Sheer shades: sheer pastel white, sheer pastel nude, sheer pastel pink, sheer pastel purple, sheer pastel brown, sheer pastel cocoa, sheer pastel gray. Kleancolor nail lacquer can be found online for literally $1 (including shipping) with formulas and color that can’t be beat for that price.
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It is the sheerest color of the lot aside from orange, however it only needed three normal coats to turn fully opaque. Kleancolor nail polishes in general are pretty notorious for olfactory searing (not literally, of course).
NB was beside himself with joy at how straight-forward this brand’s labeling department is.
I’ve found the trick to Kleancolor is using a light touch and as minimal brush strokes as possible. With these six colors in particular, I would strongly advise having a good fast-dry top coat on hand as well.

Using a light touch and minimal strokes, I found it to be pretty average as far as yellows go with the end product satisfactory.

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