Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. If you always struggle to buy the man who has everything, something… then I might be able to help you out. Taken at face value, it would be easily forgivable to overlook this one in your local perfume store’s bargain bin.  But do so at your peril! To be fair to them, they were pretty cool about it, despite my tender age… and we later pulled in to McDonalds to see if we could order a Royale with Cheese.
Of course, just like any other girl who was lucky enough to be a bonafide teen in the 90s, I had a bit of a girl-crush on Mia Wallace.  The hair (ok, the fringe), the lips and nails, and the coolest way to wear a white shirt ever?
The clear base locks the glitter particles in place, ensuring absolute minimal fall-out and the sprinkling of black and silver sparkles deliver a more understated glitz that really amps up a night-time look without throwing it into ABBA category.
The sifter containers are just plain annoying but I truly doubt that there is any convenient and fuss-free way to store and dispense glitter.  Whomever comes up with one will surely also rule the world. I think the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder gets an award for the longest product name in 2014. Urban Decay Naked Skin Loose Finishing Powder in Dark – henceforth known as UDNSKUDLFP for short – is a warm-toned, lightweight, mineral finishing powder designed to set your foundation flawlessly and drastically cut down on the amount of shine on your T-zone.  I’ve been asked by Charlotte to review this new offering from Urban Decay and to see whether it actually delivers a luminous and virtually undetectable finish on skin .
Before I even get round to reviewing this powder, I just want to step back and thank Urban Decay for releasing a range of Naked Skin powders where the darkest shade is actually quite Dark. While I do think this loose finishing powder is very creamy, subtle and lightweight, I’m not a complete fan as I don’t find it very buildable. Simply log-on to the site from 12pm daily this week and begin the treasure hunt, scouring the site for the standout present icon selling for only 1p.  When you find it, add it to your basket and checkout to claim the prize but be quick about it, you’re in a race to be the first to secure the item! The beauty emporium are once again running their ever-popular #EscentualWish promotion on Twitter!  Hooray!  Starting this Thursday and running for one week, the company will be randomly selecting a winner each day on Twitter to receive their most wished-for Escentual product! Every day from now until Christmas, open the virtual door and discover a new prize up for grabs.  Make sure you enter your details into the prize draw form which resets every night at midnight.  Good luck! Last but not least, natural beauty experts Big Green Smile are running a 12 Days of Christmas promotion featuring a host of beauty bounty from some of the world’s best-loved brands. To be in with a chance of winning, head on over to Big Green Smile and check out the entry form and T&C for this promotion.
What you think you don’t know about getting clean can be written on the back of a stamp, right?  Wrong.
Here’s ten things that I bet you didn’t know about bathing, washing, and general cleanliness!

Ok, I made that last one up… but damn… you used to do this as a kid ALL the time right?
Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder, or UDNSUDPfsfjdkjfksdlfjdklsjfdls…. Let me explain the title: these nails are inspired by an awesome gift box from Urban Outfitters that held one of my Christmas presents (and being the pack rat that I am I kept it because I love the pattern so much).
I kept today's nail art simple with just two polishes - and they are in fact two of my very favorite purple polishes, both from China Glaze!! Saran wrap nails accent the sort of crazy patterned nails, and match the inside of the box, too! So you've bought a bunch of nail polish and now you're wondering, where should I put all of these bottles?! First things first, it's time for the Digit-al Dozen again and this week we're doing skittles! As soon as Olive Green arrived at my door step, I knew it was a close dupe to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Orbis Non Sufficit. Love Avon's Nailwear Pro line - great coverage and with about 2-3 OPI topcoats, it last a very long time. OPI's JITNB is in the same family as Olive Green, but it certainly has a stonewashed or faded out appeal if that makes any sense. I've been wanting to buy those for a while, but I've must admit I am very suspicious of very cheap things and I hate wasting my money, even if a couple of dollars. I only have about 10 Studio M colors in the store currently, but I will be taking special pre-orders once it opens. Was the plan to turn this new finishing powder from Urban Decay into some sort of beauty blogger tongue-twister because I certainly believe they achieved that. More often than not, most products labeled as dark as just one step above beige so the fact that Naked Skin Loose Powder in Dark is ACTUALLY designed to work well with medium to very dark skin shades is a blessing in disguise. I’m not exactly sure where Urban Decay is going with this claim as all powders tend to give skin a matte, almost flawless canvas but I will admit that this powder doesn’t look chalky or settle in the fine lines around my eyes and last for about 6-7 hours before fading away completely. Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand is the largest hot spring in the world, covering an area of 38000 square metres with an average depth of 6 metres.  The hottest areas of the lake reach boiling point!
Think baths are less water-efficient than showers?  Not nowadays!  An average bath uses 80 litres of water whilst an eight-minute power shower uses around 136 litres.  If you’re really serious about saving water, you could always share! In medieval Europe, the Church thought of bathing as an “excessive” indulgence and believed that such acts led to immorality, disease, and promiscuity!  In fact, so widespread were the fears of bathing contributing to ill-health that the daily bath (or shower) has only become a common occurrence during the past half century.  I’ll bet Sunday mass used to stink!

A lady called Charlotte Lee holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Rubber Duck collection at 1439 different ducks! The Japanese take the business of cleanliness and bathing very seriously.  They even have an amusement park dedicated to the ritual with over 25 water attractions!  Visitors can choose between bathing in coffee, red wine, green tea, or even Sake!  I wonder what the penalties are for drinking the water? Write it down, tattoo it somewhere, just make sure you’ve got it committed to memory. Its complicate blotchy pattern reminds me a little bit of camo, and because it's from Urban Outfitters and because it has sort of modern patterns on it it makes me think of street art i.e. Light As Air was my base color and only require two thin coats - which is stellar for a light, pastel-ish creme. I used three different striping brushes and a needle-point dotting tool to freehand the random squiggly lined patterns. The smooth, nearly perfect consistency with a price tag anyone can afford totally won me over. Avon's Nocturnal is also a really great shade, I believe it's discontinued but shouldn't be too hard to acquire.
I would say Peppermint Patti falls more in the pastel area, and Avon's Jade is deeper and much more pleasant in terms of application. Taking a light dusting on my powder brush and gently tapping the powder onto my face; targeting my T-zone area and my top lip. Grape Pop is my very favorite mid-to-dark purple creme polish (even if my camera sort of hates it). I have everything built, I'm just working on the Terms and Conditions right now, so it should be very, very soon. It probably would have stayed on longer if I had been able to seal off the edges, but my nails were so short it was a bit difficult. The next time I used RCM gel polish in Simply Stunning (a pale slightly shimmery nude color).
This time I had gotten enough practice to really make my coats thin and it worked out fabulous.
I don't own Fragile, but I believe that Bohemian Summer bit brighter and more aqua than Fragile.

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