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We’ve all been through those horrible mornings when walking without feeling like a giant ball is hitting the inside of our heads with each step, is genuinely impossible. Contrary to the most common morning after remedy advice, your daily cuppa can actually make you feel worse if you’re already hung over. We all know that water is the easiest cure of a nasty hangover and we’re not gonna preach why! An empty stomach is worst affected by alcohol but you can quickly start making up for drinking up the entire bar by having a heavy midnight meal.
Hitting the bed just before the wee hours and getting sleep that’s interrupted by a few trips to the bathroom and a lot of tossing and turning, decreases the quality of your snooze. Brunch is a meal that is eaten in the late morning or early afternoon, generally between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. The term is a portmanteau of “breakfast” and “lunch,” and its first appearance was in 1896, in Punch magazine. Any number of foods can be served at brunch, ranging from traditional breakfast foods like pancakes and sausages to more lunch-like items, like seafood cocktails. Before attending afternoon events such as weddings and sports matches, some people like to eat brunch.
Many hotels serve brunch to their guests on the weekends, as do resorts, cruise ships, and other vacation destinations.
When my son graduated from high school some families were doing a graduation reception brunch. One of my favorite things about being in college was to be able to roll out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday at 11 in the morning and have a huge spread of brunch food ready for me in the cafeteria. We’ve just moved past the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the sun cycle, which happened within hours of the New Moon, the darkest moment of the moon cycle. If you can enter into a space of quiet, however, even if it’s just for that five minutes, you can breathe into your belly and feel for what needs nourishing.
As you discover your hungers and learn ways to feed them, you are learning tools to be courageous in the dark. Join yoga teacher Julie Peters on an exploration into the real life of yoga—how the philosophies and experiences of the practice can help us learn from our bodies, enrich our relationships, face our deepest shadows, and laugh at ourselves along the way.
Caffeine causes dehydration and you definitely do not need more of that evil while you’re already under the influence of half a dozen tequila shots. No, we’d never advocate you to sleep with unprocessed carbs in your body in any other scenario, but on a one off night where the agenda is not to wake up half dead the next morning, this is the cheat code. We know you did go bananas the night before at the pub but now it’s time to reach out to that fruit non-metaphorically to cure the hangover. Think ahead and consider taking a nap before a night out or make absolutely sure that you have the next morning to yourself to recharge under a cozy cover for a good 8-9 hours.
A typical brunch combines elements of breakfast and lunch, reflecting the fact that it is supposed to serve for both meals. It often features heavy, greasy foods, perhaps because people might be hungover when they consume it, and such foods are treated as hangover cures in some communities. The idea is that a single filling meal will sustain people into the early evening, when dinner will be served.

Some restaurants may offer this meal, especially if they already do a regular lunch service. It is great not so much because it is delicious, but more because they have tons of vegetarian options. I wish there were, because I would love to go to brunch on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. However, I kind of understand, because brunch is traditionally a Sunday thing.
I'm a big fan of all kinds of breakfast foods, and since most brunches are served as a buffet, it's perfect for me!Plus, I love drinking a mimosa or bloody Mary in the early afternoon. We are in a season of darkness upon darkness, and it will take some time to start seeing more natural light again.
I think part of the reason we have so many holiday parties during this time of year is to try to bring some light, even if it’s in the form of tea candles and colourful martinis, to a dark time. Not only is it a season that tends to focus on family and love connections, which can be complicated, but it happens cyclically, so old griefs, family patterns, and painful memories can resurface now. I do notice a trend in my yoga classes of people struggling with Savasana during this time.
So many people make New Year’s Resolutions that have to do with eating or drinking less, taking nourishment away. On the other hand, if you’re a bad coffee addict (like us) who cannot even open their eyes without smelling a fresh brew, it’s better to have some coffee rather than adding on to the headache. A carb based meal immediately increases our metabolism and the body starts to process the alcohol too at a much faster rate. Because obviously working out increases our metabolism rate and we tend to overcome the effects of alcohol much faster (even faster than eating) the next morning. Bananas help you retain potassium, which is one of the things you lose a lot when you drink alcohol.
Many people associate it with the weekends, particularly Sundays, perhaps because many people are able to sleep in on the weekends, making a late breakfast and early lunch combination more appealing.
Many upper-class homes gave servants partial or full days off on Sunday, so the staff would lay out a buffet spread in the morning that allowed people to graze for breakfast and lunch items. Upscale brunch is often accompanied with mixed drinks like mimosas or bloody Marys, and sometimes champagne is served as well. It is also viewed as a luxury in some regions of the world, and it may be offered to people on their birthdays and on other special occasions.
People can also make brunch at home, although many people view it as a meal that is eaten outside the home. In fact, if you are a meat eater you will probably be disappointed. But for me, a vegetarian, to be able to go out and get biscuits and gravy with veggie sausage or to have some surprisingly tasty vegan bacon is a real treat.
Since drinking is usually reserved for later in the day, it feels kind of fun and a little bit naughty to have a cocktail so early in the day. Most of the brunch buffet restaurants offered service on Sundays and the remainder of the restaurants opened for lunch at 12 noon or at 11:00 AM. These issues are much easier to ignore during the rest of the year, so we often take the holidays to imbibe our courage from artificial light and magic. The solstice and the new moon both represent a pause in the cycle, where the sun and moon appear to be still for a moment, neither waxing nor waning.
Lying down in the quiet at the end of class, alone with your thoughts, even for five minutes, can be incredibly challenging during an emotionally charged time. A better resolution could be to commit to discovering what it is you are truly hungry for, and find sources of true inner light and magic that can feed you to the depths of your soul. That’s exactly how we feel after spending a good 3 hours (and a lot of cash), at the bar drinking down and mixing up LIITs, tequila shots and a lot of beer.

Drink a glass of water in between every drink you take while you’re out and gulp down at least 2-3 glasses before you hit the bed. They are also a natural antacid which help a lot with the nausea, and the high magnesium content in them helps relax those pounding blood vessels that are causing you a deadly hangover headache.
Punch originally brought up brunch to lampoon it, and the tradition of making fun of this meal endures to this day in some circles. Brunch in bed in particular is considered a form of pampering reserved for particularly special days. This is a time of increased social expectation and busyness, and it’s the hardest time to stay connected to a routine in terms of yoga practice and mindfulness. From a yoga perspective, your deepest desires live in your low belly, where your second chakra, Svadisthana, lives.  Spending some time breathing into this space can give you the opportunity to see what it is you really want and how to feed it. These locations have their own dedicated ‘Hangover’ style dishes that are sure to help you beat back the pounding in your head and the growling in your stomach!Slice of Vegas – Of course we all know, when you have a hangover, you want greasy food! It hardly matters which poison you choose at your night out, it all ends up making you regret the last night and force you to fake-promise yourself never to drink that much again. Exactly for that reason, however, it’s the most important time for us to slow down and ask ourselves how we are hungry.
A light cardio or some yoga can do the trick just as well and you’ll definitely end up feeling fresh and light and less drunk!
We may not have a pill that kills the hangover (we’d pay a fortune for that) but we’ve got 6 awesome at home cures of hangovers. Then it’s covered with sausage, green peppers, onions, fried potatoes, bacon, ham, mozzarella and scrambled eggs. I think I’m going to have a few drinks just so I can go get one!Oyster Bar – A very little known fact about oysters is that they contain a lot of zinc.
Eating them can help boost your immune system after a night of heavy drinking, so instead of loading up on giant sized vitamins, grab a couple of shooters from the Oyster Bar at Palace Station.MTO Cafe – Not feeling a giant pizza after filling your tummy with rum? This 8oz Angus burger comes with bacon and a fried egg, served up with Tillamook cheddar, lettuce and their signature burger sauce! Not only does the city promise to get you sufficiently smashed, they also offer to make up for it by creating dishes JUST for the occasion. After a night of slamming shots and eating questionable meals, getting hooked up with an UltraViv Recovery Infusion at the MGM Grand Reviv location will get you back on your feet.
Basically, you’re going to ease out of your hangover and straight back into being drunk. You’re sure to find lots of treats to satisfy the hangover munchies as well as a mimosa bar and over 20 kinds of champagne!Cure Hangovers in Chill SpotsSometimes what you really need is a quiet place to relax and regroup.
Head over after a hard night(s) partying to enjoy a rejuventing calm and peach in the sauna room or steam room.
Very clean and spacious, the spa has a cold pool that will cure any hangover in 30 seconds or less! Visit for a few hours to switch back from wild, to mild, and enjoy the rest of your trip!Keep in mind that sometimes, a hangover is more than a hangover, just be sure to keep yourself hydrated and let someone know if you begin to feel truly sick while drinking. Alcohol poisoning is nothing to mess with and regardless of how you plan to combat the hangover, you don’t want to hurt yourself to have fun!

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