Please log in to view pricing and complete your purchase or create an account if you don't have one already. Beautyworld Australia confirms continued support for Light Elegance nail products via education, trade exhibitions and online customer support as Light Elegance rolls out improvements in education, packaging and formulations. Beautyworld Australia today confirmed their ongoing partnership with Light Elegance Nail products USA to facilitate Light Elegance product distribution, education and support in the professional nail market in Australia.
Professional nail technicians in Australia should expect a significant and ongoing improvement in availability of Light Elegance products, education and support. Beautyworld recently supported the brand with exhibition at trade events Salon Melbourne and the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo as well as during smaller training days organised in other states.

Nail technicians now also have access to support online at a Facebook page dedicated to Australian Light Elegance users. Additional education for Australian Light Elegance nail users will also soon be available via Light Elegance University, an online training program designed to give nail technicians a thorough understanding of Light Elegance products as well as the various techniques to be employed when completing different types of client services. Light Elegance users will soon also see changes to the range with major improvements taking place.
Light Elegance is an excellent gel system that offers a wide array of colors and finishes. Light Elegance nail products are odorless, easy to apply, and have strength and flexibility for full-sets and fills.
Beautyworld Pty Ltd has already appointed Light Elegance educators in several states all of whom have many years experience in both the nail care market generally and in Light Elegance products specifically.

Notable among these changes are that Light Elegance is committed to formulation upgrades that will ensure LED curability of all products, improvements in packaging as well as increased pigment loads in colored gels without compromising the curability of the color. Light Elegance also offers a wide range of non-yellowing products that can be applied to Gelousy gels, Tammy Taylor acrylics, and natural nails. We feature the latest in Technique, Style, Business, and Health issues to help nail techs and salon owners do their jobs better and make money!

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