AARC is a modern equipped workshop in which we carry out servicing & repairs to all makes & models including Light Truck Commercial vehicles by fully qualified experienced mechanics. At AARC, we have well- trained and dedicated staff to offer quick hassle-free repair services. LED down lights perform much better than standard down lights and give a much nicer light off which can really enhance the appearance of you house.
Put another way, LED Lighting shows dramatically reduced energy usage compared to all other lighting.
Replacing your Halogen downlights with LED lights can reduce your lighting energy costs by around 80%. The colour of LED Lighting for white lighting is generally superior to fluorescent lighting. LED lights are not brittle or fragile and use solid state technology, (LEDs use no breakable glass or filaments), so they are very durable and great for high-usage areas. We can honestly say that you have every reason to use the lighting solution of the future which is here with us now – in you home, shop, business or factory. Where your downlighting is difficult to access you will have the peace of mind that you will not need to reinstall for decades, that’s right, decades. Planbuild Adelaide are Special Purpose Building Project Specialists employing skilled architects and designers with over 40 years experience in Complete Planning and Building Services.

Preparation of all applications, Development and Urban Design, Appeals, Prepurchase Reports and Advice, Authority Consultation, Approvals, Objection Reports, Non Complying Reports, Feasibility and Development Plans, Land Division and Building Design, Sustainable Green Design and Star Rating.
At AARC we pride ourselves on providing high quality car servicing, carried out by our experienced and qualified mechanics. We stock a wide range of tyres at very affordable prices.All the prices (per Tyre) below are inclusive of GST Fitting and wheel balancing.
At Adelaide Automotive Repair Centre, we understand your needs and are fully equipped to provide the full range of car maintenance services, log book servicing, brake repairs, transmission services, fleet maintenance etc, to name a few. Our expert car mechanics know well the nuances of working of a car and do the diagnostics with State of Art tools like Snap-On which is by far the best. We provide all types of car services ,car parts and car tyres at cheapest price at single location to make the entire process of car service and maintenance as painless and efficient as possible. By changing over your old and extremely dangerous halogen down lights to LED down lights you can save around 80% compared to your current lighting electricity costs.LED Lights are much safer as they are solid state and do not get hot. They also have the advantage of being ideal for directional lighting, and as they run in banks can be highly controllable. Unlike Fluorescent lights (and the old incandescent lights), LED lights have a narrower range (about 450) so arrays of LED lights create a beautiful targeted lighting scheme and illuminate what matters. That means that if you have LED lighting on for 5 hours a day every day the LED lights will still be functioning at near peak power after 20 years or more!

CFL and standard Fluorescent lights also suffer from decreased lamp life due to switching on and off and in the case of standard Fluorescent lights a slow response time to get to full light. This means 5 times less energy used, 5 times more money saved on lighting bills and 5 times less harm to the environment. Correctly installed LED Light give close to the white light quality of incandesant white light colour. Most LED Lights will pay for themselves in energy savings in about a year and then continue to make savings every year for about 20 years. Keep in mind that as electricity prices increase the savings for your LED Downlights also increase. In summer this means your cooling costs will also be decreased and you will make additional cost savings.
LED Lights on the other hand are the most efficient lighting available on the market and produce only minute amounts of heat and therefore eradicate the risk of fire.

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