There are so many beautiful flowers in the world that no one can choose which is their favorite. We have found a list of 10 Delightful Daisy Nail Designs, and we promise that you will fall in love with daisies after you look over this list.
There is nothing more lovely then a clear blue sky, and the image of daisies growing in a lush field.
These nails are a very dark navy blue color, and they can almost be mistaken for black, but the addition of the daisies makes it look a lot lighter, and you can tell that the color is blue not black. Not every single nail has to have a daisy on it, and these nails are painted purple, but there are only daisies on two of the fingers. Daisies can look amazing with the right color, and this woman has decided to make her nails more than one color.
This pink is dark, and the addition of the white daisies makes the color really look intense.

Some daisies have black spots on their white petals, and this woman designed to incorporate that flower design onto a set of purple nails.
Salmon is a color that is somewhere between pink and orange, but it is still a really beautiful color, especially when you add some daisies to the nail. If you liked this list of 10 Delightful Daisy Nail Designs, then check out 25 Spectacular Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas, 25 Amazing Life Tattoos, and 30 Super Sexy Megan Fox Pictures. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. One simple yet beautiful flower is a daisy, and it is loved so much because of its sweet and simple design. These blue nails are bright and cheerful because the blue color really makes the little daisies stand out! Gold nails can be quite stylish especially for an evening occasion that requires fancy dress, but adding daisies to the nails really tones down the fancy, but still looks great!

These nails are white, but she also has decided to use a glittery gold paint, and to add something to the nails, she has a single gold center for all the daisies.
In fact, there are daisies that can be pink and yellow, and these nails show a design with pink daisies.
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