In fact, a recent report in Archives of Dermatology said that using them may be a risk factor for the development of skin cancer. I agree, nail salons are supposed to have large exhaust fans in the ceilings to help remove some of those vapors I very rarely see any salon with any exhaust systems other than an open door in place at all. Some awfully smart mouth, rude, and know-it-all comments from people who don't deserve explanations or who know what they are talking about. What about my elderly mother with bad arthritis who lives alone and can't reach her toes very well? What about people who work on their feet all day and like the pedicure for the 10 minute foot massage that comes with it, after a long week standing in front of a classroom lecturing?
Some of the nail products are UV light cured and won't ever harden unless they are exposed to it.
I am completely convinced that CNN(just a notch above Fox and MSNBC) has gone rock bottom at this point, first with the dental x-ray article above and now this. Instead of plain lotion you can provide the nail technician with sunblock lotion to apply, if you like. Then she will wipe the sunblock off your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove it before painting your nails, just as she would wipe off the regular lotion in your normal routine. Sunspots are frequent on the hands, face, neck and chest as they get the most sun exposure over your lifetime.
I think the government should investigate this as it applies to so many people across the world. Lets say we spend another 535 million (like Solyndra) on this study (and provide 4 jobs) to people who don't have a clue and call it good.
Yep, definitely been proven that something may possibly lead to something else - as long as a couple folks with PhDs are willing to give an opinion it becomes almost a fact. Yeah, swell, we'll put that right along with vitamin E prevents cancer, tomato extract prevents prostate cancer and wheat germ prevents colon cancer.

Posted on Jason, I feel your pain sometimes I feel weird letntig Cate play with my Star Wars toys or Batman figures, but then I think, Is it because they're boy' toys? While this danger hasn't been looked at in any large-scale studies, dermatologists report finding more skin cancer on the fingers (typically a very rare location) of patients who have frequent exposure to these nail-drying lights.
Also, we know that UV light increases your risk of cancer (and wrinkles), and if you're going to the nail salon every two weeks (or weekly), that will add up to significant exposure. They must use some pretty intense UV to get a bleaching effect in such a short period of time.
They cover your gums, lips and tongue with plastic before aiming the UV light at your teeth only. So because of my broken knee that healed badly and I can't bend much, how do you expect me to cut my own toenails? And I read that eating chemically cured hot dogs are almost as bad for you as smoking cigarettes, and coffee is good for fighting certain cancers but can cause colon cancer! If you are concerned about their appearance there are also laser treatments to remove them, however they are expensive. In the past, people used to get their feet x-rayed at their local shoe store to be sure they had shoes that fit perfectly. When I walk in the door I can't breathe because of the toxic chemicals, and most of the time I sit there for at least an hour. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed.
The UV light simply dries the teeth out and dehydrates them making them look white, but this only lasts a couple days and then the teeth are back to a shade comparable to plain old peroxide whitening. Stop wasting your money on television for entertainment because books are much more educational!
You need to bike downtown into Lary's Natural and Organic Market to go get home-grown vegetables!

I think it'd also be more beneficial if people just bought used socks so we can save the environment. I think it's only logical that a UV ray will be troublesome, no matter how small the exposure! When you use bulk rates, a flat $1.70 registered air mail fee will automatically be added to your cart to ensure delivery of package. While BulkRate's intention is to offer cheaper prices when you buy in bulk, because it is priced separately it on occassions show a higher than retail price. Why not use those cute little hand held fans instead & forgo products that require UV to harden!
How many women who are non-smokers who die of lung cancer got manicures and pedicures on a regular basis? People voluntarily partook of all these hazards because no one had yet determined that to do so was imminently fatal. If someone uses their education to provide protection to you and your family, don't be a fool, listen.
It is obvious even to my 13-year old son that unneccessary exposure to chemicals will cause health problems. So, here is my verdict: pour chemicals on your head and nails and be gorgeous, or try to make peace with your look ( you may discover that IT IS GORGEOUS) and live your way. Fancy stuff is needed only for special occasions, and you do understand it by the time you reach 40.
I am relatively fit and relatively healthy, and I tell my kids that they should limit their exposure to chemicals – medications or vapors of any sort.

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