I take it the later model cars have been modded by the factory in terms of the centre metal tab. There are a couple of 3rd brake light diys out there but none as comprehensive with this with all the step by step photos. Pinned Topics This section contains important ATV FAQs, Recalls, How-Tos, Installation Guides and more. Note 2: Place the new bearing in the freezer for about an hour before you install it, to ease installation. Well that solves that you really know your stuff thanks now I can order parts before I rip into it.

I was meeting some BMW friends the other day in Munich (Muenchen Stammtisch, the guys who put together the Welt 4.0 car shows) and one of the members was replacing his LED brake light right there in the parking lot!
But it wasn't my car - and these guys were just making the repair in the middle of a parking lot! Turn the knuckles 90 degrees using them as a handle, push inward towards the rear diff and quickly pull back to remove the axles from the diff.
Rotate the pinion housing up towards the airbox opening and remove through the opening, careful not to damage the gasket if you don?t have a replacement.
Remove the bands off of rear drive shaft boot and remove boot from output flange and diff input shaft.

Once the pinion housing is out, remove the snap ring that holds the input shaft in the housing and remove the input shaft. Remove the pinion seal using a seal puller or screwdriver, taking care not to scratch the housing.
I bet they never get those springs and nuts replaced when their dealer replaces the brake light.

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