring because of its light colors and the water splatter details on top. The abstract design of this nail art looks absolutely gorgeous with the help of white and black polish to separate the colors.
Using white polis as base color as well as pink sheer color with glitters, your nails will look absolutely gorgeous.
Play along with baby blue and yellow colors as you paint on polka dots and flowers unto each nail. Bring out the vogue in you this spring with these matte, zigzag and animal print designed nail art.
Gives your nails a truly smashing look by making them uniquely designed from one nail to another. Paint on black and white matte color as your base and add brick wall designs on top as well as embellishments to complete the effect.
Nothing beats the fresh look of the summer and the pink and white color combination is simply perfect for the season.
Create a matte effect on your nails with the pink and white polish and paint on an abstract colored on the other to stand out.
If you don’t want to go light this spring you can always go delightfully dark with this color combination. A classy looking nail art design using violet polis painted from the tip of the nails towards a little ways from the cuticle with gold embellishments.
To add to the adorable design are cite little pink roses and leaves to signify the start of spring.
Make your nails look brand new and fresh with this nail art design and with the help of the gold glitter French tips. Play along with the red, blue and white colors using this design since spring is the season of coming out to play this look will looks absolutely on point. It’s the kind of place that could easily escape your attention if, say, you spaced out for a couple of minutes while driving past. Bamboo sharks are docile, easily kept in aquaria, and don’t inspire hair-raising adrenaline spikes like some of their more media-savvy cousins. During dinner and (a few too many) drinks after my talk, Fukui-san, whom I had only just met, showed me a brief video clip on his iPhone of a pair of whitespotted bamboo sharks mating.
The Internet is a huge library, and I make liberal use of it, even for subjects I may not have immediate interest in.
As I mentioned earlier, these accommodating cartilaginous fish are great for keeping in aquaria. Try as I might, I could find no photos of mating behaviour for this species in their natural environment. The research was based on observation in captivity and measuring the gonad mass of captured sharks. They spend the rest of the year some place else (no one is sure where) and seem to show up specifically for reproduction.

Traveling all the way to Shikoku only to find out the sharks weren’t there would be a world-class bummer. I was prepared both to wait at home for the green light from Fukui-san, and also to devote whatever time necessary on location to get the images I wanted. I arrived on 9 May, did a test dive on 10 May (it had been seven years since I had donned my cold-water gear), followed by a couple more dives on Sunday to get comfortable with my gear and familiarise myself with the aquatic terrain. He was thrashing about, making quite a fuss while trying to work his way into a small area under a covered ledge to gain access to a large female. I tried talking to him, bolstering his ego, offering him inter-species advice on the ways of love. It was a tight fit, but he eventually wormed his way in and managed to secure a firm grip on the female’s pectoral fin by biting it, thereby initiating courtship. In the confines of the limited space, there wasn’t much room for the female to manoeuvre though. The female swam with periodic bursts of speed among coral heads, through seaweed, over areas of sand…coming to rest from time to time, but never for long. We gawked at the impressive display for a half hour or more, cleaned up, and had a delicious celebratory meal Sayuri-san had prepared from the freshest of local ingredients, chased down with a smooth local shochu made from chestnuts (yummy!).
New friends took me to see beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, farms, beaches, wildlife and more. And the local elementary school gave me the opportunity to give a talk to the kids of the community (more about this in a later post).
Also, it occurred to me that with sharks as amenable to being approached as these, and with the limited area in Kannoura they seem to use for reproduction, it should be possible to photo-ID and track individuals over multiple years, perhaps gaining more insight into their reproductive behaviour. According to Fukui-san, when these empty egg sacs start to appear, the chances of seeing mating take place increase. Collectively, they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is absolutely unique.
Thats why WeddingDJ helps you plan out all the music you need at your wedding, using the songs and playlists you have in iTunes. Therefore if you’re someone who loves getting into the trend and trying something new then you should definitely start getting into nail art. Of course you would be very excited to go outside after being stuck inside your home for a long time.
The great thing about French tips is that you can easily customize them into any color combination that you want.
If you are familiar with how Ombre nail art works then you may have an idea on how to make the Popsicle Ombre nail art design. You may need help from special brushes or items for some of the designs that you wish to replicate on your nails. Always remember that practice makes perfect and you can surely paint that dream nail polish design of yours when you have practiced enough and gathered references that you need for the design.
You can mix them up into various designs with the help of white and gold glitter polish with gold beads on top for effect.
Get to draw pretty little girls on each nail with a background of a wide field of spring flowers. This design highlights the bright red polish as well as the gold beads added in between the bottom and tip of the nails. Outline them with thin black polish lines and add gold embellishments and foil on top for the lines.
Choose your favorite bright spring colors and add simple v-shaped details near the cuticle for effect. She communicated her acceptance to the male, and the male wasted no time pinning her to the reef and getting down to business.
Comparing the dots on the male I photographed and the dots on the male in Fukui-san’s video made for a perfect match!
He appeared to lock on to a scent (for lack of a better word) and make a beeline for her hideout. This seems unusual in the shark world, as mating among other shark species often seems to be a lotsa-boys-on-one-female scenario. Also, that research suggested the possibility of females storing the sperm for a while before laying eggs. When the big day comes, you hand it off to your MC, who simply needs to slide next for each part of your wedding!
For spring for example you can change the regular white French tips with bright spring colors. This doesn’t however mean that you need to follow the Ombre technique, the popsicles follow the same three or more color rule but you need not blend them together.
Practice on a design that you love or look for references especially on the theme you want to work on. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a colorful French tip or an abstract design, anything can look good with a few foils on top. Yes, he thought it feasible for me to try to photograph the behaviour, and more importantly, he would be happy to help. Fukui-san had run low on air and gone back to ensure that he’d be able to find me with the boat when I eventually surfaced (with fist raised in the air, hooting and whooping like a complete fish-geek idiot, as usual).
Or perhaps this is somehow related to the pheromones or whatever other signal the females use to communicate readiness to mate? The one-on-one nature of Chiloscyllium plagiosum mating in this area has been consistent through every encounter Fukui-san has had. Rather have them set solidly on their own, only do a little blending with the sides recreating what a frozen popsicle looks like when water starts melting the colors into each other. The most popular concept is drawing flowers with ling stems intertwining with each other in the form of silhouettes. Simply pick two nail polish colors of your choice and paint them on your nails side by side. Why would other males not compete for the right to mate with a receptive female, especially if they had aggregated in the area specifically for reproduction? How do they establish which one gets to mate, and which one gets to mate with which female?
In fact, deposits of fertilised eggs are appearing now in Kannoura, with fetal development taking place from now and juveniles emerging from eggs sacs in August and September.
For this to work you will need to prepare you canvass and color it well, your nails are the canvas and you should choose a appropriate base color to serve as the background. You can choose from silver or gold foils or any type of color as long as it complements with your base color or design.
You can choose another pairing of colors for another nail or you can paint your two original colors alternatively on each nail. So that when you father sees you for the first time in your dress the photographer can capture Dads reaction while hes looking his best.

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