The Cadillac Escala is a luxury sedan concept based on the company's Omega platform used for the CT6. The Cadillac Escala concept features a bold new styling direction for Cadillac, one that is much more futuristic, sharp and more in keeping with its German rivals, Audi in particular.
The concept features a high tech interior with plenty of light thanks to the large windows and panoramic glass roof.
Powering the Cadillac Escala is a twin-turbocharged 4.2 litre V8 engine which produces 500 horsepower. The wallpapers have been divided into several categories and they are all available in widescreen resolutions. I wanted to show you an amazing home I have just finished designing, entitled Fairway, which is located on The Bishops Avenue. Full-height reinforced oak double doors lead into the main entrance hall, surmounted by a sweeping staircase and a multi-storey atrium. Because of the price bracket this property sits in, the clientele expect a very high level of finish throughout; the attention is in the detail. The double-volume family room, which is my favourite room, spans the entire rear facade of the property with French doors opening out into the garden, thus providing a perfect inside-outside feel.
I used a variety of textures, from rich velvets, satins, silks, leathers and suedes, all of the finest quality.
The glamorous, circular lights in the living space (one either end) are called Estadio Lights and cost ?6500 each.
Fairways is a fantastic property boasting some of the world’s finest furniture, fittings and finishes. Women are unknowingly murdering the assumedly invincible sex drive of their significant others. The wedge has a humble beginning, which can be traced back to a well-intentioned cobbler attempting to outfit his daughter with a shoe that would render her undesirable to potential suitors. I just hate it when I’m choosing what shoes to wear and all I can think about is how it will affect all the boners of the men I walk past! In this inspiring new book, Alvaro Castagnet, one of the most awarded watercolour artists of our time, reveals the 4 Secrets of his success.

The knowledge Alvaro shares is crucial for every artist, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, and it will become a valuable basis for your own creations.
Stay ConnectedKeep in touch with Alvaro on Facebook for recent works of art, informative articles, publications, events, exhibits, and signature products! The concept features curved OLED digital displays and plenty of polished wood, metal and light fabrics.
Just to introduce myself my name is Celia Sawyer and I am the owner of Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors and Cool 10 Furniture Collection, as well as working around the world designing and developing homes I am a business woman, philanthropist and the star of TV show Four Rooms. Known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’ The Bishops Avenue is one of London’s most illustrious addresses with some of the world’s most high-profile individuals choosing to live here. The mansion is spread over four floors occupying over 17,000 square feet, boasting eight bedroom suites, a lower ground floor leisure complex with a large, beautifully lit swimming pool, sauna, gym and bar area, not to mention a cinema room, all perfect for entertaining. I am familiar with working for very prestigious clients so from the offset I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create at Fairways. Dark chocolate wallpaper brings a more masculine feel to the male end of the living room, brought to life with over-sized chairs and on a practical level providing ample seating. To juxtapose the masculine style, the other end of the room has a feminine feel with luxurious, elaborate furnishings and an art deco fireplace to attract attention. There is no doubt it would make a superb home for those accustomed to The Bishop’s Avenue way of life….
He succeeded, but in the process provided a convenient aid in fetching wool fedoras and label-laden handbags from top shelves of closets.
We could go on and on about bad male fashion but we don’t because only women get to be critiqued. As well as unveiling a fabulous collection of finished paintings, Alvaro presents a series of exciting and varied demonstrations for you to follow. Going beyond technique, Alvaro introduces you to the magnificent world of making striking paintings that convey meaning. Past and present property owners include Royalty, oil magnates, foreign ministers and celebrities.
As the designer I decided to create a masculine and feminine end where the designs are harmonious with each other by using more of an elegant form of furniture in the female end, complimenting this with a more masculine form using similar materials in the male end, bringing together a seamless, unified design.

The colour scheme has been kept to browns, mochas and creams, with accent colours added in principle rooms and lighting chosen carefully to create star pieces. Soon women were leaving their homes while still wedged as it presented an effective method of eliminating advances from male onlookers. Honestly dude the only way wedges should kill your boner is by stamping on it when you tell your SO she can’t wear them. The majority of furniture within the property has been made bespoke by Cool10 Luxury Interiors to suit the property. The wedge became a staple in thousands of women's otherwise aesthetically inoffensive wardrobes. Wear a pair of tight ball hugging jeans everyday because a woman says it’s cute and then come back to the table. Soon the wedge began to devolve into a more comfortable alternative to the ever-so-lovely heel. And before long the wedge was snuffing out libidos in unfortunate cities across the country. Convincing yuppies that a device too large to carry around like a phone and incapable of handling the menial tasks of a laptop should be the foundation of any post-collegiate middle manager's technological harem.
Even more insulting, the espadrille wedge--the wicker patio furniture of an otherwise tasteful home. Even the hybrid car, while economical and admirably environmentally conscious, is made to resemble a mobile handheld vacuum with three SUVs' worth of blind spots. We're careful to avoid direct contact with the retina-sodomizing print adorning your flowy blouse. And for this you should be thankful.

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