This challenge is a pretty exciting one because boys mixed with makeup are just bound to be hilarious.
Five lipsticks later he was convinced that I was putting on the same lipstick for comparison. This entry was posted in Chanel, Looks, Makeup, Reviews, Swatches and tagged Chanel Rouge Coco Jersey Rose, lipstick, lipstick bandits, pink lips.
I've been on a natural nude-pink nail polish kick ever since Tom Ford Sugar Dune was released for spring.
Adjusting BeautyMarch 27, 2014 at 7:50 AMLove all the shades, but my favorite has to be the Burberry.
Singuliere by Chanel is a cream nail polish which offers a slightly purplish-pink tinge to an otherwise slightly medium-dark red. I tested out Chanel Singuliere nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a great nail colour to have in one’s nail polish wardrobe.
If you have a nail polish fan on your holiday gift list, this is the perfect nail polish to give. Shop my InstagramThis content requires JavaScript to be enabled, and the site or browser may be disabling it. For Fall 2015, CHANEL launched LES AUTOMNALES, which is one of their best collections in a few years. First off, I am a CHANEL Lipstick addict, 26 and counting …but not a nude or neutral  shade among them. I’ve always heard men prefer a natual looking lip but have never took much notice haha. It flashes blue and pink for a cool-toned sheen but has a nude pink base to prevent it from looking too pale.

As discussed in my review a few months ago, application can be a bit time consuming, it is one of the higher maintenance nudes but once applied is a clean polished neutral light pink.
Scroll down through the archives (last couple weeks) to see a more detailed review on each shade.
I haven't had much experience with Zoya but the brand has performed well for me on the occasions I have tried it. Although it is considered a winter hue, the purplish-pink red is perfect as a light red alternative to Vamp nail polish for the holiday season.
If Chanel Vamp is too dark for you this winter or holiday season, then Chanel Singuliere nail polish is the hue for you! The nail polish is strong, possibly due to this fabulous top coat, and lasted a full week before my nails grew, and I needed to take it off.
Chanel Singuliere nail polish is a classic red with a twist, which means your nail polish fan probably doesn’t have this hue in her collection. Be sure to check out my holiday gift guide for a few fashionable, and fabulous, gift ideas. It may be high summer, but there are many warm toned lipsticks and shadows in LES AUTOMNALES that will work well right now. I feel like the Beauty blogger and three “bares”; one is too chalky, one doesn’t show and now with 160 Pensive one is just right.
I think he chose well, it’s subtle but it adds something pretty to your look, looks like he has great taste! For me light pink is a bit difficult to find, most are either too pale, too sheer or apply unevenly. It is limited-edition so if you're interested I suggest you try to track one down sooner than later. If I were pressed to pick just three, I would narrow down my picks to Tom Ford Sugar Dune, Dior Incognito and Burberry Nude Pink as my favorites.

It's sheerness prevents it from looking flat - I have some issues with nude shades in general; I find it tricky to find the right shade for me - but when that happens nude colors can be really flattering, making fingers look long and elegant!
It seems every brand from drugstore to Luxury has been pushing nude, and I have had so much trouble finding a lipstick that works on my pigmented lips. We want lip swatches, not arm swatches!! 06 Sep 9:59pm ESTDoes acorn squash normally smell like baby poo? I've still managed to find quite a few variations of light and nude pink with great formulas, application and wear. The purplish-pink undertones make this a feminine, yet sophisticated red, which is easy to wear. AZELANE is described as shimmering brown pink, Don’t be put off by “shimmer” or “brown”, because it doesn’t go overboard on either.
Most of the time OPI applies just as well (sometimes better) than other luxury nail polishes. I don’t write this very often, but ALEZANE and PENSIVE should seriously be considered for a blind buy. Each time I put on a new shade, he let out a huge sigh, and then asked me to cover my eyes, because he said I was watching him think. Everything from the formula to brush design of Dior's nail colors makes application very easy.
This post is about nudes with pink which is why it did not make this list.DeleteNinaMarch 28, 2014 at 1:36 PMThat just goes to show how different people perceive color differently! Thank you for this post, I'll probably have a closer look at both Chanel and Dior (the new version).

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