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I think what interested me was that it was a gel polish that didnt need a light to cure it. There is no light needed to cure the nail polish, so all you need is to let it air dry and let natural light dry the polish.
I think after using this gel, I want to try to apply a regular clear top coat to see if that helps the shine. For this reason, many women who love simple and awesome nail art design become interested in applying it on their nail. I know there has been a few different brand that has made gel polishes like this but I feel since Sally Hansen has been around for so long, they are more of a reliable brand, and a good brand to create this product. I have seen the sister Youtubers, Eleventh Gorgeous, talk about this in one of their videos so I wanted to check it out. This new gel came in a bunch of different duo sets that included a gel color, and a gel top coat.

When I am at work, my nail polish usually lasts maybe a day or two before I have to redo my manicure. My friend showed me how to shape my nails a long time ago and now I do it myself all the time Saves me money!
For the first way, any women can apply spring nail designs by themselves since it is very easy. They said in the video that they weren’t too thrilled about this new gel polish so I figured I would go to the drugstore, buy it, and find out for myself. Anyway, in the end, I really like this polish and I will continue using it for days I want longer lasting color. The only thing that they have to do is just buying some nail equipment and starts to polish the nail.
There were also individual colors of gel color and you could buy the gel top coat separate. There are a lot of different colors to choose from so I am sure you will find a color that you like.

The individual colors and top coat were $9.99 each so I figured buying the set would be the best way to try it out and it was a better value. The instructions say that you only need 2 coats of the gel color, and one coat of the gel top coat.
Please let me know if you have tried these new gel polishes from Sally Hansen and if you have experienced the same things as me.
I noticed that the pink color I got was a little streaky after too coats so I decided to do a total of 3 coats.
My test to see if this polish was worth it was by seeing how it lasted after one day of work.

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