I only have about 10 Studio M colors in the store currently, but I will be taking special pre-orders once it opens. I am looking for a good yellow that covers the nail this one looks like it does, how many coats was this one, Bicycle yellow.
The “newer LED formulated CND Shellac”, does it specify that it can be cured in LED or how do you know? I bought Rock Royalty CND but only have an LED light and it sounds like it won’t cure it sadly.

The Amazon links are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission on each order that is placed through my links. I have everything built, I'm just working on the Terms and Conditions right now, so it should be very, very soon. It probably would have stayed on longer if I had been able to seal off the edges, but my nails were so short it was a bit difficult. I would like to thank you in advance if you order through any of these links as the commissions help me be able to afford to purchase more colors to swatch!

The next time I used RCM gel polish in Simply Stunning (a pale slightly shimmery nude color). This time I had gotten enough practice to really make my coats thin and it worked out fabulous.

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