Ribbons are awards featured in the Battlefield Series that are presented and provide additional experience upon the completion of specific tasks.
Ribbon bars are small decorations that are worn by military and police personnel or by civilians, used either when in full decoration or when the proper award's medal is considered inappropriate or impractical for the moment's use.
Ribbons are one of the four award systems for Battlefield 2142 and are only awarded once, similar to Medals and Badges. Ribbons also require to use specific vehicles of a faction, being on specific factions for a career time and to have played on certain maps, eventually being the type of award with the widest range of requirements for awards in the game. The difficulty of earning varies from Ribbon to Ribbon, going from small achievements with easy requirements with a reward of down to 20 Points, to Ribbons with very challenging requirements and targeted to the most experienced players, having rewards of up to 2000 Points. Instead of providing XP, Ribbons awarded in the Northern Strike expansion pack, they give each player one Unlock Point for every rank. Service ribbons are an award mechanic, introduced in GU06 to give small XP awards to players for regular actions. All ribbons have requirements that need to be achieved before a ribbon is awarded. Please note that carbines, scout rifles, etc. The M240 is not an attractive weapon, but the first time you fire it is something you’ll never forget. So disassembly is a snap and can be done quite quickly, but I doubt anyone wants me to walk them through it. From a prone position with a tripod, an experienced machine gunner can engage targets at over a thousand meters with a good A-gunner, tracers (they burn out before a 1,000 meters, though) and some right, tight and down-on-the-gun. The weapon can be outfitted with a variety of optics including night vision and thermal (although they suck after the barrel heats up), and optics like the MDO by Trijicon. Never fired either, but I recall some years back the M60 was upgraded somehow specifically to address reliability problems, maybe the differences in experience is due to the dates people are referring to.
We would cut narrow strips of rubber matting (the same stuff some crews put on the turret floor) and put it between the pin holes in the coax mount (kinda hard to describe without a diagram).
I wonder if it’s possible to get a semi auto version and fire it with an ATF approved hand crank?
Wouldn’t be the same but if the trigger is nothing to brag about anyway, it would still be a close experience. Unlike other installments, Ribbons are awarded for player participation in online matches rather than by completing objectives.

Players can see all obtained ribbons in the 'Stats' page in-game, with the exception of ribbons for vehicle weapons, which are not yet displayed in the 'Stats' page. The first time I got my 240 it was in a heavy canvas bag, taken apart, shoved in there with two barrels, a T&E, and a tri pod. A machine gunner still exercises fire discipline lest he blow his load and overheat his barrel. After carrying that pain in the ass you’d think I’d hate it, but even now all my memories of that gun are fond ones.
The weapon is like a prized pig — it may be the greatest pig around, but it’s still a pig.
Maybe it’s because of the open bolt, or maybe it’s because of the fine craftsmanship FN places in their weapons. On bipods, accurate engagement to six hundred meters on man-sized targets is pretty standard. In my unit we often mounted a grip on the left hand side of the gun for this exact purpose. Distinguished Unit Service Ribbon, Meritious Unit Service Ribbon and Valorous Unit Service Ribbon). 1 cert ), with the exception of the first 5 ribbons per day, which give additional 500 bonus XP.
The progress until the next ribbon is also displayed when the cursor is placed over the ribbon icon. So in my recruiter’s office staring my future down, I knew I wanted to be a machine gunner. The M240, in case you don’t know, is a 7.62 NATO gas operated, open bolt, air cooled, crew served, fully automatic machine gun.
The weapon is outfitted with an optic rail on the top cover and two short rails on either side of the barrel. For example, at a thousand yards we could walk our guns onto a car carcass and hit it all day long. On one field op we were on the last day and the good idea fairy decided to provide us with another 10,000 rounds. Machine guns will shut up enemy fire and take the will to fight out of any asshole that is dumb enough to pick a fight with a dude carrying one.

When machine guns work in teams and practice talking guns, it takes both machine gun teams to create an effective rhythm. The 2.5 stars are solely because it’s belt fed and belt fed weapons are a style class all their own. The closest thing to comfortable carry is tossing it on your shoulder and letting those little metal pieces dig in nice and deep. Should I be prepared to rail against the ATF for closing the books on registering new machine guns? The Marine Corps splits the infantry into different jobs and machine gunner is a real MOS (0331). It’s an awkward looking beast, completely lacking the streamlined appearance of classics like the MG 42. The M240’s weight soaks up most of the recoil, but without some training and experience you aren’t going to be very effective at hitting much beyond a hundred yards. A good machine gun squad (two teams) isn’t just shooting machine guns, they are make music. I also had an interest in firearms and I liked shooting guns that went bang, so why wouldn’t I want to shoot one that goes bang, bang, bang, bang really fast? We could even knock down man-sized Ivan targets out to 800 yards pretty easily with someone spotting. Also, the weapon can be fitted with a soft belt container called a nut sack for starter belts on foot patrols. Reloading is simple; open the tray, sweep any links, line up a new belt, close the lid, rack the charging handle, place on safe. Remember, this is using iron sights, but we did have a tripod so maybe I’m being a little self flattering. The 240’s reputation among the troops is absolutely fantastic with a 100% confidence rating from soldiers in a study by Natick Soldier Center.

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