After I ditched my acrylic overlay on my natural nails back in college I decided to stick with a regular old manicure and call it a day. By day 5 I begin to see minor tip wear and get a few small chips that were only visible upon close inspection but my nails were visibly growing out.
On day 7 the chips were visible enough to warrant taking it off, my right hand worst than the left since I’m a righty. I’m trying to branch out a little into different brands, and this new collection by CND Shellac really caught my eye.
CND is really a great quality brand of polish and I was impressed with how well these applied. I know many of you will wonder how these colors compare to others in my gel polish collection, so I will prepare some comparison photos using my swatch sticks.  Keep an eye out for a comparison post in the next day or two.  Now, onto the colors! CND Shellac Cerulean Blue is a creamy, bright sky blue.  This one also has really great coverage and is of course one of my favorites since I love blue!  I wore this for a couple of days and it received lots of compliments.
If your nail polish is too sheer you can put a white coat of polish before applying the color. Hi Andrea I love your posts they are so informative and have helped me lots when deciding which Gelish colours to buy.
To do the gel nail art basic products required are a good base gel nail polish coat, nail polish of any color and transparent nail paint.
Porchester Square is a great light muted mushroom creme with just an everso slight hint of a rosy undertone. The two German drugstore brands Catrice and Essence have come out with their version of a gel like manicure system in the beginning of the year. When I opened the bottle with the base coat, I was surprised about the texture of the product. The top coat comes in a silver bottle, probably to prevent exposure to UV light and premature curying (or why are all the gel like top coats in opaque bottles?). The Essence The Gel Nail Polish can be removed with regular nail polish remover and it's no hassle at all.
I already bought another color, a pretty blurple duochrome called 23 Wonderfuel and I hope it will perform as well as the creme I just showed you. PurpleSensationsJune 3, 2015 at 9:52 PMIch hab die Coats jetzt auch und teste gerade ein bisschen. Chanel claims that using the new Le Vernis polish with the Le Gel top coat offers wear for up to seven days.  Plus, you get a super-glossy, gel-like finish without a UV lamp. Formula: The new formula, like the one before it, is 5-free and also contains ceramides, which are lipids that protect the health of the nails and bioceramics, which are strengtheners that prevent chips.
Overall Impression: Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour range is a typical gel-like polish. Nonetheless, the new Le Vernis flawless jellies and 1-coater cremes are very impressive but what’s the deal with the colours? Then stay in touch by subscribing to our Weekly Newsletter or follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates.
It took a long time for my nails to recover from years of damage and I didn’t want to experience that ever again. The top coat gave it a nice high shine finish and it was dry to the touch in about 5 minutes. The CND Vinylux Polish was just as easy to remove as any regular polish and I didn’t experience any nail damage upon removal. When I'm not hunting down the latest and greatest beauty products, beating a face or lacing a do you can find me roaming the streets of NYC in my stilettos looking for the next best restaurant, or in the kitchen trying to outdo myself from the last time.

I didn’t experience any shrink-back and a few of the colors were completely opaque with just two thin coats (purple, pink and blue).
To get this look apply the gel nail base coat first and then apply a good red and white nail polish on alternate nails. It can be worn on it's own (I estimate about 3 coats for 100% opacity if worn alone) but I almost always layer.
Since none of the kits I have tried so far impressed me, I was curious to see how the super affordable version from Essence would live up to its claims. I own quite some of their polishes with the old formulation and they usually chip within 48 hours.
The polish was decently pigmented and I only needed two thin coats to obtain full coverage. It has a very liquid texture and it reminds me a lot of the discontinued Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer. After four days of wear there was only very minimal tip wear, but no cracks or chips - AT ALL! Der Basecoat ist bei mir uberhaupt nicht so, wie du beschreibst, die Textur finde ich eigentlich genau so wie den Top Coat, absolut problemlos aufzutragen. The brand that gave us such cult polishes like Vamp, Black Satin and Jade have launched a whole new range this year. To put it a simply, Chanel has joined the no-light, gel-effect nail trend more than 2 years after  Sally Hansen, Maybelline, OPI, Nails Inc and pretty much every other professional and drug store brand did so. For all seasoned nail polish addicts however, there’s nothing particularly new about this range. Even with the rage of long lasting gel manicures I decided to pass as I am too scared of having my nails damaged again. Overall I was impressed with the wear of the polish since as I mentioned I’m usually chipping at day 3 and changing by day 5.
I actually own a bunch of Shellac polishes, but I never use them because most of the colors seem rather dull, so it’s very refreshing to see them come out with such a playful collection.
Did you find any pattern as to which ones would not cure with the 18g lamp as this is the one I have. Take the color according to your preference and apply it to your nail tips as shown in the picture. After you complete doing this the nail which is painted red draw dots with white color and for white nails draw red polka dots. I have already tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel version (I still owe you a thorough review, but I am not a fan), the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy, Models Own HyperGel and I recently purchased the OPI Infinite Shine set.
The new The Gel Nail Polish does not claim to wear for a certain number of days, but promises "60% better lastingness" (compared to wear without base and top coat). There was some growth at the cuticle and it wasn't quite as shiny as on day 1, but other than that I am really impressed with the wear of this nail polish.
Based on my experiences with the system and the very affordable price, I can only recommend the Essence Gel Nail Polish. So in this particular instance, Chanel is not quite setting any trends but rather following the trend. Jelly polishes, like Roubachka and Shantung are fully opaque in 2-3 coats, cremes (most of the new range) are fully opaque in 1 coat.
I noticed one nail without top coat started wearing out at the tip of the nail on the second day.
Having said that, any decent nail polish with a decent top coat will last at least a week so there is nothing ground breaking here, sorry Chanel.

Hopefully Karl Lagerfeld will wake up from his enchanted dream, read this review, and then surprise us all with new trend-setting colours (and a better brush!).
Will you be buying any of the new colours or are you going on a hunt for some ‘old formula’ polishes?
I keep my nails cut short, apply my base coat, shade of choice and top coat, and do it all over again when it begins to chip too badly. Before I left the nail tech applied some CND Solar Oil to give my cuticles some extra moisture and she gave me a sample sized bottle to take home. I think I’ll invest in a few shades to use when I am going on vacation along with the top coat since I generally do my nails at home and the cost would be less than the cost of getting it done professionally. They were decent with two coats, but I applied three because I dislike having the visible nail line. Now put another layer of the top coat and go ahead and sprinkle more glitter over your nails. On the next nail apply white color and draw lines with golden glitter and give a transparent coat to it as well. Warwick Street is a milky cream base with small red, fuchsia, green, blue, silver and gold glitter pieces. Some of these have the base coat built into the color nail polish (Sally Hansen and China Glaze Everglaze), others offer a special base coat to use with the polish (OPI and Essence), but all the sets have a special top coat. There currently are 46 (!) shades to choose from and they are available in most German drugstores (DM, Rossmann, Budni, Muller) or online at Douglas.
Five of the shades are Chanel classics – Rouge Noir, Particuliere, Ballerina, Pirate and Vamp but 11 of them are brand new. When I went to buy the new Chanel polishes I couldn’t decide because I already own a gazillion of similar shades.
I’m very active with my hands and my polish usually begins to chip in about 3 days and by 5 it needs to come off so this becomes an annoyance at times when I need my manicure to last longer like on vacation.
For the first three days I didn’t experience any chipping and my nails still looked shiny and freshly painted. I have to wrap my nails with cotton pads soaked in acetone then wrapped in foil- which is a lot- but it works perfectly and I’ve got no damage. I ended up with some bumps, because the base coat dried before I could distribute it evenly.
The line also includes a high-shine long-wear top coat called Le Gel which I’ll review seperately. I was given a gift card to Salon Ziba in Midtown and saw that they offered a Vinylux Manicure, so I decided to give it a try since I was heading to Cali.
It dries to a matte, waxy, rubbery finish, similar to Orly Bonder, only the Essence base coat is much thicker. The glitter pieces suspend nicely in the base and you could go without a top coat and still have a smooth finish. I find it a bit irritating that the sticker on the cap of the base coat says "extreme shine", because it is not shiny whatsoever.
The polish self adheres without a base coat and a special top coat is applied that increases the durability as your nails are exposed to natural light, helping to keep your nails chip free for up to week. Being a blogger, I tend to usually change my manicure every 2 days, but I really wanted to test how this The Gel system wears.

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